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I am searching for descendents of W. G. McLeod, born 1891 - died 1977.  I have important information for McLeod's descendents.  Unfortunately, I do not have a first name - possibly  "William."  There is a William McLeod who lived in Atlanta, GA, at time of his death.  Don't know if this is "W.G. McLeod."  Please, please contact me if this person is on your family tree!!!
M. Alphonsine    alphonsine@hotmail. com

  I am trying to get someone to extract the 1840 census for Isaac Parish, who was living in DeKalb County Georgia at the time.  Do You know of someone who would do this for me?  I appreciate your help. Diane Parrish Sparks   dsparks@netdoor.com

I am looking for a marriage index on DeKalb County, Georgia. The people I am looking for are John J. Parish and Vica (Levica) Louisa Ramsey. If you have it, I would like their marriage date. They were both born abt 1822, so it would be approximately 1840.  I would greatly appreciate your help.  Rich Parish Dickyp@aol.com

Sherry Osburn - osburn@bellsouth.net
Looking for information on the family of William CORNELIUS, found on the 1830 census in DeKalb County with these in the household: 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15 and 1 male 40-50 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15 and 1 female 30-40.  Deeds recorded in Cherokee County, GA Deed Book A, page 405, #303 states: "Deed dated DeKalb County 23 Nov 1833, recorded 24 Mar 1834 from William CORNELIUS of DeKalb County to Thomas JOHNSON of Cobb County. In consideration of the sum of $125 conveys all that tract of land known as Land Lot 181, 15th Dist., 2nd Section. Tract consists of 40 acres more or less.  Signed William CORNELIUS.  Witness:  W.R. Smith and J. B. Lanier, J.P."

Where did William CORNELIUS go after this?  Is the Benjamin CORNELIUS found on the 1840 census in Cobb County his son? My line is thru Benjamin's son Thomas H., would like to share and exchange information.

Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998  Looking for information on Robert CROCKETT who married Sarah JOHNSON in Dekalb county in the 1830's.  His father is believed to be Joseph CROCKETT who was in Dekalb in 1830 and was possibly the same Joseph CROCKETT who lived in Gwinnett county in 1820.  I have no information on Sarah and am most interested in learning her parents' names.

Looking for anc/des Greenville HENDERSON  1792-1869. Prior to the Civil War, he  owned a grist mill in the area now known as Henderson Mill Road in Tucker, GA.  The mill burned in 1911.  He married Nancy Barnett and had the following children: Thomas M.; Major A.; John A.; Rufus; William Griffin; Irena and Martha.  William Hall  wrbph@gate.net

I am searching for info on my 2nd great grandparents who married in DeKalb Co. GA in 1842. They are James A. COOK and Nancy Marinda Curry TANNER. THey moved to Louisiana after they married but James A COOK had a brother who stayed in DeKalb Co GA and died there in 1898. His name was Allen J. COOK and he is buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery...any help will be deeply appreciated...   Marshall Tyler   MTyler4838@aol.com (This is not a current address, but am leaving it up for the info)

 I am looking for a birth record and marriage record for my greatgranparents.
Peter Marion Ball b. 01-18-1841 DeKalb, GA m.
Nancy Brightwell b. 12-21,1846 Fulton Co., GA
I think Peter Marion's parents were James Ball and Dicey Mitchell but have absolutely no evidence to prove.  Am also interested in finding out if Peter Marion had siblings.
Would appreciate any direction you can send me!!  Thanks in advance for your assistance!!
K. Sue BALL Farris   ksf@lcc.net

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998
 I'm searching for a reference in the census for John Holcomb(e) b. 1797 resident of Dekalb County, wife possibly Janelle, not sure of name or spelling.  Regards,  Don Holcombe  donholco@flash.net

DReece1952@aol.com  Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998

Edward Franklin LEAVELL was born on 16 Jul 1756 in Newberry South  Carolina. He died on 16 Jan 1832 in Georgia.  He was buried in Fellowship Cemetery, Dekalb Co Georgia.  He was married to Rachel WILLIAMS on 26 Apr 1795.

