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Friday, August 12, 1898 Vol. 8 No. 37

Union Singing

The fifth Sunday union singing met with the M. E. Church, South, in thetown of Dawsonville on the 31st day of July, 1898, and was called toorder by J. J. Wallis, president.

After one song and prayer by Rev. J. T. Tucker the president appointedthe arranging committee for the day. W. H. Elliott, Jeff Stowers, G. J.Hardin, Marion Roberson and W. C. Hardin.

Rev. James Tucker then delivered the welcome address. The class was thenled by J. I. Hulsey, A. J. Elliott, J. H. Bannister for one hour. Recess20 minutes.

After recess J. I. Hulsey and T. A. Roper directed the music until thedinner hour.


The class was called together by W. L. Moore, vice-president. The classwas then led by R. Carney, Henry Wood, John Tatum, J. H. Bannister,and T. A. Roper 15 minutes each.


After one song by R. Carney the president asked where the next singingwould be held. Concord, Lumpkin Campground and Crossroads were put innomination, and by a vote, Lumpkin campground was selected as the nextplace of meeting, fifth Sunday in October, 1898.

After one song led by J. H. Bannister and benediction by Rev. G. J. Hardin,the singing class adjourned.

Much praise is due Prof. Palmour for the success of the day, and theofficers and leaders return thanks to him for his services as organist.

T. A. HARDIN, Secretary.



Work done at reasonable prices and satisfaction guaranteed. Over shot,Turbine or any other wheels made, Also mining machinery fitted.


WANTED-To exchange board and tuition in Hightower Institute for a good,young, gentle horse. For particulars address A. E. Booth, Pres., Cumming, Ga.

The rains are injuring the crops.

The cemetery is soon to be cleaned off.

Rufus G. Wise is now with J. G. Puett.

The attendance at the Institute is good.

L. M. Orr has built him a large and convenient barn.

Some parties from Atlanta stopped in town on their way to the association.

G. A. Beard, of Gwinnett county, was in town Sunday.

Jim Patterson of Atlanta is visiting the home folks.

Arthur Otwell, who is with Geo. P. Estes of Gainesville was at home Sunday.

Will Brown of Atlanta is at home at his father’s about five milesfrom town, for a few weeks.

Mrs. Belle Braswell and niece, Miss Bonnie Lynne Braswell, of Decaturare visiting at W. J. Groover’s.

Walter James left Tuesday for a trip to Cartersville, Kingston and otherpoints.

The singing school taught by Prof. N. T. Pirkle at Haw Creek closed lastSaturday. A large crowd was present.

There is prospect that a dormitery building will be erected this fallfor Hightower Institute.

Three of our boys enlisted last week in the army with Capt. S. V.Sanford, of Marietta, but after getting as far as Buford gave up theidea.

Senator A. S. Clay will address the citizens of Forsyth county on Mondayof court.

If indications mean anything the Council will have several side walksto fix up at the expense of the owners of the property.

Read the announcement of Rev. W. N. Blackstock. He is a man liked byeverybody, and if elected will make a faithful officer.

Mrs. J. L. Phillips and Miss Olivia Edwards visited at H. H. Beard’sin Gwinnett county last week and report a pleasant time.

Mr. James A. Bramblett, the populist nominee for Tax Collector, announcesin this issue. He has made a good officer and deserves all the supporthe will get.

Joe Patterson has been promoted since going to Washington. He has beensent to Norfolk at a salary of $1,200 per year with a vacation of twomonths allowed him during the year. Joe is a coming young man and willgo right up.

Messrs. A. C. Pyle and Jas. Maddox Misses Walker and Maddox, of Rockdalecounty, were on a visit to friends in and near town last Saturday andSunday. Quite a party from Rockdale are expected in school in September.

About our Schools

The Red School is in charge of Miss Ida Baugh, with an enrollment of 62.This is a new school and the patrons are loud in praise of Miss Baugh.

Harmony School is in charge of T. P. Tribble, with an enrollment of 58.The attendance has been lessened some by prevalence of fever in thecommunity, but yet the interest is good. Mr. Tribble is one of our bestteachers.

Isaac Pirkle School is in charge of Miss Nannie Hemrick with anenrollment of 29. The pupils are above the average in advancement andMiss Hemrick is one of our most earnest and progressive teachers.

