Cemetery Records

Many of the cemeteries listed here were found using the GNIS National Mapping Information web site. Others were provided by Early County researchers. If you have more information about any of these cemeteries or know of others, please let me know.

Dianne Newton is a genealogist with most of her relatives in Early County. Recently she went to Blakely and took over 100 pictures of various headstones, mostly family names of White, Davis, Goocher, Hayes. She has kindly offered to provide copies to others seeking same family names. Contact Dianne directly. Be sure to tell her which name(s) you are interested in.

Check out the FIND A GRAVE website for additional cemetery and grave listings for Early County

Cemetery Name Map Latitude Longitude Elev (ft)
Alexander Family Cemetery        
Anglin Family Cemetery        
Bethel Cemetery        
Billings Cemetery Damascus 311815N 0844416W 180
Blakely Cemetery Blakely South 312221N 0845620W 249
Bush Cemetery Hentown 311743N 0845139W 190
Cedar Springs Cemetery
Updated listing is in Early County Historical Collection Volume III
Gordon 311048N 0850212W 174
Cedar Spring - Moseley Cemetery        
Centerville Cemetery        
Collier Family Cemetery        
Colomokee Cemetery Blakely North 312742N 0845315W 289
Cross Roads Cemetery        
Damascus Cemetery Damascus 311925N 0844419W 200
Dubose Cemetery Hentown 311540N 0844839W 190
Easom Family Cemetery        
Enterprise Freewill Baptist Cemetery        
Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery Hentown 311622N 0844916W 187
George Cemetery Hentown 311622N 0844916W 187
Gordon Cemetery Damascus 311530N 0844257W 184
Green Cemetery Lucile 311418N 0845915W 197
Grier Cemetery Columbia 312007N 0850417W 226
Gross Cemetery Damascus 311553N 0844034W 230
Harrell Family Cemetery        
Harris Family Cemetery        
Hayes Cemetery Blakely North 312729N 0845645W 299
Hentown Church of Christ Cemetery        
Hodges Cemetery Donalsonville West 310615N 0845633W 190
Houston Cemetery Hentown 311510N 0844816W 207
Hutchins Family Cemetery        
Jakin City Cemetery        
Johnson Family Cemetery        
Kolomoki Baptist Cemetery        
Koonce Family Cemetery        
Lee Family Cemetery        
Liberty Church Cemetery        
Liberty Hill Cemetery Hentown 312136N 0844913W 190
Mercier Cemetery Blakely North 312759N 0845643W 312
Metts Family Cemetery        
Mount Hope Cemetery Blakely North 312304N 0845613W 279
Open Pond Cemetery        
Pickle Family Cemetery        
Pine Lawn Gardens Blakely South 311919N 0845758W 233
Pineview Baptist Church Cemetery        
Pleasant Grove Cemetery Columbia NE 312803N 0850110W 335
Porter Family Cemetery        
Pullen Cemetery Damascus 311623N 0844017W 210
Rock Hill Cemetery        
Sardis Cemetery Columbia NE 312409N 0850156W 312
Sardis Methodist Church Cemetery        
Smith/Rock Hill Cemetery        
Sowhatchee Cemetery        
Springfield Church Cemetery        
Tabb Cemetery Damascus 311533N 0843952W 207
Thompson Family Cemetery        
Timmons Cemetery Arlington 312433N 0844404W 217
Union A.M.E. Church Cemetery        
White Family Cemetery        
White Plains        
Zion Cemetery Columbia 311706N 0850011W 233

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