Rachel WILLIAMS was born on 20 Jan 1775 in Fairmont, Gordon Co, Georgia.  She died on 25 Jan 1857.  Edward Franklin LEAVELL and Rachel WILLIAMS had  the following children: Peggy (or Margaret) A(nn?) LEAVELL was born on 15 Jan 1796 in Georgia or South Carolina. She died between 1832 and 1891. Rhoda Ann LEAVELL was born on 29 Oct 1798 in Georgia.  She died on 12 Jul 1881. Apeacha W LEAVELL, Elizabeth N LEAVELL was born on 28 Sep 1802 in Franklin Co Georgia. She died between 1828 and 1896.  John Wilburn LEAVELL was born on 24 Nov 1804 in Franklin Co Georgia.  He died on 5 Apr 1865 in Dekalb Co Georgia. William W LEAVELL was born on 3 Mar 1807 in Franklin Co Georgia.  He died on 7 Jun 1893. Richard B LEAVELL was born on 13 May 1809 in Franklin Co Georgia.  He died on 17 Nov 1838. Edward Franklin LEAVELL was born on 15 Jan 1812 in Dekalb or Franklin Co Georgia.  He died on 2 Jun 1864 in Dekalb Co Georgia.  Rachel M LEAVELL was born on 21 Jul 1814 in Franklin Co Georgia.  She died on 25 Jan 1859. Reuben T LEAVELL was born on 5 Jul 1817 in Franklin Co Georgia.  He died on 8 Jul 1822.

Vincent JOHNSTON was born about 1795 in Franklin Co GA.  He died between 1845 and 1905.  He was married to Apeacha W LEAVELL on 28 Feb 1841 in Chattooga Co,Georgia.

APEACHA W LEAVELL was born on 6 Oct 1800 in Georgia.  Her name may have been Apeacha, Apeeche, Apucha, Apuchey. Her surname may be Leavell or Levell Vincent JOHNSTON and Apeacha W LEAVELL had the following children:  Martha A JOHNSTON was born about 1824. Posey Milton JOHNSTON was born about 1849. James P JOHNSTON was born about 1832. John L JOHNSTON was born about 1834. Elijah H JOHNSTON was born about 1836. Pickney A JOHNSTON was born about 1838.  Name  maybe Pinkney and RACHAEL MARILZA JOHNSON.

SAMUEL WILLIAM TUNNELL was born on 4 Jul 1846 in Germany.  He died EARLY 1876 in flood in Georgia.   He was said to have been a tighrope walker in circus, woman impersonator in Germany - could not speak English well went on trip as watch repair and tinker:  leather tool kit found but body never found after severe flood Campaign box w/shoulder strap had tools  He was married to RACHAEL MARILZA JOHNSON on 10 Jun 1875.

Rachael Marilza JOHNSON was born on 9 Apr 1842 in Menlo or around  Chattooga Co, Georgia?.  She died between 1878 and 1880 in Chattooga, Georgia?.   name may have been Johnson or Johnston . Rachael may have gone by Marilza.  She was married three times. BAKER, TUNNELL and MAPLES

Rachael's children were Thomas Pinkney Baker, Seaborn Montraville Baker, Apeacha Eugenia Baker and Lamaggie Ann Tunnell.  Possible son William Maples died within couple of years. Maggie was raised by older brothers (BAKER) and married John Wesley DAWSON.

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997  BarbaraJarvis@bigfoot.com
 I am researching the Prather family and I note that some Prathers were in Dekalb Co in 1850 Census. I found two Prather Brothers Thomas and Anderson Prather in Jackson Co Fla in 1860. They had appearently moved there between censuses but I have not been able to determine which
county they came from.  Do you have anything in Dekalb Co records that might identify them?
Anderson T. Prather        41 M     Farmer            GA     25000
Sarah J.                         39 F                            GA
Elias S.                          20 M                           GA
Fannie E.                       16 F                             GA
Mary B.   (Beatrice)         12 F                             GA
Sallie L.                           9 F                              GA
Virginia E.                        7 F                               GA
Thomas L.                        6 M                              FL
Anderson E.                     1 M                              FL
Elijah A. Martin                27 M  Merchant              GA
Ellen M.                           19 F                              GA

Thomas F. Prather             35 M Farmer                  GA   12000
Harriet                               34 F                               GA
Gabriella                            16 F                               GA
Julius                                 13 M                              GA
Anderson                            12 M                            GA
Demetrius                           10 M                              GA
Oscar                                   1 M                               FL

