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On this page can be found many of the people who lived in Forsyth County. Included are descendancy charts, notes from family members, a few census listings, etc.
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Martin on 1840 Forsyth Census

Anybody who has done research in Forsyth County involving a member of the Martin families can attest to the difficulty in understanding family lines due to the numbers of families living here. The following list is intended to help by providing all Martins found on the 1840 census.

MARTIN Elijah 285 		0210010000000	2110010000000
       1850 shows Elijah, 47, and Melinda, 44, both born in SC

MARTIN Hezekiah 263 		0000100000000	0001000000000
     Hezekiah Martin md. 8/8/1839 A72 Parthenia Sloan
     Hezekiah Martin 30 Aug 1816 - 02 Oct 1898 Union Hill
     Porthenis wife of H. 13 May 1822  23 Jan 1901 Union Hill
     1850  #885  1860 #580   1870 133/110
     Daugher Rebecca married Alonzo Buice

MARTIN Jacob 280 		1111001000000	2101010000000
         son of Absolom
         Jacob 18 May 1798 - 11 Mar 1875
         Susia 12 June 1793 - 7 July 1875

MARTIN Joseph 276 		0000100000000	0000100000000

MARTIN Margarett 283 		0100000000000	0200100100000
       1850 #824 71f SC

MARTIN Moses 285 		2311010000000	2001010000000
       son of Absolom (from Martinsville Va)
       Delilah - dau of Joel Bennett of Hall County
       	They lived "Martin's Crossroads"

MARTIN Peter H. 284 		2101001000000	1111001000000
       1850 #1188 55m VA

MARTIN Robert 286 		1110001000000	0101201000000
       1850 #1190 62m NC

MARTIN Thomas 285 		1002001000000	0200001000000
       1850 #254 Thomas L. 69m VA

MARTIN Thomas C. 281 		2001100000000	0100100000000

MARTIN Toliver P. 283 		3000100000000	0000100000000

MARTIN William 265 		0112001000000	0102002000000
MARTIN William 288		0012100100000	0001001000000
MARTIN William Sr. 288 		0011001000000	2111001000000
MARTIN William C. 272 		1211001000000	2100001000000

       1850 #407 William 64 NC / Nancy
       1850 #381 William 56 GA / Sarah 

Mashburn Genealogy Archives


Mathis was frequently transcribed as Matthews (perhaps the way they saidit)

We obviously had two Mathis families in Forsyth County, but they may havebeen connected in SC

1. From Sherry, a descendant of Milbrey Mathis Cunningham who moved to Texas. With notes added by Donna Parrish

John Mathis d. 1 Jan 1893     born Spartenburg, SC per 1863 Militia Enrollment (Matthews)

Malissa Mathis 1813 - 24 Dec 1883


  1. Hiram
  2. Nancy 22 Aug 1834
  3. Rubin H. 18 May 1836 born Spartenburg, SC per 1863 Militia Enrollment (Matthews)
  4. Mary M. March 1838
  5. Malisa 9 Apr 1840
  6. Martha 21 Jun 1842
  7. John B. 24 Apr 1844
  8. William H. 5 Jul 1846 born Spartenburg  SC per 1863 Militia Enrollment (Matthews)
  9. Julia A 12 Mar 1848
  10. George W 4 Dec 1849
  11. Milbrey 7 Oct 1851
  12. James M. 16 May 1852

2. James Mathis  (Matthews) born South Carolina per 1863 MilitiaEnrollment

James Mathews vs. Nancy E. Mathews

Transcribed by [email protected] (Van Mathis). He wouldlike any information about this family that you can add. (Donna'snotes : remember the times and what it took to get a divorce.)

Georgia Forsyth County

Case No.:

Writ Book G pages 590-593

James Mathews vs. Nancy E. Mathews

Page 590

To the Honorable Superior Court of said County.

The Petition of James Mathews of said County respectfully that on thetwelfth day of June in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and forty twoyears petitioner and Nancy Eleanor League of said County, then a single womanwere married -- --- --- of Law to --- in the county aforesaid. And yourpetitioner further states that he entered into the Holy State of Matrimonywith the said Nancy E. under circumstances which promised the realizationof that comfort which is to be found in virtuous wedlock. The good name andvirtuous demeanor of the said Nancy E. forbade the --------- expectationof her ----- wicked and unlawful conduct as herein after mentioned and herpursuit fallen and orphaned condition. Your petitioner and his said wife,said Nancy E. had lived together from the time of their marriage aforesaiduntil within a few days of the time of their separation as hereafter mentionedin peace and comfort. Without the least suspicion whatever on the part ofyour petitioner that the said Nancy E. could possibly be ------- by any meanswhatever to commit the odious crime of Adultery and thereby entail disgraceand shame upon herself, your Petitioner and the offspring of said marriage.