The Sweeney School is in charge of Geo. L. Patterson and has an enrollmentof over 50. They have a new house and the patrons speak in the highestterms of Mr. Patterson. He is a young man who will forge to thefront.

From Vickery

News scarce.

Protracted meetings going on with success in this community. The pastorof Hopewell church baptized seven Sunday. The meeting is alsointervening at Bethlehem church.

Miss Daisy Wright, who has been visiting relatives in this community,has returned to her home in Montgomery, Ala. She gained many friendswhile here.

Messrs. Robert Holbrook and Lonnie Strawn have returned to their homein New Orleans.

R. M. Montgomery has a large and flourishing school at Longstreet schoolhouse.

The war talk is not so extensive as it has been.

Messrs. Thomas Henderson, Jas. Henderson and Thomas Smith spent some dayslast week with Lewis Henderson.

R. G. Broadwell of Roswell has been in this community taking guano(?)notes.  

Willie Ramsey of Memphis, Tenn., is spending a few days with hisparents.

Wm. Henderson and Jas. Mullinax have been in our vicinity recently.

W. H. Durham is all smiles - but it’s a girl.


From Gravel Springs

Rev. W. J. Wooten has been running a protracted meeting at Sharon.

J. E. Brooks, the populist nominee for county Treasurer, has been sickfor some time-not able to be out much. His family has also had typhoidfever.

Prof. Stovall has a fine school at Gravel Springs.

Miss Arizona Rogers has been visiting Milton county.

Mr. N. W. Buice and wife of Buford has been visiting in this community.

Mrs. W. R. Settles has been sick for sometime.

Chattahoochee has damaged corn in our community considerably.

Guy B. Riden is traveling for the Buford Saddlery Co.

Mrs. S. C. Gilbert has been visiting in our community.

Politics is getting warm in Wild Cat.

Rev. Geo. Brown and Prof. Alien spent Saturday night with G. B. Riden.

Fine crops in our section.

E. C. Settle lost a fine cow a few days since.



R. P. LESTER, Attorney at Law. CUMMING, - GEORGIA Special attentiongiven to all business entrusted to him.

R. L. HUNTER       THE DENTIST Cumming, Ga.At Cumming first ten days in each month, after which will answer calls.




The church at Sharon, Forsyth county, is engaged in a meeting.

Rev. Thad Pickett preached at Shady Grove, Forsyth county, last Sundayand Sunday night.

On the first Saturday in October the church at Cumming will select apastor.

Bro. A. C. Pyle, an old pupil of Hightower Institute, but now of Mercer,preached a very interesting sermon at the Baptist church last Sunday night.

Rev. E. Z. F. Golden, D. D., has resigned the pastorate of the CuthbertBaptist church to take effect Nov. 1st. Bro. Golder has done a good workat Cuthbert.

At Jackson, Tenn., Rev. Hines C. Strickland, an old Lawrenceville boy,died very suddenly Saturday last.
He had been a sufferer from rheumatism, and when death struck him wasin his bath tub taking a bath.
He was the brother of Rev. Wm. Henry Strickland and was a prominent divinein the Baptist church. His many friends in Gwinnett will learn with sadnessof his sudden and untimely death. - Lawrenceville News-Herald.

The protracted meeting at the Baptist church will be prolonged throughthis week, and, perhaps longer. Dr. M. H. Lane is conducting the revival,holding three meetings a day. He is doing some very able and effective preachingand the church and the people of the town are heartily co-operating withhim. No accessions. We trust the meeting may result in much and lastinggood.-Cherokee Advance.

The Noonday Baptist Association meets at Marietta to-day in its 39th annualsession. Judge James R. Brown of this place, is moderator, and, we presume,will be present, although he has been at the Simmon’s springs in Pickenscounty several days. The delegates from Canton church at W. T. McCollum,Jebez Galt and James R. Brown. It is about time the Association was comingto Canton and we trust the delegates from this church, with others, willpress to an acceptance an invitation for the next session to be held in Canton.The sessions of these and such other religious bodies do our town and peoplemuch good. There will probably several go down from Canton to the Associationon Sunday.-Advance.