I am looking for information on William CORNELIUS and his family.  They are found on the 1830 Federal Census living in DeKalb County, GA,  with one male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15 and 1 male 40-50; 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15 and 1 female 30-40.  In Cherokee County, GA Deed Book A, page 405, "Deed dated DeKalb County 23 Nov 1833, recorded 24 Mar 1834 from William CORNELIUS to Thomas JOHNSON of Cobb County." He sold Land Lot 181, 15th Dist., 2nd Section, 40 acres +/- for $125. I have not found him in 1840, but in 1850 there is a William CORNELIUS in Cherokee County, Alabama, whose family members fit the age groups
for the 1830 William.  My gg grandfather was Benajmin A. CORNELIUS, who is first found on the 1840 Federal Census in Cobb County, GA also the 1850, but 1860 he is also in Cherokee County, AL, having bought land there in 1859.  William CORNELIUS is not on this census, but his wife and two children from the 1850 census are still there.  My question: Was Benjamin A. CORNELIUS the son of William CORNELIUS?  Benjamin's first wife was named Martha, was she a daughter of Thomas JOHNSON of Cobb County?  Thanks for any help will be glad to share and exchange  information.  The family of my great grandfather Thomas H. CORNELIUS can be found at:  http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/6370/cornelius.html--
     Sherry in Georgia     osburn@bellsouth.net


BENNETT SORRELLS was listed on the 1820 Madison County census as 16/26 years old.  He died between the October 1824 Walton County, Georgia court session (see below) and a Newton County, Georgia court record, dated 12 February 1827.  He probably died in DeKalb County,Georgia.

Bennett married ROSANNAH STRICKLAND in Madison Couhty, 16 September 1819, ceremony performed by D.P. Jones, M.G. It is said that Rosannah was born 27 September 1795, and her sister, Mary Pauline Strickland,was born ca. 1793-94. [Mize, Threads of Ancestors].

They were daughters of BARNEBAS STRICKLAND who married Rachel (Mackie) Brixey, a widow, 10 Nov. 1787 [Ibid:213,214].  Barnabas Strickland was a minister in 1828 at the Teamon Baptist Church,  Henry County, Georgia [Vessie T. Rainer.  History of Henry County, Georgia. 1971]. Mary Pauline, Rosannah's sister, married Philip WARE of Madison County [Mize].

Barnabas Strickland died in Franklin County, Missouri,where his will was probated in August, 1840.  The will may be ordered from Circuit Court of Franklin County, Probate Division, Union County, Missouri, 630844. The will names sons: Soloman and Ephraim Sttickland; daughters Mary Ware and Rosannah Avary(spelling used); stepsons: Thomas Brixey and John Brixey, and several servants.  His wife is not named in the will; no grandchildren are named.  This information was copied from a copy of the will from Union County.

After Bennett Sorrells' death, Rosannah married (2) BENJAMIN AVERY. Benjamin is listed in the 1830 and 1840 DeKalb County censuses which I have not seen.

October Term, 1824 Walton County minutes say Ridley Roberts sued Bennett Sorrells for $8,50. Since a person had to sue in the place of residence of the debtor, it is assumed that Bennett Sorrells was living in Walton County at that time.  Some land that Bennett owned in Walton was sold from his estate in 1830, but no deed was found where he originally bought the land. Land he owned on Bluestone Creek in Madison County, originally granted to Barnabas Strickland, was also sold after his death.

I have learned very little.about Bennett and his origins. His parents are unknown. His brother-in-law, PHILIP WARE, administered the estate in DeKalb County; co-administrator was his widow Rosannah Sorrells.  After she married Benjamin Avery he became administrator in right of his wife. It was not possible to obtain a copy of the estate since DeKalb County, due to courthouse fires, has suffered the loss of many records of this time period.

The orphans of Bennett Sorrells drew from Lokey's District, DeKalb County, in the 1827 Land Lottery, winning Lot No. 82, District 4, Coweta County, Georgia.  Their names were not given on the grant, but the land was taken up and registered, showing they claimed it or sold it by 1843.

Bennett lived in Madison County, Capt.  Williford's District (same district Charles Sorrells was in) about 1820, with no land, but 3 slaves.  He does not appear for later years.  The name, Bennett, appears with great frequency in the families of William Alexander and Charles Sorrells (sons of Richard Sorrells) who were the only other Sorrells family living in Madison County during this period.  Both Charles and William moved to Walton County by 1830. I  have not found proof of a relationship between Bennett Sorrells and them. Can any descendants furnish further information?

