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Friday, August 5, 1898 Vol. 8 No. 36

Union Meeting

FRIDAY, July 22, 1898.

Union meeting of the 1st district of the Hightower Association met withthe Baptist church at Sharon, Forsyth county, GA. Introductory sermonwas preached by Bro. Luke Burgess. Adjourned for dinner.


Delegates met in the house after singing and prayer by brother J. L.Smith, brother J. T. Reese was elected moderator and Emanuel Page clerk.On motion, read the letters and enrolled the delegates’ names.

Haw Creek - A. W. Tullis, G. W. Green, J. L. Fincher and T. S. Pirkle.

Island Ford - J. L. Street, A. D. Holbrook and Jacob Moulder.

Bethlehem - A. W. Robbs.

Cumming - R. W. Shadburn, J. T. Reese and A. E. Booth.

Sharon - D. H. Bagley, S. C. Gunter, G. W. Fagan and I. H. Gilbert.

Friendship - M. T. Wallis and W. E. Smith.

Shoal Creek - J. M. Jones, Tommy Crow and Henry Wheeler.

Coal Mt. - Emanuel Page and J. L. Smith

Corinth - A. G. Samples and Harmon Edmondson.

Called for correspondence, when brother E. C. Settle was received fromthe Lawrenceville association and brother Luke Burgess from the Roswellassociation.

On motion, appointed the usual standing committees,

On preaching - I. H. Gilbert, Sanford Gunter and M. T. Wallis.

On queries - D. H. Bagley, W. A. Robbs and A. W. Tullis.

On education - J. L. Smith, S. C. Gunter and Harmon Edmondson.

On temperance - J. L.Smith, R. W. Shadburn and D. H. Bagley.

On finance - R. W. Shadburn, I. S. Pirkle and G. W. Fagan.

On dec(e)ased ministers - G.W. Green, J. L. Fincher and A. G. Samples.

On missions - J. L. Street, J. M. Jones, D. H. Bagley and W. E. Smith.

On Sabbath schools - M. T. Wallis, J. W. Street, Jacob Moulder, and A. D. Holbrook.

On nominations - A. D.Holbrook, I. H. Gilbert and W. A. Robbs.

On arrangements - J. L. Smith, S. C. Gunter, R. W. Shadburn, J. T. Reeseand Emunual Page.


Delegates met according to adjournment. After singing and prayer by brotherJ. L. Street. Called the roll and corrected delegates’ names.

Called for correspondence.

On motion, received the report on temperance. After discussion bybrethren Smith, Bagley, Gunter, Wooten, Settle, Shadburn and Booth, themotion was adopted.

On motion received the report on education. Adjourned for dinner.


After singing and prayer by Bro. Wooten, the subject of education wasdiscussed by Bro. Booth. On motion, adopted.

On motion, received the report on Sabbath schools. After discussion bybrethren Wooten, Booth, Settle, Allen and Robbs, on motion, the reportwas adopted.

On motion, received the report on Missions; after discussion by brethrenGunter, Holbrook, Baley, Smith and Booth, on motion, was adopted.

On motion, received the report on queries.

On motion, received the report on nominations.

The next union meeting of the first district of the Hightower associationto be held with Island Ford church, Gwinnett county, commencing onFriday before the fourth Sunday in July, 1890. Bro. J. D. Settle to preachthe introductory sermon.


Resolved, That the thanks of this body be tendered to the brethren andsisters of Sharon church for their kind hospitality during our stay withthem. J. T. Reese Mod., Emanuel Page, Clerk.


WANTED-To exchange board and tuition in Hightower Institute for a good,young, gentle horse. For particulars address A. E. Booth, Pres., Cumming, Ga.

The streets of the town are being worked.

Charlie Foster was up from Alpharetta Saturday.

Miss Ida Hudson is at the Sawnee Hotel.

H I. Foster made a trip to Gainesville the first of the week.

J. T. Waters of Gainesville was over Saturday.

The revisers of the jury list did the work the first of the week.

Miss Ola Ellis of Ocee, Milton county, is visiting friends and relativesin town.

J. G. Puett, W. J. Hyde, Cols. R. P. Lester and R. P. Lattner went toDawsonville Monday.

Messrs. Walter Hockenhull and Clint Barber were over from GainesvilleSaturday.

Col. Patterson made the hearts of many teachers glad last Saturday bypaying them for two quarters work.

Capt. R. N. Rogers, of Milton county, accompanied by his daughter, MissNettie were visiting at Dr. Strickland’s Saturday and Sunday.