The Hightower Institute

To the members of the Hightower Association: As a Georgian, brought upin Cherokee county, having spent twenty-five years in mercantile life inAtlanta; a Baptist, having ofter set under the ministry of such noble, godlymen as Rev. Alfred Webb, Dr. John W. Lewis, Rev. Richard Phillips, Rev. F.M. Hawkins, Rev. Thomas M. Kinsey and their co-laborers;-these all rest withJesus now.- I was baptized, when a youth, by Rev. John W. Lewis, into thefellowship of Mt. Zion church, Cherokee county. I love to cherish the memoryof the life and labors of these most devoted servants of the Lord. Rev.14:13.

If we ever think for a moment that the age of great ministers of the gospelhas passed away, let us remember with gratitute to the great Giver, suchliving preachers as Rev. F. C. McConnell and many others, who stand beforeGod and the people mighty defenders of the truth.

In the providence of God the Hightower Institute has been established,God always raises up the right man to formulate the plans and push the workto completion. The work of establishing the Hightower Institute fell largelyon Rev. A. E. Booth, one peculiarly qualified by gifts and graces for thegreat work to be done.

The breathren of the Hightower association cannot too highly appreciatethe great benefits that will flow out from the Institute as a great educationalyforce.

I sincerely hope that every brother and citizen in all North Georgia willstand shoulder to shoulder by Bro. Booth, and give him all the youths thathe can train for noble intelligent lives.

I would gladly be one of the contributors to sustain and develop the school,but if you understand what it is to be a Baptist in New Orleans you willunderstand that it is impossible to meet one-third of the calls that aremade on you.

Wishing great prosperity to the great work in which you are engaged, Iremain

Your brother in Christ, A. K. SEAGO

From Bro. C. S. Hawkins.

Bro. Cochran, protracted his meeting at Mt. Pisgah from the fourth tothe fifth Sunday night. We has a good meeting considering the rainy weather.About 9 or 10 professed a change. We has seven additions to the church-2by letter and 4 by baptism.

Bro. John Anderson was with us three or four days, and Bro. West did faithfulservice to the end; and brethren Pursell and Fowler were good workers inthe meeting.

We understand that two who professed were members of Baptist churches.This is getting to be the case to an alarming extent. There is somethingwrong somewhere and we should try to correct the evil if possible. It mustbe in the way our revival meetins are conducted, or the churches do not dotheir tuty in receiving members. May the Lord help us all to be more faithfulin his work. C. S. HAWLINS(HAWKINS) Heardsville, Ga.


To be discussed at the union meetin at Bethel church, Forsyth county,Friday before 5th Sunday in October, 1898,

1st .Is a covenant necessary to the organization of a Baptist church?

2nd. Ought a church to have preaching monthly or oftener?

3rd. Is the spirit of Christ a spirit of missions; if so why oppose it?

4th. Is man’s ability always equal to his obligations?

5th. Does God save sinners in a heathen land, where the gospel has notbeen preached?

W. R. STOVALL. Chestatee, Ga.


If no good cause be shown to the contrary an order will be granted bythe undersigned on the thirteenth day of September, 1889, discontinuing thepublic road in the 835th [Hightower] district, G. M. known as the Gilstrapferry road, commencing at the Scudders place and running to the river atsaid ferry. H. L. HAWKINS, Ordinary. Aug 1, 1898



To the voters of Forsyth county: I hereby announce myself a candidatefor the office of Treasurer, subject to the Democratic Primary to be heldon the 19th day of August, 1898. W. N. BLACKSTOCK


Having been nominated by the populist convention of Forsyth county forTax Collector, I desire to call your attention to some of the reasons whyI ask your support. Chief of these reasons is the record of service faithfullytendered. This record is open to the inspection of every citizen and taxpayer of Forsyth county, and has already been passed upon by those officialswhose duty it is to keep an eye on such matters. The State and County Taxeshave been ???closely collected by me as any former occupant of the office,and my pledge for the future is my official ???? in the past, and if electedin October I will fill the office to the best of my ability and be asaccommodating as in ??? past and more so. Thanking you ??? your supportheretofore given, I respectfully ask your support and friendly ???? ????in the present contest.

Very Respectfully, JAMES A. BRAMBLETT


To the voters of Forsyth county: I hereby announce myself as the populistcandidate for Tax Reciever of Forsyth county, election 1st Wednesday in Octobernext, I earnestly ??? the support of all the voters of the county and ifelected I will do everything in my power to fill the office to the satisfactionof all. Respectfully, EMANUEL FAGE


To the voters of Forsyth county, I hereby announce myself as the Populistcandidate for Representative of Forsyth county, election 1st Wednesday inOctober next, I ask the support of ever voter in the ocunty, and promiseif I should be the choice of the people to look close after the interestof the people of my county in whatever measure that might be presented.Respectfully, ALBERT N. PILGRIM.