It is of note that Philip Ware is said to have been an uncle to Hamilton, George, and Burrell Ware, all sons-inlaw to Charles Sorrells [W.M. Wilder, Wilder and Connecting Familes, Especially Ware] 1969. Copy in Ga.Archives].

Please contact Thelma Faye Prince, princef@monmouth.com.  Please see my Sorrells website at:

Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998
I'm looking for information on my family. MAUDE NEWMAN b: 1905 inEngland, d: 1986 in De Kelb, GA. she married a STOKELY Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated!   Thank- you !   Sherrie Smith awsl@mcione.com

I would like to corresponde with anyone that might have information relative to the COLEMAN family of DeKalb co., GA.  In particular, the family of HENRY ALLEN COLEMAN, b. 1814 and wife, SARAH ANN BARNES, b. 1807 also their sons: JAMES P. COLEMAN, b. abt 1836 and WILLIAM ALLEN COLEMAN, b. 1838.  What education WILLIAM ALLEN COLEMAN received was in a log school house in this county which is suppose to be well known. Does anyone have information about this school and where its exact  location was?  This family moved to Cobb county and thence to Carroll county.  Please send replies to csmcerjr@bellsouth.net    Thanks!

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998    MCBEE, Isham-
I'm interested in learning who this man's father was and where he was born.  I think this information may help me learn who the father of Samuel MCBEE b. 1785 SC? of Franklin/Marion Co. TN and Dade Co. GA was leading me to possibly confirm my instincts that Samuel is father of my husband's ancestor Obediah MCBEE b. 1802-1805.  All I know is:      Isham MCBEE married Susanna WILSON b. 28 Aug 1782 York Co., SC (daughter of William WILSON and Anne ?) on 21 Jan 1808, Jackson Co., GA.  and there was an Isham MCBIE in the 1805 GA Land Lottery.
Jean P. McBee matmom@aol.com http://members.aol.com/McBeeNews/index.html

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998    I am looking for any descendents of William Humphrey Cochran who settled in Dekalb  County Ga. in the late 1800's.Thank you. Carol Jo Bishop  cjbishop@marlownet.net


Seeking anyone with information, oral histories, photographs, etc. of town of Kirkwood, Georgia, Dekalb county, incorporated 1899 and annexed by the City of Atlanta in 1921 for National Register nomination project. Any help or contact information would be greatly appreciated. Property records, anecdotal history, family names, anything greatly appreciated. Please e-mail contact info to above address.



Looking for information on Maude Stokely (Newman) born Oct 6 1905 in England Died Oct 1986 according to SS last known residence Atlanta, DeKalb, Ga 30344. She live with her parents and family in Niagara Falls, New York then she married a Stokely and lived in Ga. I would like to find out her husband name and any children. Would also like to contact any one that might had know her or family of the Stokelys. She is my Fathers oldest sister. Please contact me on any information that you can supply me. Thank you Marlene Vaughan   jvmv@bellsouth. net


Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998  Looking for information on SAMUEL THOMAS CLARK b. 1781 Virginia arrived Dekalb county around 1810, married Susan 1809, married Rebecca Masters 1835. I have information on MORRIS, MOORE, of Dekalb county, Thanks, Debbie

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998   Subject: HAYES & BOHANNON

I am searching for info on my HAYES ancestors. We know JOHN FLETCHER HAYES married Selita Jane BOHANNON around 1858 and they were living in DeKalb Co as we have located them on the census for 1870 and 1860. We cannot seem tolocate info on John HAYES parents or. My sister found a grave in Decatur Cemetery which says JOHN HAYES - b.11-2-1751 and d. 6-17-1839. We also think Martha may have been a relative..possibly JOHN Fletcher Hayes' mother. We are stumped. We have also been searching for any confederate soldier records which may show John was in the army. We have found Martha and Selita Jane Hayes' names on a salt ration list. Selita (Selitha) Jane Bohannon was orphaned by Isaiah W.D. Bohannon some time around 1855 because we located a paper assigning a George K Hamilton as her guardian on 6/4 1855. Any info you can give us would be very much appreciated. We can find nothing more than what I have given you. Susan H. Black....email Imaginery1@aol.com


Date: Tue, 03 Mar 1998  Edward L. HOWARD, lived in DeKalb County, Geogia in the late 1790's, then moved to Florida, he is said to have been born in Maryland, his son, Andrew Jackson HOWARD, was listed in a court document, having to deal with property that had been taken. Any descendants of Edward L. HOWARD and his wife Lydia Suzanna SUTTON HOWARD, contact me. Edward L. HOWARD was a seaman, according to family tales, he died while doing shipping to Holland.


Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 Looking for descendants of James RAGAN. The 1870 census of Dekalb Co. has a James RAGAN. Hope that someone can help. Thank you, Linda Ragan Giles

fojo@mindspring.com   Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 

I am researching the Jeremiah HICKS family of Stone Mountain, Ga. In the 1850 census a  Jeremiah HICKS, age 12, was listed in the household of Milly Hicks, age 26. Another Jeremiah HICKS was listed as the head of household on that page as well as a Caly Jane HICKS, age 66, as the head of household in another dwelling. I am assuming that Caly Jane was the grandmother, the head of household Jeremiah was the uncle and the Milly, the mother of my Jeremiah HICKS. He married 1st an unknown Wilson and had Louisa Jane (my great great grandmother), Robert and Cola. His 1st wife apparently died and he remarried in 1868 to Nancy A. Pierce. She later applied for a widow's pension for his service in the Civil War. I do not know when Jeremiah (also known as Jerry and James) died or where he was buried. I think son Robert was buried in the Stone Mountain Village Cemetary. Louisa Jane married Robert Brewer and died in 1928. She is buried in Polk County, Ga. I am really intrigued with this line. Jeremiah had to leave his young children parentless during the Civil War. There must be some very interesting stories about them. Louisa owned property in Polk County (a sawmill) with her father-in-law and was attempting to protect his interest in his property with a handwritten will in the mid-1890's. Anybody know anything? Thanks for any help and interest!    Carole Camp Johnson

SNDE92B@prodigy.com (MRS ROBERT E WALLACE) Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998  Subject: BENNETT

Trying to find information on John BENNETT's family. They were  either from DeKalb, Campbell or Cobb Co. John BENNETT was b. 18 Feb  1799 in GA.

Douglas Swords rdswords@mindspring.com   Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998

I am looking for information on Lewis Swords, who married Sarah Cochran and moved to Dekalb county between 1860-1890. Lewis previous wife was Rebecca Atha, and he is buried with her in the McCullers-Swords cemetary in Walnut Grove, GA. Lewis is my g-g-grandfather. I don't have any information on Sarah Cochran, and I only found out today that he had married her after the death of his first wife. Since I am very new to genealogy, I don't know if this is enough information for you. Anything you might have on James, John, Andrew, Thomas or any other Swords prior to 1850 would help me, as I have lots of individual names but I am not sure how they are linked.


Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998  Seeking information on WILSON L. MCMILLIN (MCMULLEN) who married MARY M. BROWN in this county on September 1853. Any information on either would be appreciated. Sheila McMullen Tindle

JOHN BOLEN JOHNS of DeKalb Co. GA. I'm interested in any information about family of John Bolen JOHNS, who built the Rehoboth Baptist Church in Tucker in mid-1850s. Would also like any info regarding the John B. Johns School which existed about same time.  Joe Hill St. Augustine, FL joehill@aug.com

hbowerman@worldnet.att.net Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 PATTY, WILLIAM LUTHER, born about 1851. Oral Family history says Patty's had a wagon factory in Decatur, GA in the 1870,1880's. Supposed to have killed someone and had to leave Ga. Interested in any Patty family history. Velta (Patty) Bowerman

JeffBram@aol.com Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998   Subject: Parks of DeKalb County (Decatur) I have started looking up my family history in the Parks family. My grandfather, M.L. (Milton Leonard) Parks was born in Dekalb County in 1886. He was a very successful dairyman in the county, starting with CityView Dairy.. He was born October 16, 1886 and died October 24, 1978. Any information on our family would be greatly appreciated. 