And your petitioner avers that he could not and would not have suspectedor believed until the painful reality broke in upon him demonstrated herinfidelity. That Nancy E. could have been guilty of any such infamous crimeagainst both the laws of God and Man. Your petitioner avers that it was hisconstant and steady object to render his said Wife comfortable and happyand to support his Wife in a dedicated respected way which he accomplishedto the best of his ability. Your petitioner was ever affectionable

Page 591

and kind to his said wife during the time aforesaid and she never hadthe least cause to suspect him of a want of perfect fidelity with respectto any of his marital obligations. And your petitioner all that time hopedand believed that whatever might be his condition in relation to other thingshe would have comfort and ---------in the --------------- affections of hissaid wife.

But as it is that the said Nancy E. forgetful of her obligations to yourpetitioner, on the fifteenth day of August in the year of our Lord EighteenHundred and Fifty One yielded to the Carnal and seduction --------- of oneThomas Brannon and then after being seduced by the said Thomas Brannon shefreely and voluntarily permitted said Thomas Brannon to have carnal knowledgeof and sexual intercourse with her the said Nancy E and then and there andon divers (various) days and times afterwards and before the suing of thisunit she committed the crime of adultery the said Thomas Brannon and duringthe time aforesaid She the said Nancy E. committed repeated acts of adulteryand thusly broke her solemn marriage obligations made and entered into uponher under marriage with your petitioner as aforesaid and thusly disgracesherself and destroyed the peace and happiness of your petitioner. Your Petitionerfurther avers - that heretofore to with; on the Seventeenth day of Augustin the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and fifty one the said Nancy E.wife of your petitioner as aforesaid willfully and without any cause whateverdeserted and abandoned retiuo furio, ran away and left your petitioner

And had continued furio that ----- until the suing out of this unit sodeserted and absent from your petitioner for the space of ---- years andstill continued and now continues so described and absent as aforesaid.

Page 592

Therefore your petitioner prays that cita----- may issue div------- andre---------- said Nancy E. Mathews wife of your petitioner to lie and appearpersonally or by attorney at the next Superior Court to be held in and forsaid County. Then and there to show cause (if any she can) why said marriageentered into as aforesaid - should not be annulled and made void for thecauses aforesaid and a Divorce a Vinculo matrimony ic be pronounced betweenyour petitioner and his said wife Nancy E. Mathews.

And your petitioner will ever pray --

H.P Bell Atty. for Defendant,

Filed in this office this 1st day of J----, 1857

From Donna:

Marriage Book A, p. 132 James Matthews married Nancy E. League June 12,1842.

1850 Forsyth County Census:

#780 Margaret Matthews 70f SC
Mary A. C. 17f  GA
Martha A. 16f  GA

#781 James Matthews 35m farmer 150 SC
Nancy E.     23f SC

#804 William Robbs 35 farmer SC     The reason for this inclusion will be seen on 1860 census
Parthenia        24f GA           (Parthia Jordan)
William A.       3m GA
James W.         1m GA

#335 Ann Matthews 27f NC (In H. Summerour Household)
Volumna Matthews 7f GA

Note: Buried at Auraria (Lumpkin County) in the Summerour plot  Allen E. Matthews b. 1820 stone broken.

Summerour was a merchant who had a store at Auraria, then Hightower,buried at Warsaw in Fulton, Co.

#653 W. D. Matthews 24m farmer SC
Frances         21f SC
Mary E.        3f GA 
Nancy J.      1f GA

#1125 J. J. Matthews 23m clerk GA    see Robt D. Mullins household(Mullins had a store in Cumming)

1860 Census Forsyth County

671/671 James Matthews 45m farmer SC
Thernia            35f            GA
William A.       13m          GA             born about 1847      William A. Robbs on 1850
James W.       12m          GA            born about 1848      James W. Robbs on 1850 - buried Salem
George W.         9m         GA             born about 1851        Robbs per 1870 census
Frances L.        6f           GA               born about1854       Robbs per 1870 census
John                  3m         GA              born about 1857       Robbs per 1870census
(I presume this is the one buried as John R. Mathis at Crossroadswho married Kate? 22 Jan 1856 - 30 Sep 1919)

1125/1125 John Matthews 48m farm SC
Melicia         46f SC
Hiram           27m SC
Nancy          26f SC
Mary              22f SC
Martha         18f SC
John              16m SC
Wm.             14m SC
Julia               12f SC
George           10m SC
Millberry     8m SC
This was a female Milbrey who married and whose granddaughter furnished the above.
Jas M              7m SC             This family still in SC in 1853.