To the voters of Forsyth county: I hereby announce myself as the Populistcandidate for Clerk of Superior Court of Forsyth county. If I am your choicefor this office, I promise to discharge its duties faithfully and as reasonablyas any one who has preceded me. Respectfully, SAMUEL H. ALLEN


To the voters of Forsyth county. I hereby announce myself as the Populistcandidate for Sheriff of Forsyth county, election first Wednesday in Octobernext, I will have associated with me as Deputies Wiley S. Cala of the 14thdistrict and Benj. Clement of Big Creek district, I most earnestly solicitthe support of every voter in the ocunty, promising if elected to dischargethe duties of the office to ???? of my ability. Respectfully, JOSEPH T.REESE.


To the boters of Forsyth county: I announce myself as the Populist candidatefor Treasurer of Forsyth county, election 1st Wednesday in October next.I earnestly solicit the support of all the boters of the county, and if Ishould be elected I will do everything in my power to filll the office tothe satisfaction of all. Very Respectfully, JOSEPH E. BROOKS.


We are authorized to announce W. J. Webb, democratic nominee, of Cherokeecounty, as candidate for Senator 39th Senatorial District for the ensuingelection, first Wednesday in October.


To the voters of Forsyth county: I hereby announce myself a candidatefor the office of Tax Receiver of Forsyth county. If I am the choice of thepeople and sucessful on the first Wednesday in October, next, I promise todischarge the duties of the office to the best of my ability and serve thepeople faithfully. Respectfully, T. F. DAVIS.


To the people of Forsyth county: I take this method of announcing myselfas an independent candidate of reelection for County Treasurer of Forsythcounty the first Wednesday in October next, and if elected will go on anddischarge the duty as I have in the past, to the best of my ability. As itis the only office that I am physically able to attend to, hence I feel thatit is incumbent on me to ask all the legal voters of the county, both whiteand colored, for their liberal support. Respectfully, W. D. HUMPHREY.


From Pleasant

We are having plenty of rain and everybody in good heart.

Silver Shoals meeting was a success; there were seven additions.

Pleasant seems to be well supplied with watermelons and roasting ears.

Mr. A. H. Hunt has returned from Cartersville where he has been for severalmonths.

Who was it that received such a nice box of grapes?

Somebody ask W. where ge got so many new ties.

Mt. Rush Woodliff is out of school on account of sore eyes.

Miss Lula King is spending a few days with her mother in Atlanta. MissAddie Woodliff is in charge of her school during her absence.

We noticed some of the Coal Mt. people at the protracted meeting atBethel.

Some of our young folks speak of attending the association at CoalMountain.

Protracted servieces are being held at Pleasant Grove.


Tribute of Respect

To Miss Emma Henderson, Who died July 31, 1898, near Sonoraville, Gordoncounty, Ga., of typhoid fever. She was about 29 years old, was born and raisedin Forsyth county, joined the Baptist church at New Harmony when quite young,and ever honored her porfession by living and doing right. True she has gone-she has left us, but with what joy we contemplate the bright life into whichdear Emma went when she left us to seek that summer land, whose pearly gatesstood agar, whose white-winged messengers, with beckoning hands and wavingsignals of triumphant joy, greeted her with the kiss of peace and the gladnotes of welcome home peal forth as they struck the chord from harps of gold.Her life was spent trying to make those around he happy, and to cheer herbrothers and sisters on to a home with Jesus. We will miss her-there willbe her vacant chair, but we love to linger and review her pure true life.To her loved ones I would say, serve on, you, too, will soon reach that heavenlyhome where she is now shouting her triumphant songs of praise and waitingto welcome you there. You cannot grieve for her, but for yourselves thatyou have lost her from your home she so long gladdened with so much loveand tenderness. But remember we cannot know now why the home was made desolate, but some day we shall know, when we meet above as one great family; then We’ll catch the broken chain again And finish what we here began.We’ll read the meaning of our tears, and then ah! then, we’llunderstand why the Lord took our loving Emma so soon. Her uncle, Y. K.Light

North Georgia Associations



Noonday, Marietta, Friday before 1st Sunday.

Lawrenceville, Shady Grove, Forsyth county, Friday before 4th Sunday.