J. Chap Fincher, of Atlanta, another Forsyth boy, of whom we are proud,is visiting friends and relatives in and near town. He is accompanied byhis daughter, a beautiful and accomplished girl.

Will W. Hammett, who was raised in this county, is now a wholesale andretail merchant in Atlanta and doing a good business. His brother Jonashas recently gone to take a position with him.

WANTED - Ten able bodied young men to enlist in Silverman’s Sharp Shooters Company, Apply to Rufus G. Wise, Cumming, Ga.

Arthur Otwell has been employed for a few weeks by Geo. P. Estes ofGainesville, to do some special work for him as book keeper. Arthur willdo well anywhere. (There is a handwritten note that says Ladies ClothingStore, I assume that this is the same family that ran Estes on thesquare in Gainesville.)

Mr. Horry Estes of Whitesboro, Tex., has been visiting friends and relativesin and near Cumming for the past week. He left this section 29 yearsago and has succeeded well in Texas and speaks in high terms of the state.

Perhaps it will be interesting to his many friends to know that L. L.Foster, a brother of H. I. Foster, who went to Texas several years ago,was recently elected president of the Agricultural and Mechanical Collegeof that state at a salary of $3,500 and prerequsites. This is thebest position in the state department with the exception of thegubernatorial chair.

Mrs. J. C. Riddle of Fairmont, Ga., is visiting at J. L. Williams’.

Mrs. R. H. Phillips of Lousiana is visiting at J. S. Williams’.

LOST - A small ring. Finder will please return to Ford Harris.

There will be a public debate at the court house Saturday night. Everybodyinvited.

We call the attention of our readers to the announcements of S. H. Allenfor Clerk, A. N. Pilgrim for Representative, J. E. Brooks for Treasurerand J. T. Reese for Sheriff. These are all high-toned, Christian gentlemen,and if elected will make efficient officers.


Hon. A. D. Candler will address the people of Forsyth county, at the dinnerhour, on Tuesday of court week in August.


Will H. Millwood, who is under contract with me, having left my employwithout cause, this is to notify all persons not to employ saidMillwook, under penalty of the law. BRYANT NUCKOLS. July 2d, 1898

The Picnic.

The Picnic Saturday was a success. Speeches were made by J. P. Brooke,candidate for congress, Dr. Huckabee, candidate for senate, W. W.Wilson, editor of the Plow Boy, and representive J. R. Henderson. Dinnerwas plentiful. The young people utilized the time in having a good time.The music by the Cumming Cornet Band was fine and had the old time ring.Now let us encourage ours boys and let’s not have the band die anymore.

A New Lawyer.

Clerk L. M. Orr went to Marietta last Friday, and after standing a verycreditable examination, was admitted to the bar. So now he is a fullfledged lawyer. Col. Orr is a young man born and reared in Forsyth county,and has, by close attention to business and study, forged himselfto the front. We predict for him a brilliant career in his chosen profession.

The Forsyth County Teachers’ Association.

The association met at the Institute Saturday and th program as publishedwas carried out. Sentences, Kinds and Classifications were discussed by Prof.Coley and Geo. L. Patterson. The discussion was interesting and broughtout many questions from the teachers present. Orthography was discussedby Mr. Geo. M. Owens in a very interesting manner. After the renditionof the program it was decided to hold the next meeting with Hopewell Academythe 3rd Saturday in August. Will D. Upshaw and others will be invitedto be present and make addresses. The attendance of this meeting waslarge and evidenced the fact that the teachers of Forsyth are of the rightmaterial. Let the meeting at Hopewell be a great educational rally.

Our Schools.

HIGHTOWER INSTITUTE-(Summer Term) is in charge of A. E. Booth, G. W. Coleyand Miss Julia Jones. More than 90 pupils have already been enrolledand the work is moving along nicely. The outlook for the Fall term is thebest in the history of the school.

EBENEZER, is in charge of Geo. R. Brown, assisted by Miss Dolia Baughof Athens. The enrollment is 97; the average for the past week has been 85.This is one of our largest schools and these are among our bestteachers.

FRIENDSHIP is in charge of H. C. Williams, with an enrollment of over 70.This is one of the best locations in the county and is one of the bestschools among some of the best people to be found anywhere.

WILLIS PIRKLE SCHOOL is in charge of Chas. T. Williams with an enrollmentof 60, this school is 4 miles south-east of Cumming and one mile fromthe sparkling waters of the Chattahoochee river. Mr. Williams has taughthere before and is liked by his patrons.

