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On this page can be found many of the people who lived in Forsyth County. Included are descendancy charts, notes from family members, a few census listings, etc.
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Material from Mrs. Doris F. Curry, Roscoe (Roscoe C. 14 Jan 1892 - 8 Nov1976 bur. Concord), Joy Clark and Records
Abstracted as well as I could.

John Nicholas Neisler Cabarrus Co. NC
5 brothers and 1 sister

Charles - moved to Illinois

Henry - a doctor in Charlotte, NC

Daniel - supposedly minted the first gold coins in Dahlonega GA. He ownedslaves at "Leathersford". (Son- Joe)  1850 Lumpkin Co. census - Daniel36 NC, Susan (Hulsey) 31 GA - 7children (Joe was 3)

Joseph - an engineer with the Seaboard Railroad and after cutting offa foot, the company made a foreman of him.

Ann - the only sister - known as "Flirt". She had her beaus do her workin the fields. It backfired and she died an old maid.


David W. Neisler b. 18 May 1818 d. 22 Jun 1903 bur. Concord came fromCharlotte, N. C. He went to California during the gold rush. They went ona sail boat around South America. After settling in Matt, Forsyth Co. GAhe bought a farm and then married .

Catherine Denning b. 10 Sep 1820 d. 10 Oct 1889 bur. Concord dau.of Thomas V. Denning (b. 1780 one says England, one says no,  buriedMica - ?Mica Church in Cherokee Co. ) and Margaret b. 1779 Va d. Aug 1866Forsyth Co. Ga. [Five children]

#309 Forsyth Co. GA 1850 census

David deeded one 40 acre lot to his daughter Elizabeth because she tookcare of him when he became blind with diabetes. He sold the rest of the land- three 40 acre lots to David (Bud) Pinkerton Neisler.

Children of David and Catherine

1. Mary Elizabeth "Elizabeth" 10 Oct 1841 - 6 Mar 1932 bur Concord m.Thomas J. Herndon   8 Aug 1817 - 5 Apr 1887 bur Concord. They had onechild, born dead. She took baskets of food to her grandmother who lived ina cave on Denning Hill because she refused to live in a house. The grandmotheris buried near the cave.

2. Daniel b. ca 1844 died 1861 (from old family letter) in the army withthe measles.

3. Joseph M.   6 Jan 1861 - 18 Nov 1916 bur Concord md. Ellen AdelineAndo 4 Sep 1861 - 21 Jan 1938 bur Concord

a. Juley md Webb Pruitt (5 chn)
b. R. Arthur 18 Feb 1883 - 14 May 1956 md Elizer Lowery (Eliza L.) 30 Jul 1886 - 9 Mar 1963  bur Concord
c. Joseph Henry "Henry" 31 Mar 1886 - 19 Feb 1931
d. John R. 14 Nov 1879 - 10 Jul 1883 bur Concord

4. Hugh Thomas W. "Tom"  md Frances Fowler 

5. Martha married David Watson Moore - went to Hickory, OK (family hasletter)

6. Margaret  Feb 1850 md. Winchester "Chess" Crow

7 .  David Pinkerton "Bud" Neisler  (the baby) 13 May 1862- 14 Jan 1930 FLbur. Concord - married Mattie Gravitt.25 Aug 1867 -6 Nov 1904. He moved his family to several cities in South GA (Facevillenear Bainbridge) and was buying 2 orange groves in Frostproof , FL duringthe depression. They were foreclosed. David was a photographer and some ofhis equipment is still in the attic of the old home place, but not in goodcondition.

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