Hiawassee, Hiawassee church, Thursday before 2nd Sunday.

Hightower, Coal Mountain church, 5 N. Cumming, Thursday before 2ndSunday.

Ellijay, Harmony church, Fannin county, 1 mile E. Blue Ridge, Thursdaybefore 4th Sunday.

Notla River, Philadelphia church, 9 miles W. Blairsville, Thursday before3d Sunday

Clarksville, Zion church, 16 miles N. W. Clarksville, Thursday before3rd Sunday.


Salem, New Prospect church, Fannin county, 3 miles Mineral Bluff, Thursdaybefore 1st Sunday.

North Georgia, Nolly Creek church, Thursday before 2nd Sunday.

Roswell, Chattahoochee church, 9 miles Marietta, Friday before 2dSunday.

Morganton, Mobile church, on Fighting Town, 15 miles Blue Ridge Thursdaybefore 4th Sunday.

Mountain Town, Pleasant Grove church, 3 miles Ellijay, Thursday before4th Sunday.


Liberty, The Line church, 7 miles Cornelia, Tuesday before 1st Sunday.

New Union, Oak Grove, Thursday before 1st Sunday.

Mulberry, Union Academy church, 3 miles Winder, Friday before 1stSunday.

Chattahoochee, Silver Shoals, 8 miles Cumming and 13 miles Gainesville,Thursday before 2nd Sunday.

Tugalo, Double Branch church, 4 miles Can(t)on, Tuesday before 3rdSunday.

Chestatee, Mt. Gilead church, 6 miles Dahlonega, Friday before 3rdSunday.

Mountain, when? where?

Brethern bring your renewals for the BAPTIST; we will try to have arepresentative on hand.



Baptists have the truth and can take the world if they only will.

Real, genuine religion makes a man love the church of Christ and itsagencies.

The Hightower Association is now in session. We will give a full reportnext week.

Dr. H. R. Bernard’s reply to our little man Gilbert as given in lastweek’s Index is a ‘deadener’

Real worship is to enter into conversation and commune with God, and whenwe do so, we grow in grace and spiritual wisdom.

Education of boys and girls along right lines is treasure laid up in heaven,and heaven always pays compound interest.

We make no apology for surrendering our editorial space to Dr. Gibsonthis week. Read his article and think over it.

Prejudice and envy connot dwell in heart which is full of the religionof Jesus Christ: If any are tainted with these evils read 1 Cor. 13 andcompare.

“Earnest Willie” (Will D. Upshaw) is now in this section ofGeorgia. Fortunate will be the church which gets him. He will do any churchgood and we hope he may receive the real welcome that he so richlydeserves.

Sermons Almost Thrown Away

Eloquent and learned sermons, deep and logical editorials, fine attractiveexegeses, scholarly theological treatises-all these are to the intellecta treat, and perhaps very intersting; and yet, if no soal is won to Christby them, they are as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal. Time to no purposeis consumed in listening to or reading them. unless the soul is touched andthe sinner turned toward Jesus or if Chirstian progress in divine life isnot made.-Ex.

Yet there are many who are preaching just such sermons. The great missionof the preacher should be to preach Jesus and him crucified. If all of ourpreachers would do this “the sould would be touched and the sinner drawnto Jesus.”

Georgia Baptists

J. G. Gibson, D. D., Cor. Sec’y

Georgia Baptist are numerically strong and intellectually the peer ofany other class of people’ they own over half of the taxable propertyin the state, and hold and maintain more of Bible truth than all otherdenominations combined; in their heart experience of true and vital Godlinessthey are surpassed by non, and in influence and effort in the cause of truth,righteousness, good government, morality and religion they stand in the frontrank. But why this seeming brag? It is not an attempt to brag, but simplyan effort to awaken this great host to a sense to their great host to a senseof their great responsibility and inspire them, if possible, with a moreearnest desire to discharge more faithfully the solemn obligations imposedupon them by the great Giver of all the great things enumerated above. Itis his will that we should utilize all these potent forces for the extensionof his kingdom and the glory of his name, and also for our own spiritualgrowth and religious enjoyment, for it is only while we thus use his graciousgifts that our own peace flows like a river.

How our heavenly Father honors us in the bestowment of ability and opportunity to honor him! With what avidity we could seize such opportunities and with what rapture of soul should we exercises such gracious privileges!

