Family Bibles of Fayette County Families

Family Bibles of Fayette County Families

William and Nelly Steward Bible -

This bible is owned by Mrs. Frank A. Finney of Gadsden, Alabama, who is a descendant of Polly Steward and Aquilla Hardy, through their daughter, Susan, who married William Christopher following the death of her sister, Eliza, who was the first wife of William Christopher.

There is an inscription on the inside front jacket that is almost impossible to read, however, it is a presentation to ?? Steward from a Sunday School class.

Title Page:

Holy Bible
Stereotyped by T. Ruff, London and Princeton
The American Bible Society
By D. Fanshaw, Printer, New York




William Steward was born September the 16th day, 1773
Nelly, his wife, was born February the 13th day 1776

Polly Steward was born AD January the 16th day, 1796
Sally and Susannah Steward was born December the 19th, 1797
John Steward was born December the 16th day, 1801
Elizabeth Steward was March the 19th day, 1804
Hannerlanking Stewart was born March the 2nd day, 1806
Eliza Stewart (sic) was born March the 17th day 1809
Malinda Stewart (sic) was born February the 21st day, 1811
Tompson Creamer (sic), the son of Henry and Frances Creamer was born
January 1818
Hugh S. Creamer, son of aforesaid Henry and Frances Creamer was born
October the 28th day, 1819
Maryan Tramnel (sic), the daughter of David and Elizabeth Tramnel, was born
October the 20th day, 1821

Grice, Thomas married Stewart (sic), Malinda on 12 Apr 1826 in Lincoln Co., Ga.
Creamer, Henry married Steward, Fanny on 25 Mar 1817 in Lincoln Co., Georgia
Hardey, Aquilla married Steward, Polley on 18 May 1814 in Lincoln Co., Georgia

Christopher, William married Hardy, Eliza on 13 Apr 1837 in Coweta Co., Georgia
Christopher, William married Hardy, Susan on 27 June 1841 in Coweta Co., Georgia
[This is correct; Wm Christopher married 1st Eliza Hardy. She died after giving
birth to three children Emmaline (b. 1838 m. Fayette Young, lived in Ark.);
Columbus (b. 1840), and Henry (died as a child after Eliza's death). William
then married Susan Hardy, a younger sister of Eliza, and had 14 more children:

Obal b. 1842 (lived in Gadsden, AL)
Abychue [Abihue b. 1844 (lived in Gadsden, AL)
Zebulan b. 1846 (lived in Senoia, GA)
Luther C. b. 1848 (lived in Cottonwood, MO)
Lenora b. 1850 (married her 1st cousin, Zach Hardy)
Mary O. b. 1853
Ella b. 1854 (Married Joseph Thomas Fulcher; lived in
Guntersville, Marshall Co. Ala)
Dolly b. 1856 (married S. D. Sharp)
W. G. b. 1858 (lived in Gadsden/Attalla)
Della b. 1862 (married John Trotter, Senoia, Ga.)
G. Edward b. 1864 (lived in Gadsden, Ala)
Albert L. b. 1866 (lived in Gadsden, Ala)
Joseph b. 1868 (lived in Gadsden, Ala)
Rufus b. 1869 (lived in Attalla wit his Mother, Susan,
until her death in 1921)

William & Susan moved to Gadsden/Attalla (Etowah Co.), AL in 1854.
Notes for William Steward:

Fayette Co., GA Will Book "A", page 28
William Stewart [Steward
No date of execution shown, probated March 5, 1838.
This is a recordation of a "verbal will", set down after a conversation on the
28th & 29th of November 1837, in which he stated he wished property to remain
with his wife (who was not named) during her lifetime and then was to be
transferred to Aquilla Hardy.

Executors: None named

Witnesses: A. Chandler, George J. Glass, Daniel Osborn**, and John Wilson.

**Daniel Osborn was the husband of Nancy Hardy; she was the eldest child of Aquilla & Mary "Polly" [Steward Hardy and the granddaughter of William Steward.

Transcribed & submitted by Valerie (Johnson) Freeman

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