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Douglass Family Bible

From Family Puzzlers No. 1338 page 16.

Douglass Family Bible
Contributed by Mr. John D. Brandenburg, Marietta. The Bible was in possession of John T. DuPree of Gordon, GA at the time of filming. It appears that pages from the Jones Douglass Bible were inserted in the newer Bible, an edition of the American Family Bible Publishing Co., Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Chicago.

[Stephern R. Douglass Bible]
Family Record
Stephen R. Douglass born Dec. the 9 1819.
Elizabeth Douglass born Oct. the 24 1824
Stephen R. Douglass and Elizabeth Moore was Married Nov. the 10, 1842.
Stephen R. Douglass Died Sept. 9 1906
Elizabeth Douglass Died April 23, 1906

Abram J. Douglass was born Feb. the 24, 1844
Dicy R. Douglass (Shirley) was born Sept. the 22, 1847
Mary J. Douglass (Dodd) was born Sept. the 17, 1850.
Lydia A. Douglass (Kilgore) was born June the 16, 1854.

From Family Puzzlers No. 1338 page 17.

James H. Douglass was born Mar. the 9, 1857.
Nancy A. Douglass (Bagwell) was born Apr. the 19, 1860.
William P. Douglass was born Nov. the 17, 1863.

Abraham J. Douglass Died Nov. 30, 1917
Dicy R. Douglass (Shirley) Died Dec. 30, 1925
Mary J. Douglass (Dodd) Died May 28, 1919
Lydia A. Douglass (Kilgore) Died Aug. 3, 1892
Nancy A. Douglass (Bagwell) Died Sept. 8 1890
William P. Douglas Died Nov. 30, 1915

[Jones Douglass Bible, loose inside the Bible]
Tilman Douglass was born February 25th 1804
Lewis Douglas was born Oct. 10th 1806
Eliza Douglass was born Nov. 27th 1807
Epsybeth Douglas was born December 5th 1809
Lydia H. Douglass was born January 7th 1811
Jones T. Douglass was born September 10th 1813
Charles G. Douglass was born September 25th 1815
Lemuel N. Douglass was born September 23d 1817
Stephen R. Douglass was born December 9th 1819
Samuel S. Douglass was born January 5th 1822
Amanda R. Douglass was born March 23d 1824
Lexy R . Douglass was born December 21st 1826
Lucretia J. Douglass vas born June 7th 1830

Jones Douglass was born Nov. 25th 1779
Rebecca Douglass was born August 14, 1781
William Pierce Douglass was born the 17th of November 1863
Stephen R. Douglass was born December the 9th 1819
Elizabeth Douglass was born October 24th 1824.
Abram Jones Douglass was borne the 24th of February 1844
Dicy Rebecca Douglass was borne 22 of September 1847
Mary Jane Douglass was borne the 17th of September 1850
Lucy and Lucetta Douglass was Born the 16 of June 1854
James Harvey Douglass was Born the 9 of March 1857

From Family Puzzlers No. 1338 page 18.

Nancy Alices was Born the 19 of April 1860
William Pierce Douglass was born April the 17th 186 [this entry is scratched out]

Jones Douglass and Rebecca Tilman was Married May 5th 1803
William H. Foster and Epsybeth Douglass December 7th 1826
Lydia H. Douglass and Samuel Brown Febr. 19th 1831
Tilman Douglass and Phebe W. Charlton December 15th 1831
Jones T. Douglass and Lucetta P. Smith September 20th 1837*
Charles G. Douglass and Eliza A.R. Hogan
Amanda R. Douglass and Elias D. King
Stephen R. Douglass and Elizabeth Moore November 10th 1842
Lemuel N. Douglass and Sarah Harris February 1846
Samuel S. Douglass and Cinthia Baugh December 1848
Elexy R. Douglass and Wiley J. King January 12th 1850
*Handwritten note: Monroe County, GA.

Eliza Douglass Oct. 1812
Lewis Douglass Aug. 28th 1826
Jones Douglass Oct. 15th 1846
Epsybeth Foster March 1847

[loose papers and notes within the Bible]

Riley Shirley born Feb. 24, 1849
Dicy Douglass born Sept. 22, 1847 Died Dec. 29, 1925. Married May 18, 1867
Mary E. Shirley born Aug. 12 1868
Russell M. Shirley born Oct. 27, 1870
John Charles Shirley born Feb. 24, 1873
Fannie Mae Shirley born July 26 1875
Joseph Rogers Shirley July 5, 1878 Died Apr. 19'04[1904]
William Clifford Shirley Dec. 12, 1880
Benjamin Franklin Shirley Nov. 25, 1883
Walter S. Shirley Mar. 31, 1886
Annie Pauline Shirley June 16, 1891
A.J. Douglass Feb. 24, 1844, Death Nov. 30, 1917

From Family Puzzlers No. 1338 page 19.

Mollie E. Douglas 1850
Cora Bagwell 1874
Maggie Douglas 1876
Hattie Hansard 1878
Minnie Dodson Nov. 1883
Clyde McDaniel 1887
Stella Douglas 1891
Jones and Rebecca Douglass embraced religion and joined M.E. Church in September 1807
Mary Elisebeth Douglas was born Sept. the 24th 1883
Russel Earl Douglas was born August the 15th 1886

Family of J.T. & Lydia Kilgore [sic]
J.T. Kilgo was borned May the 17 1853
L.A. Kilgo was born June the 16 1854
John T. Kilgo and Lydia A. Douglass was married Nov the 29 1876.
M.J. Kilgo Nov. the 21 1877
G.E. Kilgo Sept. the 12, 1882

John A. Dodds was borned July 27, 1852
Mary J. Dodds was borned September 17 1850. Was Married Nov. 25, 1875
Eddie W. Dodds was borned February the 23 1877
Alice Naomi Dodds was borned June 12, 1879
Sanford Arthur Dodds was borned May the 12, 1882
Lular May Dodds was borned Sept the 13 1884
Jones Edward Dodds was borned July 22, 1890

Children of Joe and Mollie Douglas
1874 Cora 1876 Maggie
1878 Hattie 1883 Minnie
1887 Clyde 1891 Stella

Sister Douglas was borned Oct 24, 1824, Died April 2, 1906 Married Nov 1842 Moved to Forsyth Co. [GA] 1844 Joined the M.E. Church - South 1844. Lived a Consistant member ever since. She raised seven children they Joined the M.E. Church So[uth] with her at an early age. She leaves grand children 29 great-grand children 14.


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