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John A. Nash (1839-1915)

Submitted by Sara Jane Overstreet


John Adam Nash was born May 18, 1834 as the 7th child of Edward Nash (b. 1-15-1790, probably SC; d. 3-8-1862, Clayton Co., GA; md. 1824) and Margaret McVicker (b. 11-18-1804; d. 4-1-1886). Edward Nash had moved his family including 11 children to the Panhandle Road area of what is now Clayton County--just across the Flint River from the Inman community. John A. Nash married three times, having children with only the first wife. His wives were Nancy Slaughter Harp (daughter of Mozee Harp and Sarah Hill); Ora Annie Welden (daughter of William Welden and Rebecca Gill); and Ida Dobbins. His wives and children are listed in the Bible records below. John A. Nash was prominent in Liberty Chapel history, and will be found in the official church records. He died 4-6-1915, and is buried in Inman Cemetery.


The Georgia Descendants of Edward Nash of Greenville County, SC. Record located 1997 at Henry Co. Historical Society.

Genealogical research by John L. McLucas, Sr.

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Microfilm at GA Dept. Archives & History

Drawer 215, Box 06

Fayette Co., GA records on film


Family Bible--John A. Nash & Nancy S. Harp


This certifies that John A. Nash & Nancy S. Harp were solemnly united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at Fayette County GA on the 29th day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and Sixty-Nine conformably to the Ordinance of God, and the Laws of the State

by Rev. Thos. F. Luncford


John Adam Nash was born in Greenville Dist., S.C. on May 18th, 1839

Nancy Slaughter Harp was born in Fayette Co., Georgia on Jany 26th, 1843


John Edward Mozee Nash was born in Clayton Co., GA on March 30th, 1866

Louisa Dora Nash was born in Fayette Co., GA on Jany 14th, 1868

Orrie Annie Welden was born in Spalding Co., GA on January 20th, 1842

John Christopher Nash was born Feb. 22nd, 1891

Willey Harp Nash was born Sept. 8th, 1892

Ida L. Dobbins was born May 24th, 1868


[handwritten totally] This Certifies that John A. Nash & Orrie A. Welden were Solemly united by me in the Holy Bond of Matrimony in Fayette Co. Ga. on the 17th day of December in the year of our Lord, One Thousand eight hundred and ninety three Conformably to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State signed by Rev. Daniel McLucas

different handwriting below

[handwritten] This Certifies that John A. Nash and Ida L. Dobbins were Solemly united by me in the holy Bond of matrimony in Fayette Co., Ga. on the 26th day of March in the Year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fourteen Conformably to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State signed by W. (T/L) Debardeleheim [this was brother of bride and Methodist minister]


Nancy S. Nash departed this life Sept. 15th 1893

J. E. M. Nash departed this life July the 21st 1901

Orra A. Nash departed this life Aug. 22th 1913

John Adam Nash died April 6, 1915

Family Bible of L. D. Nash family

John L. McLucas & Louisa Dora Nash

were united by me in marriage

at the residence of Jno A. Nash

on the Seventeenth day of January

In the year of our Lord 1891

In the presence of A. C. Harrison,

Allie Roberts, and others

signed James Rembert Smith, M.G.


John L. McLucas was born July 5, 1866

Louisa D. McLucas was born January 14, 1868

Rembert Harp McLucas was born July 1st, 1892

Nannie Ann McLucas was born December 20th, 1894

Andrew Clinton McLucas was born April 21st, 1897

John Daniel McLucas was born Sept. 12th, 1900

Margaret McLucas was born January 3rd, 1905

Willie Bryan McLucas was born April 4th, 1906

Rembert Lewis McLucas born 5:30AM 8-15-1923

Willie Bryan McLucas, Jr. born Sept. 25, 1945

John Lee McLucas was born Oct. 15, 1947

Andrew Bruce McLucas born April 9, 1950

Judith Kay McLucas born May 20, 1951


Rembert Harp McLucas to Virginia Lewis Allen on March 21, 1917

John Daniel McLucas to Harriet Gardner Leppert on Tuesday, the 17th of Nov. 1931

Andrew Clinton to Ethel Woodward on Wednesday, 7 o'clock June 7, 1939

Willie Bryan to Della Grace Minter on Sunday April 4, 1943

Rembert Lewis McLucas to Ruby Pearl Waller on Dec. 1, 1950

Willie Bryan McLucas, Jr. to Ellen Lee Callaway on June 29, 1969 Sunday

John Lee McLucas to Mary Victoria Bernhard on July 14, 1972 Friday


J. L. McLucas. Died Nov. 25, 1906 (John Lee)

Margaret McLucas died January 19, 1905

Rembert Harp McLucas died March 21, 1927

Judith Kay McLucas died May 21, 1951

Louisa Dora Nash McLucas died Nov. 21, 1952

Nannie Ann McLucas died Dec. 2, 1963


Found by S. J. Overstreet on microfilm at Georgia Department of Archives and History in Atlanta.


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