“My yoke is easy.” Yes, how easy when we remember that it isthe yoke of our Christ. “My burden is light.” Yes, light indeed,when borne for his sake. How eagerly our soldiers rush to the front and endureall the hardships incident to war! They do this for their country’shonor and because they love their country/ How all the people honor and glorifythe names of their galant defenders! But is not this all empty because allworldly when compared with the grat honor which the great Father bestowsupon the most humble and obscure of his faithful ones. This honor is notworldly or perishing, but heavenly and eternal. Our Savior would have ususe all the great resources which he has given us, that we may be the happierbecause of it and that our churches may be strong and mighty in their influencefor good. Then under their influence the strongholds of darkness and theramperts of wickedness would be ground to powder under the ponderous weightof a heaven-supplied ordinance. Then those who minister in spiritual thingswould not suffer for the want of temporal things. Our pastors would go forthwithout cumbering cares, giving themselves wholly to “prayer and theministry of the Word.” Christ has ordained that it should be thus. Thenthose who have worn themselves out in the service of the churches would notbe left as beggars to suffer want, but would be regarded as the pensionersof the churches, sharing liberally in their beneficence, There would be nodestitute widows of deceased ministers suffering for necessities. The wailingorphans would be soothed upon the bosom of the churches. All those withinour bounds would have the gospel preached to them by those sent out thoughthe liberality of our churches. Ethiopia would not lift up her hands in vain;all pagan lands would see the light and clap their hands with joy. Suchconditions should exist here and everywhere; such conditions God would haveexist. That it may be so he has made us abundantly able. O, child of God,do not be longer deceived by the great enemy of God and souls with the ideathat you are not able to do more for Christ’s cause in both work andgiving. God has made us abundantly able to do infinitely more for his causeand suffering humanity than we have ever dreamed of doing. Who are doingwith their might, that is, the best that they can, in the Lord’s vineyard?When I compare what we are doing with what we are able to do , it sets mysoul on fire with the desire to put forth greater effort for the awakeningof the churches of Jesus Christ in the State of Georgia. But for the physicalimpossibility to the task, I would stand, face to face, with every idle anddo-nothing church in Georgia within the next sixty days; I would take theirpastor by the hand, in their presence, and beseech him withstreaming eyes,in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to shake off his slumber and awakenhis church from their long sleep of do-nothing and death. Children of theliving God, we must realize that God’s business is our business thathe has graciously called us into partnership with Himself in the extensionof his kingdom and the glory of his name. Will we not accept and rejoicein the honor with which He would endow us, exulting in the privilege of walkingbefore mankind as a co-laborer with Christ? Will we yeild to the demandsof the world and the flesh and deny ourselves the higher, richer and sweeterthings that obedience to God would bring to us in such abundance? O, maythe spirit of the Lord God open our eyes and enable us to discern plainlythe things that make for our peace, the evangelization of the world and theglory of our blessed Master. Then our Bible Institutes will fill the land.Our educational interests, from Mercer down, will find a place in all ourhearts and minds and work. Our boards will no longer be in debt as now, butwill have ample funds to meet legitimate demands upon them. Our missionariesand indigent ministers will not look to us in vain for promised supplies,My dear brethern and sisters, I do not write in complaining spirit, but witha thankful heart for the progress that God has enabled us to make, and theencouraging signs plainly apparent of still better things in the near future.The foundation is being laid for surprising results. Preachers and churchesare getting nearer to the Word of God and to the throne of grace. Our greatneed is a thorough systematizing of our work in harmony with the teachingof the Bible- a more hearty co-operation and less disorganizing effort amongthe workers is the high road to success. Our boards are being honest, faithful,efficient work, adverse criticism to the contrary, notwithstanding.

And now, dear Georgia Baptists, while my physical condition may deny methe privilege of being with you in many of your meetings for several weeksto come, I will be with you in heart and prayer. Please do not forget thatwe are much in need of funds. Can you not press up a little and make remittancesat as early a day as possible? And may our heavenly Father help us to putforth the best effort of our lives during this year. We ought to do it; thenecessity is laid upon us to do it; we cannot afford to be content or expectto please the Master without more rapid progress in his work. Now dear reader,will you be so kind as to read this paper to your friends? Will the sistersread it to their societies and the children? Will superintendents read itto their Sunday schools? Will all of you make this matter a subject of prayeron the first Sunday in September?


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