1163/1163 R. Matthews  23m farmer SC
Amanda                          23f   SC
Edmond                           7m   GA
Terrisa                          1/12f   GA

1870 Census Chestatee 174/156
James Mathews 55mw SC
Theny  P.
Pleasant  8m
James H. 6m
Margaret  3f
Josephus 7/12     Sept.

Added 2/2000 from Carol

James Madison Mathis   born SC May 12, 1852, Died Atlanta, GA
                                       Feb18, 1938 at the Bagley Family Cemetery Forsyth Co... Ga.
                                      (Information from Death Certificate)

Wife of James is Martha F. Bagley Mathis, born Oct. 1853 in Forsyth Co., Ga.
Marriage date Nov. 21, 1872.
I believe she died in Atlanta.

Children of James M. Mathis and Martha Bagley Mathis:

1. Nora Mathis Mayfield born 1875 Believe she married Paul Mayfield (not yet proven)

2. Lula D. Mathis , born Forsyth Co, GA March 19, l877, Died Atlanta, GANov 11, 1918, buried Hollywood Cemetery Atlanta Ga. Marriage date Sept 9,l899, to William Shelton Garvin. (These are my Grandparents) Atlanta Ga.She died at age 41 leaving him with 2 young sons. William Edwin Garvin age11, and Robert Wilson Garvin (my father age 4) 2 deceased children. Eva born1900- Died abt 1904 Buried Hollywood Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga.; Loy S. Garvinb. April 7, l905 Died Aug 16, l916 buried Hollywood Cemetery Atlanta Ga.

3. Luther Paris Mathis, Born Forsyth Co. GA March 19, l877 (twin to LulaD Mathis) Died Sept. 2, l941. Buried Kennesaw City Cemetery, Kennesaw, Ga.Marriage date Sept 12, 1897 to Mary Emma Crane (waiting for Death Certificatebefore adding other information)

Children of Luther P. and Mary Emma Mathis were:
Clyde O. Mathis born April 13, l899, Died Oct 11, 1923, Train yard Accident
Maude E Mathis born abt 1902 Married name Davis
Mary E. Mathis age 2 on census 1910
Dixie E. Mathis age 12 on census 1920
Admiral Mathis age 8 on census 1920

4. Susan M. Mathis born abt 1885

5. Leola Mathis born abt 1887

6- Roy Mathis born abt 1891


1850 Census Forsyth Co., GA. Head of Household surname Miller
Researched and submitted by  Sharon Bennett Williams

Name / Page / Dwelling /married/ /Age/ State Born

MILLER JOHN 148 48 70 SC
MILLER SARAH 161 232 55 NC
MILLER JAMES 219 1042 46 GA
MILLER JOHN 231 1236 33 GA
MILLER THOMAS 231 1230 23 NC

Dwelling 48
John Miller age 70 SC
Mary age 65 SC
Hardin age 42 GA
Sarah age 34 GA
Fanny age 28 GA
J P Collilns age 9 male GA
Ira J age 7 male GA

Dwelling 50
Joseph Miller 37 GA
Temperance age 31 GA
John age 15 GA
David age 13 GA
Eveline age 11 GA
Sanford age 9 GA
Emily age 7 GA
P? A. age 5 female GA
William age 3 GA

Dwelling 232
Sarah Miller 55 NC (all NC)
Daniel age 22
Josiah age 19
Allen M or W age 17
John L age 15
Leander age 13
Catharine age 18
Sarah A age 16
William age 8

Dwelling 744
Carter Miller 28 NC
Caroline age 26 NC
William H age 3 NC
James F age 1 NC

Dwelling 991
Dugal Munroe or Monroe age 51 NC
Nancy W age 42 GA
(7 children)
Josiah Miller 17 male Farmer NC

Dwelling 1042
James Miller age 48 GA
Sarah age 44 GA
Hardin age 21
Isaac age 19
Joseph age 16
William age 14
Catharine age 12
Eliza age 9
Mary age 7
Elizabeth age 1
* all GA

Dwelling 1230
Thomas Miller 23 NC
Elizabeth age 23 NC
Sylvia age 4 NC
Henry age 2 NC

Dwelling 1236
John Miller age 33 GA
Sisley A age 23 GA
Hardin age 6 GA
Mary A E age 5
Phebe B age 1 GA
John Johnson age 23 Farmer GA


Descendants of Mareller(Murilla) Millwood, Sr.

