A Guide to using the Fayette County

A Guide to using the Fayette County, GAGenWeb Site and the Fayette County USGenWeb Archives for your research

Both the GAGenWeb county sites and the Georgia USGenWeb Archives are dependent upon YOU, the researcher for sharing your records and information.  Help yourself by helping others!

1 - Fayette County GAGenWeb Site

a.  If you are just interesting in seeing if your SURNAME is found on this website, then the search engine towards the bottom of the front page is for you.  It will pick up all but the very latest (within 2 weeks) postings. 

b.  If you are interested in learning more about the history of Fayette County and it's people or about what records are available and where, then you will need to browse through the site.  It is divided up into categories as shown on the front page.  All pages show a last updated date and have links to return to indexes and the home page so your navigation should be easy to understand.

2 - Georgia USGenWeb Archives Fayette County

a.  Again, if your interest lies in finding your SURNAME, use the search engine on the page above to search all records donated to the Archives.  You may find additional helpful information by browsing each category of records linked from this page.  When people are transcribing records, they may interpret a surname differently and you could recognize it in the indexes where it might not be picked up by the search engines.

3 - Surname Queries

There are several options to find out if someone else is searching your SURNAMES and it is a good idea to check them all - you never know where you might find that "long lost uncle....."

a - Old Queries (1996-1998) posted on this website are still available, they are picked up by the search engine and you may browse them.  Do not be surprised if the email addresses are no longer good because most people do not remember to have them updated when their email changes but if you find someone you would like to contact and their email is no good, try using the Google search engine's advanced search feature and search only on the domain sites.rootsweb.com - you might find a newer post made by that same person elsewhere. 

b - New Surname Queries posted on this site can be a big help in picking up clues about your elusive ancestor and again, you can find others researching your SURNAME who may have that information you've been trying to find.

c - Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Board for Fayette County - These are searchable also to see if someone has posted any information here pertaining to your family and to find other's researching your SURNAMES - you may reply to specific posts or start a new thread. You can also look for a message board that might be set up for your specific SURNAMES.

d - Fayette County, GA Rootsweb Mailing List - A mailing list set up specifically for dialogue about Fayette County, GA research.  You may subscribe to the list or browse and/or search the archives of the list since it's beginning for posts regarding your SURNAMES.

4 - Lookups

Once you have exhausted the above resources and are fairly certain your ancestors lived in Fayette County, you may want to visit the Lookups page and ask for specific information about your ancestors.  Please follow the guide found on that page for requesting lookups.

5 - Family Group Sheets

Part of a special project of The USGenWeb Project, family group sheets are submitted by individuals.  They reflect that person's knowledge & research at the point they were submitted.  If you have enough information about any specific person, please submit a family group sheet on them and you may receive additional information from others that run across them.  If, at some point, you find documentation that something you have posted is incorrect or you need to add information, that can be done by contacting the person who hosts the Family Group Sheet Project at the county level or the state coordinator of the Family Group Sheet Project.

6 - Resources for Researching

This is the subject I receive the most email about........this page is very important to your research as it contains all the information I have on where to find certain records and how to obtain copies of them.  It also contains links to any other websites or contact information for any other sources that I feel may be helpful in your research.  If you know of other resources that are not listed here, please let me know.

7 - Last but not least - YOU - the researcher! 

Please remember that these sites depend on the generosity of visitors who are willing to share their data - nothing is too small - you never know when someone may need exactly what you've shared. If you'd like to help but don't know what to do or how to do it, contact me - [[email protected]

I hope you enjoy using Fayette County GAGenWeb!

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