HOPEWELL ACADEMY is in charge of Prof. Keene, assissted by Mr. J. E. Singletonwith an enrollment of about 85. The outlook for the school is good.They have the best school building in the county, with the exception of Cumming,and is in one of the best sections of the country.


To the Honorable Superior Court of Forsyth county, state of Georgia:

The petition of J. W. Hughes, Maxy J. Morehead, H. P. Bell, Ellison R.Cook, David Wallis, R. Porter, E. L. Tatum, John C. Singleton, JeremiahWrenn and A. E. Bond and W. R. Barnwell and all of said state, Respectfullyshows:-

First;- That a building has been already erected in said county and statefor educational purposes and that Petitioners and Trustees of saidbuilding and appurtenances and of all things in any way appertaining tosaid building including plat of ground which is duly deeded and recordedin book ‘V’ page 306 and 307 in the office of the Clerk of theSuperior Court of Forsyth county and said state.

Second.-That said Petitioners desire for themselves, their associatesand successors in office, as trustees to be incorporated under the nameand style of HOPEWELL COLLEGE.

Third:- That the term for which Petitioners ask to be incorporated istwenty years, with the privilege of renewal at the end of that time.

Fourth:-The object of the proposed corporation is that said corporationmay enforce good order, receive donations, gifts bequests andendowments, make purchases and effect all alienations of realty andpersonality, not for the purpose of trade and profit, or pecuniary gain,but for promoting the general design of such Institution, the same beingfor the promotion of general Education, in all its branches, if desired,including Literature, the Arts and Sciences, and to look after thegeneral interest of such establishment.

Fifth:-Said college building is situated near Novetta in said county andstate which will be the principal place of business.

Sixth:-Wherefore Petitioners pray the Court to grant an order constitutingthem a body corporate under the name and style aforesaid, with suchpowers as the law in such cases authorizes and also with power toconfer degrees any and all degree of scholarship on those whom theproper authorities deem have worthily won them; and, also, with powerto confer Honorary Degrees.

And that Petitioners be entitled to all the rights, privileges and immunitiesand subject to all liabilities fixed by the laws governing suchcorporations, and that the same be entered upon the minutes of this court.

DUNCAN M. EDWARDS Att’y for Petitioners


I, Louis M. Orr, Clerk of Superior Court in and for said county, and keeperof the record and seal thereof, do hereby certify that the foregoingis a true and correct copy of Petition as appears on file and record in myoffice. Given under my hand and seal July 20, 1898. LOUIS M. ORR, Clerk.

 Bro. M. M. Lane is holding a meeting with the church at Canton.

Pastor Hyde (William J.) held a meeeting with Concord church, Milton county,last week.

Pastor Cochran held a meeting with Pisgah church, this county, lastweek.

Bro. J. L. Wyatt is assisting pastor E. Roper in a meeting with Ophirchurch, Cherokee county.

Several additions have been received to the church at Blue Ridge as aresult of the recent tent meeting there.

The Lawrenceville association meets Friday before the 4th Sunday in thismonth instead of the 1st as published here before.

 Bro. G. B. F. Stovall of Atlanta is publishing a little monthlymagazine advocating Bible Holiness as opposed to the modern craze of SinlessPerfection and Holiness.

Bro. J. C. Otwell preached a fine sermon at the Baptist church in Cumminglast Sunday. His sermon was much appreciated by his old friends and neighborswho rejoice at his success in the ministry.

The church at Cross Roads, this county, is in the midst of a graciousmeeting. Bro. W. R. Robertson, the pastor, is assisted by Bro. T. L. Robinson.

The union meeting of the Chattahoochee association at Salem church, Forsythcounty, was a good meeting all through. Pastor D. S. McCurry is holding ameeting this week with the church.

The meeting at Zion Hill church, this county, resulted in great revivalof interest in the church and the awakening of the unsaved. The pastor, Bro.J. L. Wyatt was assisted by brethren E. Roper and J. C. Wallace.

The Sunday-school celebration at Liberty church, Dawson county, last Saturday,was a success. Speeches were made by brethren Ben Parks, Oscar Palmour andA. J. Julian. We were sorry we could not be present as we intended, butcircumstances prevented.

From Coal Mountain

Rain! Rain? and crops are fine.

Robert Harrison attended the singing at Antioch church last Sunday afternoon.

Frank Harrison and family of Flowery Branch, visited relatives near SpotSaturday and Sunday.