Generation No. 1        1.  Mareller(Murilla)1 Millwood,Sr. was born 1758 in Virginia,            and died 1854 in Union County, South Carolina.            He married Unknown Detherage(?).  Children of Mareller(Murilla) Millwood and Unknown Detherage(?) are2      i.      Nicey (Niecy) (Nica)2 Millwood, born 1793.   3      ii.     Hugh Millwood.4      iii.    Rilla Millwood.5      iv.     Hamp(ton)Millwood.6      v.      Elbert Millwood.  7      vi.     John Millwood.    8      vii.    David Millwood.       9      viii.   Jessie Millwood. Generation No. 2          2.  Nicey (Niecy) (Nica)2 Millwood (Mareller(Murilla)1) was born 1793.             She married William Strauss.         Children of Nicey Millwood and William Strauss are: 10       i.   Andrew Jackson3 Millwood, born August 1830 in Union County, South Carolina;               died 1912. 11       ii.  Sally Millwood.12       iii. William (Bill) Millwood, born in Union County, South Carolina. 13       iv.  Nelley Millwood, born 1835. 14       v.   Fannie Millwood, born 1837. 15       vi.  Jessie Madison Millwood, born 1839.  He married Martha McGhee March 01, 1860.16       vii. Charity Millwood. 
Generation No. 3
10. Andrew Jackson3 Millwood (Nicey (Niecy) (Nica)2, Mareller(Murilla)1) was born August 1830 in Union County, South Carolina, and died 1912. He married Mary Elizabeth Davis April 08, 1855. Notes for Andrew Jackson Millwood: Andrew Jackson Millwood filed Application with the Court of Claims-EasternCherokees, August 21, 1907. Number 35831 Served in the Civil War. Children of Andrew Millwood and Mary Davis are: 17 i. William Bethal4 Millwood, born 1854 in Georgia.18 ii. Leander Millwood, born 1859. He married Louticia Bennett.19 iii. Thomas H. Millwood, born 1862. He married Mattie Turner.20 iv. John H. Millwood, born 1865. He married Mary.21 v. James Alvin Millwood, born 1867. He married Frances E. Moonie.22 vi. Octave Millwood, born 1871. She married Dan O'Kelly.23 vii. Amanda Millwood, born 1876. She married Jake Aluad.24 viii.Jesse O. Millwood, born 1874. 12. William (Bill)3 Millwood (Nicey (Niecy) (Nica)2, Mareller(Murilla)1) was born in Union County, South Carolina. He married Jane Davis March 19, 1854. Children of William Millwood and Jane Davis are:25 i. Alexander4 Millwood. 26 ii. Samuel Millwood. 27 iii. Margaret Millwood. 28 iv. James G. Millwood. 29 v. William J. Millwood. 30 vi. Augustus Millwood. 31 vii. Jackson Millwood, born 1859. Generation No. 4 17. William Bethal4 Millwood (Andrew Jackson3, Nicey (Niecy) (Nica)2, Mareller(Murilla)1) was born 1854 in Georgia. He married Mary Bennett, daughter of William Bennett and Elizabeth Crow. Notes for Mary Bennett: Mary Millwood wrote Lewis Franklin Gunter asking for money, she had got ina fight and was arrested. Children of William Millwood and Mary Bennett are: 32 i. Maudie5 Millwood. 33 ii. Nora Elizabeth Millwood, born Abt. 1878 in Hall County, Georgia; died September 13, 1950 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia(Mary Alice Hospital). 34 iii. William H. Millwood, born April 1879. 35 iv. Josephine Millwood, born June 1883. 36 v. Jack Millwood, born December 1887. 37 vi. Pearl Millwood, born March 1888. She married G.L. Porter November 03, 1904 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia. 38 vii. Lavada(Ada) Millwood, born February 1892. 39 viii. Zoney Millwood, born October 1895. Generation No. 5 33. Nora Elizabeth5 Millwood (William Bethal4, Andrew Jackson3, Nicey (Niecy) (Nica)2, Mareller(Murilla)1)was born Abt. 1878 in Hall County, Georgia, and died September 13, 1950 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia (Mary Alice Hospital). She married Lewis Franklin Gunter December 05, 1900 in Forsyth County, Georgia, son of Henry Brown and Harriet Gunter. Children of Nora Millwood and Lewis Gunter are: 40 i. Cleao Aster6 Gunter, born 1901 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia; died 1953 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia buried at Coal Mtn Cemetary. 41 ii. Lona Lee Gunter, born March 13, 1903 in Forsyth County, Georgia; died May 1992 in Forsyth County, Georgia. 42 iii. Viola Gunter, born October 10, 1904; died May 11,1905 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia buried at Bethel Baptist Church. 43 iv. Lewis Cea Gunter, born October 25, 1906 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia; died November 18, 1951 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia buried at Coal Mtn. Cem.. 44 v. Lina Mae Gunter, born August 17, 1908 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia; died November 04, 1997 in Forsyth County,Cumming, Georgia buried at Sawnee View Memorial Gardens. 45 vi. Dea Munroe (Nub) Gunter, born November 11, 1910 in Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia; died January 24, 1981 in Forsyth County,Cumming, Georgia buried at Coal Mtn Cemetary. He married Myrtle.

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