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The long awaited East Georgia Settlers -- Family Sketches book is NOW AVAILABLE!

This book is 6”x9”, 744 page, fully indexed, hardcover.

A huge thank you to Patsy Harris and to Faye Poss, our editors for this book, which has been years in the making.  And for each of you, who has contributed a family sketch, we also would like to say thank you as well.

This book will be of enormous value for those who can find information or links to their ancestors.

The book is a collection of sketches about people that lived at one time in one of the counties that the society covers. The sketches have been submitted from members and other researchers. No additional sketches are being accepted.

To Order send check to:
East Georgia Genealogical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 117
Winder, GA 30680-0117



The book "EAST GEORGIA SETTLERS - FAMILY SKETCHES " feature sketches on the following:

Robert Sidney Adair Jr.; Edmund Adcock; Daniel Harrison Agnew; Elijah Agnew; William Armour; Fielding W. Arnold; James Bailey Arnold; James Fielding Arnold; Stephen Arnold; Thomas Arnold Sr.; William Franklin Attaway;

Albon Bailey; Joseph Bailey; William Bailey; William C. Baker; Isaac Ball; Robert Beavers; Daniel Beckum; John T. Beckum; Archibald N. Bellamy; Isaac Bentley; James Bentley; James Isaac Bentley; James Edward Berry; John Berry; John J. Berry; Charles Berryman; CharlesTaber Berryman Sr.; William Blake; Ezekiel Boggs; William Polk Boggs; John Bolling Sr.; Nathan Bond Sr.; Willis Bond; Geo. Washington Bonner Jr.; Jordan Bonner; Thomas Bonner; Gabriel Booth; Nathaniel Booth; Henry Thomas Boss/Poss; William Bradley; Edmund Brewer; John Brewer; Solomon Bridges; Gilbert Brook; Henry Brook; James Brook; Bradford Brooks; John Burch; Richard Chunn Burch; Archibald Burden; Thomas Burford; William Burford Sr. R.S.; Hezekiah Bussey;

Enoch Callaway; Ephraim Castleberry; Jefferson J. Castleberry; Stephen Chatham; John Colbertson; Benjamin Cook; Kennon Cooper; Thomas Cordery; Oliver Cosby; David Cunningham; Franklin Cunningham; John Cunningham;

George Darden Jr.; George Darden Sr. R.S.; James Darden; Thomas S. Darden; Chesly M. Davis; Arthur Dodwell; Hezekiah S. Dodwell; Chattin Doggett; Rubin Donaldson; William Pery Donaldson; James L. Dorough Jr. 1780; James L. Dorough Sr. 1736; Richmond Dorough; Henry Clay Doster; Jeremiah Duckworth;

Eli Eavenson; William Allen Eavenson; Radford Ellis; George Nathaniel Evans; Rueben Andrew Evans; Thomas Evans; Thomas Alexander Evans;

John Faulkner Sr.; Charles C. Ferguson; Charles H. Ferguson; James Sanders Ferguson; Thomas Fred Ferguson Sr.; Asa Chandler Fortson; Thomas Fortson; Holman Freeman; Joseph S. Freeman; John G. Fuller; Robert Fulwood;

James Frederick Geer; George Alexander Gibson; Robert Richard Glenn; William Henry Glenn; James William Greenway; John Greenway; William Frank Greenway;

James Chambers Hall; John Pryor Hall; Jeremiah Harrison; Ezekiel P. Harvey; Egbert Mark Harwell; George William Hauesler; Hillsman Hawk; Thurman Hawk; William Howell Hay; Aaron Hayes; George Haynie; Charles Franklin Hemphill; Henry Washington Hemphill; John Hemphill; John Herring; Samuel Higginbotham; Carter Hill; William Henry Hill; Thomas Hilley; Andrew Jackson Hood; Elisha Hood; John Van Rensselaer Robin Hood; Alexander Human; Frederick Human; Lewis Alexander Human; John Bradford Humphries; Ledford Humphries; John Henry Hurst;

John Stewart Irby;

Daniel Jackson; Jess Jarvis; Bolin S. Jeffries; George Jeffries; William Jeffries Jr.; William Robert Jeffries; Hardy Jernigan; Henry Saunders Jernigan; Needham Jernigan Jr.; Needham Jernigan Sr.; Allen Johnson; Peter Marcilliote Johnson;

