Surname "A"

Death Date
(or newspaper date)
Submitted By
Abernathy, William Floyd
January 24, 1986
Emily O'Neal
Abrams, Mrs. Bernice Luvaela
September 3, 1989
Emily O'Neal
Abrams, Mrs. Emma
November 2, 1936
Emily O'Neal
Abrams, Rev. J. W.
March 24, 1910
Emily O'Neal
Abrams, Jack
February 9, 1943
Emily O'Neal
Abrams, Mrs. Maggie Jane Frazier
December 11, 1979
Emily O'Neal
Abrams, R. F.
December 13, 1932
Emily O'Neal
Adams, Addie Carnes
October, 2, 1935
Adams, Charles Henry
March 8, 1972
Adams, Clayton E.
July 17, 1988
Adams, Jackie Earline
January 2, 1951
Adams, Jesse Allen
April 5, 1955
Adams, J. M.
March 13, 1945
Adams, J. W.
May 4, 1920
Adams, John Griffin
May 10, 1985
Adams, L. S.
February 2, 1900
Adams, Leila
March 6, 1920
Adams, Lucy E.
June 3, 1921
Adams, Viola Howell
March 2, 1969
Adkins, Robert
January 18, 1916
Agan, Mrs. Eva Kate
Sept. 12, 1991
Alexander, Mr. B. J.
July 8, 1916
Emily O'Neal
Alexander, Mrs. B. J.
April 26, 1926
Emily O'Neal
Allen, James Arthur
Allen, John
June 23, 1910
Allen, Margaret Adeline Conley
January 7, 1969
Allen, Mary Durham
April 8, 1910
Allen, Oscar Larry
December 7, 1996
Emily O'Neal
Allen, Mrs. Tennir Proctor
July 5, 1954
Emily O'Neal
Adams, William A.
May 5, 1916
Anderson, Albert
October 2, 1913
Anderson, Mrs. J. H.
January 1, 1916
Anderson, Nellie
May 24, 1910
Anderson, Mrs. Rossie
January 14, 1916
Anderson, Mrs. Steve
October 7, 1913
Anthony, Barbara Jo Kilgore
June 19, 2000
Arnold, Homer
January 26, 1976
Arrington, Willard Warner
September 1, 1961
Ashley, Myrtle Lucille Rollins
06 June 1993
Atkins, Jimmy D.
February 10, 2000
Atkinson, Mrs. Mary A.
January 24, 1916
Aycock, Mr. Albert George
January 10, 1993
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, Beulah Mae
May 2, 1982
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, Dolphus Nevill
July 26, 1946
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, Mrs. Frances White
August 16, 1977
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, Gordon, Sr.
May 9, 1980
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, Henry Bradford
October 1, 1942
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, Joe Bradford
January 23, 1990
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, Moses A.
July 5, 1966
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, Mrs. R. C. (Rita)
March 9, 1982
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, Ruby May
June 20, 1982
Emily O'Neal
Aycock, William L.
October 14, 1942
Emily O'Neal
Ayer, Frank H.
June 24, 1948
Emily O'Neal

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