Family Bibles of Fayette County Families

Family Bibles of Fayette County Families

Stewart Surname

Daniel Stewart Family Bible -

Stewart Family Bible, 1836 - 1935, Fayette County GA, Shelby County AL and Hopkins County TX
An 1852 copy of the New Testament published by Carlton & Phillips 200 N Clancy Street New York
Transcribed & Submitted by Teresa Stewart


Daniel Stewart and Araminta D. Coleman was married the 23rd of June 1836. Georgia Fayette County.

Sarah J. Stewart & John Martin was married on the 23rd day of May 1858 in Shelby County Ala.

Mariah C. Stewart and Hogan Wadsworth was married March the 6th 1862, Alabama Shelby County

Nathaniel Clifton & Sarah J. Martin was married June the 18, 1869 in Hopkins County Texas

Robert W. Raby & L.C. Stewart was married June the 27, 1871 in Hopkins County Texas

Effa M Stewart was married to J.H. Posey October the 21st 1885 in Hopkins Co Texas


Sarah J. Stewart was Born August the 4th 1837

Sir William W. Stewart was Born May the 12th 1839

Maria C. Stewart was Born December the 29th 1840

Effa M Stewart was Born January the 27th 1843

Anna J Stewart was Born January the 7th 1845

Louisiana C Stewart was Born February the 1st 1847

Alexander N. Stewart was born April the 25th 1849

Daniel M Stewart was Born February the 1st 1852

Rebecca Paulleane Stewart was Born January the 17th 1854

Joseph Coleman Stewart was Born the 1st day of March 1856


Sarah Jane Stewart Baptised

Maria Catharine Stewart Ba.

Effa Matilda Stewart Ba.

Anna Judson Stewart Ba.

Louisanna Carolina Stewart Ba.

Alexander Newton Stewart Ba.

Daniel Morrison Stewart Ba.

Araminta Emma Stewart Ba. Aug the 21 1859

Leanana Stewart Ba.

Joseph C. Stewart Ba.

Alexander N. Stewart Died May the 17, 1935

Mary Gertrude Martin was baptised August 21, 1859


Rebecca Paulleane Stewart departed this life April the 15 at 2 O'clock A.M. 1855

[crossed out
W.W.C. Stewart was Killed at Jonesborough, August the 31st, 1864 [end crossed out

W.W.C. Stewart was wounded at the Battle of JonesBoro on the 31st of August 1864 & died on the 3rd September 1864

Araminta D. Stewart Departed This Life June the 9, 1878

S.J. Martin Departed This life October the 6th 1878

Alexander N. Stewart died May 17, 1935

Joseph C. Stewart died Oct. 24 1936

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