"Addendum to Barrow County Cemetery Book"

This cemetery was located after the book was published.

Mobley - Helton Family Cemetery

Directions:From intersection of Patrick Mill Road and Burson Maddox Road, go 4/10 mile on Burson Maddox Road to power line on right side of road. Go down power line road about 50 feet, then leave road on the right(west) and go about 30-40 feet into the woods until you find an old road bed. Follow the old road bed until you come to an old deer stand, then go due west toward tall trees and cemetery on top of hill(about 1/4 mile).

MOBLEY, Lucy Manders 12 Sep 1846 06 Jul 1926 --
COLE, Lenora Annette 29 Oct 1914 06 Jan 1915 "Our Darling"
C.L., J.M. 1808? 1883? (dates are very difficult to read) Tall, crudely hand-carved, granite marker;
C.L. is above J.M.; this is possibly John Manders, b. 1808 (GA)
HELTON, Peter ---- ---- Fraser's Brty, GA Lt. Arty. CSA
HELTON, Inf. 21 May 1886 27 Jun 1886 Inf. Daughter of W.F. & S.F.
HELTON, Richard ---- ---- Co. C J8 GA Inf. CSA

In addition to the six inscribed markers, there are approximately 30 to 40 unmarked graves and graves with un-inscribed fieldstone markers.


The Old Bethabra (Maynard Family) Church Cemetery
[information from Lawrence Maynard]
According to the book, BEADLAND TO BARROW, the Maynard family was the first to draw a lot in the section of Jackson Co, GA "near County line school," following the Revolutionary War. A "Nattie", probably Nathaniel, Maynard established a family cemetery in 1813 and offered neighbors access to the cemetery and a site to build a church. The Bethabara Baptist Church held services at this site until about 1855-1856 when they moved to their present location.
The Old Maynard Cemetery continued to be used as a burial place into the early 1900s. It is located off Mulberry Road at the corner of Jim Johnson & Mulberry Road. According to the Barrow County, Georgia Cemetery Book there are approximately 50 graves that are marked by field stones. Nathaniel and wife Elizabeth Matthews Maynard are believed to be buried here as well as sons Cornelius and Thomas. Most of the marked graves are those of their son John and his family. Son Nicholas moved to Mississippi and is buried there. The reason for this article is the fact that there is disagreement as to who the three people are who are buried within the iron fence. According to transcriptions of dates from the flat slab markers made years ago by Roger K. Murphy, a Maynard descendant, there is no doubt that the middle slab
marks the grave of Nathnael T. Maynard,01 Jun 1820-27 Feb 1873. The first slab within the fence marks the grave of his first wife, Lucinda Hosch Maynard, 27 Oct 1823-12 Mar 1849. The third slab is believed to cover the grave of his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Smith Maynard, 02 Jun 1833-abt 1878.

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