Quite a number of Ebenezerites speak of visiting the Franklin gold minesnext Saturday.

Have you seen Mr. Richardson’s new plow? If you don’t want tobe buried alive don’t get to close when he is plowing with it.

Candidates are very numerous at present and we hear new ones spoken ofoccasionally.

Will Green, who has been very low for quite a while, is not expected tolive at this writing.

Road working has been in order for several days and the roads in thisvicinity will soon be in good condition.

Quite a number around Coal Mt. met last Monday and cleaned of the Siloamgraveyard.

Mr. Cicero Moore and wife of Gordon county, are visiting relatives and friends around Coal Mt.

If you want to see tame squirrels visit Spot.

Everybody is preparing for the association and a good time is expected.

The singing at Antioch last Sunday afternoon was quite a success.

A. J. Thally has the finest patch of young corn in this section.

Robt. Heard and wife visited relatives near Cuba Saturday and Sunday last.

E. M. Page, has the finest melon patch in this section.

Some of the Coal Mountainites attended the singing at Salem last Sunday.

J. M. Williams speaks of going to Gordon county soon.

Johh(n?) L. Phillips of Cumming is repairing J. J. Brown’sdwelling.

Thomas Hughes is in the tin business. Success to you Thomas.

The wedding did not materialize


The committee of Lafayette Lodge No. 44, of Free and Accepted Masons,appointed to report suitable action to be tendered by the Lodge on the deathof James A. Merritt, a member of said Lodge report,

That brother Merritt was suddenly stricken with paralysis on Saturdaythe 9th day of July, 1898, and died on the day following, having passed theallotted three score and ten years. Bro. Merritt lived a long time and waswell known in the county. A quiet and law abiding citizen, an honest and uprightman, true and faithful Mason, an obliging and helpful neighbor, a safe andwise counsellor, a kind and affectionate husband and father, and an orderlyand consistent Christian, have been lost to society in his death. Resolvedtherefore.

1.That we deplore his loss, cherish the memory of his virtues and deeplysympathize with his bereaved family.

2d. That a copy of these resolutions be published in the NORTH GA BAPTISTand furnished to his family.



To the voters of Forsyth county, I hereby announce myself as the Populistcandidate for Representative of Forsyth county, election 1st Wednesday inOctober next. I ask the support of every voter in the county, and promiseif I should be the choice of the people to look close after the interestof the people of my county in whatever measure that might be presented.

Respectfully, ALBERT N. PILGRIM


To the voters of Forsyth county, I hereby announce myself as the Populistcandidate for Clerk of Superior Court of Forsyth county. If I am your choicefor this office, I promise to discharge its duties faithfully and as reasonableas any one who has preceded me.

Respectfully, SAMUEL H. ALLEN


To the voters of Forsyth county, I hereby announce myself as the Populistcandidate for Sheriff of Forsyth county, election first Wednesday in Octobernext. I will have associated with me as Deputies Wiley S. Cain of the 14thdistrict and Benj. Clement of Big Creek district, I most earnestly solicitthe support of every voter in the county, promising if elected to dischargethe duties of the office to the best of my ability.

Respectfully, JOSEPH T. REESE


To the voters of Forsyth county: I announce myself as the Populist candidatefor Treasurer of Forsyth county, election 1st Wednesday in October next.I earnestly solicit the support of all the voters of the county, and if Ishould be elected I will do everything in my power to fill the office tothe satisfaction of all.

Very Respectfully, JOSEPH E. BROOKS


We are authorized to announce W. J. Webb , democratic nominee, of Cherokeecounty, as a candidate for Senator 39th Senatorial District, for the ensuingelection, first Wednesday in October.


To the voters of Forsyth county: I hereby announce myself as a candidatefor the office of Tax Receiver of Forsyth county. If I am the choice of the people and successful on the first Wednesday in October next, Ipromise to discharge the duties of the office to the best of my ability andserve the people faithfully.

Respectfully, T. F. DAVIS


To the people of Forsyth county: I take this method of announcing myselfas an independent candidate for re-election for County Treasurer of Forsythcounty the first Wednesday in October next, and if elected will go on anddischarge the duty as I have in the past, to the best of my ability. As itis the only office that I am physically able to attend to, hence I feel thatit is incumbent on me to ask all the legal voters of the county, both whiteand colored, for their liberal support.

Respectfully, W. D. HUMPHREY.


A. F. HAWKINS, Prop’r
Cumming, Georgia
First-class work at moderate prices. Give him a call
West side Dahlonega Street, opposite Baptist office.