John Columbus Kirk; John Franklin Kirk; John Franklin Kirk; Athanlie Kitchen; William Othanlie Kitchens;

Allen B. Langford; James Langford; William Langford; Henry Harrison Ledbetter; Joseph William Ledbetter; Thomas Joseph Ledbetter; Williamson Ledbetter; Elijah Lee; Priscilla Morgan Lester; Joseph Ligon; Robert Ligon; Samuel H. Loden; James Lovelace; William Lovelace; Charles Andrew Lowe; Grief Lynch;

David Malcom; James Malcom; William J Martin; James Matthews Sr.; Eli Mayfield Sr.; Isaac William Mayfield CSA; James Allen Mayfield; James Orell Mayfield; James Radford Mayfield; Obediah W. Mayfield; Robert Mayfield; Robert Adair Mayfield; Willliam Jesse Mayfield; Cornelius Maynard; John Maynard; Nathaniel Maynard; Nicholas Maynard; Thomas Maynard; John Henry McCommons; Thomas McConnell Jr.; Thomas McCoy; Burrell Franklin McCullough; David Aldrin McDonald; James McDonald; Micajah McGehee; Robert McGinty; John McNeal; Enoch Meadow; Moina Michael; John Paul Miller Jr.; Moses Mills; Murrell J. Mitchem; James Nathaniel Mitchum; Elijah Calvin Moon; Jacob Moon;

Edward Courtenay Paine; Levin Parkinson; Charles Lewis Patrick; William Pentecost R.S.; John Henry Peters Sr.; James Russell Phillips; John I Phillips; Mark Phillips; Reuben Phillips; Robert Thomas Phillips Sr.; Thomas R. Pledger; Jacob Poss;

Abner Reeves; William H. Robinson; Willis Robinson; John Rogers; John Routon Sr.; William Routon; Benjamin Royal; James M Royal; John Royal, III, John Royal, Jr., R.S., William Wingfield Royal; Joseph Rutledge;

Johann Nickolaus Schundrein; William Scrimshire; James Solomon I Settle; James Solomon II Settle; John Settle; Robert Henry Settle; William Morgan Settle; Zachariah Wm. Seymour Jr.; Zachariah Wm. Seymour Sr.; Isaac Simmons Sr.; Ezekiel Slaughter; Rubin Slaughter; Bradley Smith; David Smith R.S.; Green Wagner Smith; Jackson Smith; James Smith; Job Smith; Nathan Smith; William Sorrow; Jeremiah Sparks; Stephen Spruell Sr.; John Stapler; Thomas Stark; William E. Stark; Thomas Starke; Joseph Stevens; Henry Daniel Harrison Stewart; Henry Stoneham; Peter Strozier Rev.; John Swanson Sr.; William Swanson; William Swanson ; James Swords; Lewis J Swords;

Caleb Taylor; Theophilus Taylor; William Taylor; Alexander Thompson Sr. R.S.; William Thompson; Eppy White Thornton; Thomas Thornton; John Tiller; Lodowick Tuggle; Robert Tuggle; George Turman; Geo. Washington Turner; John William Turner Jr.; John William Turner Sr.; Robert Hughes Turner;

Adkin Upshaw; Forrester Upshaw; Leroy Upshaw;

James Vaughn; Martin A. Venable;

David Wade I; Edward Wade; Jeremiah M. J. Wade; Marion Wade; Thomas Ward Sr.; Nancy Waters; David Grissom Watkins; John Watkins; Alfred West M. Watson; Daniel S. Watson; Jesse Weathers Sr.; Asbury Cleveland Wellborn; Jesse Mercer Wellborn Sr.; Josiah M. Wellborn; Hugh White; John White; John Martin White; Robert White Jr.; Robert White Sr.; James Wiley; Osborn Wiley; John G. Wilhite; Duke Williams; Robert Pinkney ""Pink"" Williams; William Williams; William Pittman Williams; Andrew Jackson Williamson; Brooks Moon Willingham; Cash Willingham; John Willingham Jr.; Allen Harris Wilson; Charles W Wilson; John Columbus Wilson; Lewis Wright;

Peter Zachry

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