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Will & codicil of JC Singleton found at GA Archives
Forsyth Co. Will book B pp 260-262 on 11 September 2003 by Judy Campbell

"State of Georgia Forsyth County Last will and testament of J. C. Singleton

I John C. Singleton, of said State and county, Being of sound mind and memorydo make this my last will and testament Hereby revoking all wills heretoforemade by me

Item 1st I desire my executors hereafter appointed as soon as practivelyafter my deth to pay all my just debts. If it Should become necessary toSell any of my Property to doo so it is my Desire he doo so either by PrivateSale or public as he thinks best and to offer Such property for Sale as mywife can best Spair

Item 2nd I desire my executors to not make any returns To the ordinarynor ask lief of him to sell any property neither real or Personal

Item 3rd It is my wish that my executor keep a Book of record of allhis actes and dooings as to Sailes and disbursments open to any one thatis interested to show to them his faithful performance of his Trust

Item 4th It is my desire and I hereby request that my executors hasfull power to carry out all my Contracts to include making Deeds to landwhere I have out standing Bonds when said Bonds or obligations conplid withwithout any order from the Ordinary

Item 5th After all my debts and buryal expences has been Paid hasheartobefore described, I give to my beloved wife Loo J. Singleton all ofmy residue both real and Personall money and efficts Duren her natural lifeor widowhood if She Should mary it is my desire that my Executors bring allthe property both real and personal to Sale without any order by advertisingin the county Paper havin the advertisements of the sheriff at least 4 weeksto sell the land at and on my homestead and not at the courthouse if he thinksbest

Item 6th I case my wife Should mary and the Property should be soldas already stated it is my desire she have a dobled Shear in a division ofmy estate that is to say two shears of the remainder of my estate here afterbequeathed to others to wit my Daughter Ida Sigleton. I desire she have twoHundred Dollars on account of her being afflicted

Item 7th I desire my daughter N. E. Singleton one Hundred Dollars

8th That my Daughter Mary _ Singleton (ne) Wallis have Fifty Dollarsthat amount to be her full shear in my Estate and that she shall not be heldto account for any notes or accounts I hold against her

9th As has heare to before stated in the event of my wife is to haveTwo Shears if she marys it is to be receved after the special Bequeths havebin paid, then it is my desire that my heirs W.L. Singleton Emily Godfrey(ne Singleton Almer McClure ne Singleton Susan Jay ne Singleton N.E. SingletonJ.E. Singleton Ida Singleton J.T. Singleton L.M. Singleton have equal Shearsand Shear alike after accounting for any debts. I may have charged them with

10 I appoint my sonelanlaw William B. McClure Executor of this mywill

11 at the Deth of my wife in the event she dos not marry all my residueto be sold and divided as above Described in testamoney hear of I have hereto Set my hand and seal this the 24th day of February 1905

J.C. Singleton

Signed and published by J.C. Singleton as His last will and Testament inthe Presence of The undersigned who Subscribe our names hereto as witnessesat the Instance and request of Said tetator and in his Presents and in thePresents of each other this the day of February 24th 1905

W.D. Hughes

J.B. Corruth

E.C. Hughes

p. 262 Codicil of J.C. Singleton

"Cumming Ga May 25th 1917

I J. C. Singleton wright this instrument of wrighting To be and be come apart of my will heartobefore written

1st part

I desire in a division of my estate and affects my Daughter Mary L. Wallishave Fifty - $50 - Dollars at my Deth then the $50 fifty Dollars hereafterDescribed with all she may have received in time of my life

2nd at that be her Shear of my Estate as I have Done more for herthan any of the rest of my children

3rd I appoint my son W. L. Singleton one of the Executors of my willwith the same restrictions and Power as those of my Executors appointed byme heartofore. Signed in Presence day above written date

J.C. Singleton

J.B. Corruth

A.B. Corruth

M.N. Wallis

Pearle Wallis

Georgia Forsyth County I do Solemny swear that this writing contains Thelast true will of the Said J.C. Singleton Dead so far as I know or believeand that I will well and truly execute the same in accordance with the lawsof this State so help me God Sworn to and Subscribed W. B. McClure W.L. Singleton

Before me This 2nd day of June 1919 W.J. Tidwell Ordy

Filed in office April 21st 1919 W.J. Tidwell Ordy

Will Proven in Solemn form in open court and admitted to record June 2nd1919 W.J. Tidwell Ordy


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