A. H. FISHER, Attornery at Law, Cumming, GA. Office in Court House

R. P. LATTNER Attorney at Law CUMMING, GA.

The Democratic Executive Committee of Forsyth county, upon a call of thechairman, met here today, when the following resolutions were passed;

Resolved, That a democratic primary be held at the voting precincts insaid county, on Friday the 19th day of August, 1898, and that all the legalvoters in said county, who will in good faith, support the ticket nominatedin said primary, are entitled to vote in said primary, and are earnestlyinvited to vote for their choice for representative in the general assemblyand for county officers.

Resolved second, That the persons receiving the plurality of votes insaid primary, shall be declared the nominees, and that the managers of saidprimary make return of said primary to the Executive committee at Cummingon Saturday the 20th day of August, 1898, who shall consolidate the voteand declare the result.

On motion, the chairman appointed the following persons as managers ofsaid primary.

Big Creek-C. J. Brannon, Geo. W. Bagwell
Dupree’s-W. L. Fowler, Dr. J. T. Hunter
Settendown-T. A. Creamer, J. L. Red
Hightower-R. T. Milford, E. S. Harris
Coal Mountain-A. G. Harrison, W. E. Boyd
Roland’s-O. M. Barrett, C. P. Wallace
Chestatee-Dr. G. P. Brice, M. B. Rice
Cumming-Col. H. P. Bell, R. W. Shadburn
Bell’s-W. W. Jones, Dr. J. D. McCollum
Barker’s-J. J. Blanton, D. P. Neisler

On motion, A. H. Fisher was made permanent secretary of the executivecommittee.

On motion, the NORTH GEORGIA BAPTIST is requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting.

On motion, adjourned to meet in Cumming at 10 a.m. on August 5th, 1898.

A. J. Julian, Chm’n, A. H. Fisher, Secretary

From Liverpool

Mr. John Bryan of Joppa, Ala., has been visiting his sister Mrs FrankHolbrook.

Mr. and Mrs. John Austin of Cobb county, visited the family of Mr. F.M. Holbrook last week.

Mr. W. A. Ramsey of Memphis, is on a visit to home folks.

Mr. Bob Holbrook and Alonzo Strawn, after a pleasant visit to relatives,have returned to their home in New Orleans.

Miss Daisy Wright, who has been visiting at Mr. J. W. Ramsey’s hasreturned to her home in Montgomery.

Mrs. Alice Dobbs and little daughter, Clio, visited Dr. and Mrs. Hunterlast Sunday.

Dr. J. W. Puckett of Dunwoody, visited his father last Sunday.


North Georgia Associations



Noonday, Marietta, Friday before 1st Sunday.

Lawrenceville, Shady Grove, Forsyth county, Friday before 4th Sunday.

Hiawassee, Hiawassee church, Thursday before 2nd Sunday.

Hightower, Coal Mountain church, 5 N. Cumming, Thursday before 2ndSunday.

Ellijay, Harmony church, Fannin county, 1 mile E. Blue Ridge, Thursdaybefore 3rd Sunday.

Notla River, Philadelphia church, 9 miles W. Blairsville, Thursday before3d Sunday

Clarksville, Zion church, 16 miles N. W. Clarksville, Thursday before3rd Sunday.


Salem, New Prospect church, Fannin county, 3 miles Mineral Bluff, Thursdaybefore 1st Sunday.

North Georgia, Nolly Creek church, Thursday before 2nd Sunday.

Roswell, Chattahoochee church, 9 miles Marietta, Friday before 2dSunday.

Morganton, Mobile church, on Fighting Town, 15 miles Blue Ridge Thursdaybefore 4th Sunday.

Mountain Town, Pleasant Grove church, 3 miles Ellijay, Thursday before4th Sunday.


Liberty, The Line church, 7 miles Cornelia, Tuesday before 1st Sunday.

New Union, Oak Grove, Thursday before 1st Sunday.

Mulberry, Union Academy church, 3 miles Winder, Friday before 1st Sunday.

Chattahoochee, Silver Shoals, 8 miles Cumming and 13 miles Gainesville,Thursday before 2nd Sunday.  

Tugalo, Double Branch church, 4 miles Can(t)on, Tuesday before 3rdSunday.

Chestatee, Mt. Gilead church, 6 miles Dahlonega, Friday before 3rd Sunday.

Mountain, when? where?

Brethern bring your renewals for the BAPTIST; we will try to have arepresentative on hand.


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