DFerna1033@aol.com Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 Subject: STEPHEN COLEMAN HARDY I am trying to find my family on the HARDY side I have been told that before they moved to Troup Co. Ga. that they lived in DeKalb , Ga. I would like to know who STEPHEN COLEMAN HARDY'S parents were STEPHEN married LEVISA SMITH in Troup Co. Dec.30,1835. They had 2 children , JAMES CALVIN HARDY who married MARY A BASS, and SARA ELIZABETH HARDY who married HENRY DREW FLOYD. Please if anyone has any info please E-Mail me Thanks, Dorothy.

fishperson@worldnet.att.net   Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998  Hi, my name is Paula Smith I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas, my great grandmother was Mazia Belle Clark King,she was born in TN.  Her father was Soloman L. Clark he was from TN, but fought in GA during Civil War, left Atlanta but came back after the war and married a sweet southern belle, Minerva Ann Patillo (I think) was her name I have not found anything on this branch yet. Great-great-grand father Soloman Clark moved the family back to TN.  There he is listed in the Humphrey county1870 census with wife Minervia and daughter Louisa age 1,they had a son Robert Henley Clark in Atlanta but he died in infancy.. There other children are as follows: Robert Henley, Louisa,Susan E. 1871-1882, Della L.M.,James Marion Clark, Mattie A. Clark, (Mazia Belle Clark my great-grandmother), Sallie G. Clark, Ida Clark, Monroe Clark, Elmer Clark,and Tera Clark. These are all the Clarks that I know except for the cousins of all my aunts and uncles.The rest of the names besides Clark, are Frame , Ward,Bolerjack, King,Davis.Thompson ,Thurman these are what have found so far, but I only actually knew the Clarks, Frame, Ward and King surnames because I was so young and these are the ones I remember visiting as a child. They come from Missouri, Tennessee, Ga. and NC. if you have any of these please let me know as I would love to find more of my family, seems no one kept records or they got destroyed there are only a few second cousins left, besides my mother and her 2 brothers who are Williams, Cotton surname. Will be glad to share any info with you. Thanks in advance Paula Smith

exeline@erols.com   Date: Sat, 02 May 1998   HARDMAN, Bluford, died in De Kalb Co. August 1849, age 32, b GA. His widow, Martha D., is listed in 1850 p 136. There is a Bluford HARDMAN who was b 20 Aug 1891 in TX, father b GA, mother b AL, who was recorded at 4414 Wood St., Houston, Harris Co. TX, 1920 census, with wife Lou Ella RYAN, b 1892 TX, father b MS. Her mother, Mary D. Ryan was living with them, b c1857 TX, father b TN, mother b GA. I would like to know more about all these individuals and how they connect, esp. any Indian ancestry of Lou Ella. Diane Bender

GOODWIN, GRAY--Interested in working with those who may have these surnames in their Dekalb Co. files. John GOODWIN, who m. Anne or Nancy GRAY, perhaps in Laurens Co., SC, went to KY (Metcalf Co.?) before coming to Dekalb Co. in about the 1820s. He may have been in Gwinnett Co. first. John's children, born between about 1800 and 1825, married folks with these surnames: HEARD, SHARP, JETT, KEMP, KITE, BABB and PAGE. I have more on these marriages but very little about John and Anne. I believe John to be brother/uncle of my direct ancestor, Crafford Goodwin, who went to TN and then MS from SC. Dave Goodwin at dgg@jps.net

Dixie L. Rogers dixierogers@mindspring.com  Date: Wed, 06 May 1998  Subject: Joel C. Adkins/Atkins

I am looking for my 3rd-great grandfather, Joel C. Adkins/Atkins; birth: July 1805. He is listed on the 1850 Dekalb County census along with his wife and children. I am trying to see when he came to Dekalb County?  Could you check any previous census records available to you?


Date: Fri, 08 May 1998  My great-great grandfather was Walter Rossiter Webster of DeKalb County. His home was where the First Baptist Church is currently located, and he is buried in the Old Section of the Decatur Cemetery. His wife was Elika Ann Braselton from Jackson, County. I'm looking for info on Walter, his brother, George and others. Will be happy to exchange info.

Susan Bays  sbays@gte.net    Date: Thu, 21 May 1998  Subject: BARNES/ BUNT

I am looking for any information on James S. BUNT and Caroline BARNES m. 12 Feb. 1854 in DeKalb Cty. Caroline may have been the younger sister of Thomas BARNES.

Looking for living desc. for book in progress. Columbus Cook m. Mary Simpson Robertson in DeKalb Co. 1853. Of five sons, James Monroe (my g-grf) and John Thomas had families. Looking for desc. of John's grandchildren: Julia Abilene Evans (Carl); and Charlie Paul Cook and Martha Hill (7-8 children). Will share your ancestry info. Please contact Lu at Friends and Families UNLimited  ffunl@azmail.net

 Looking for living desc. and info for book in progress - children of James B. Robertson and Martha Nelson of DeKalb Co. James d. 1878, Martha d. 1876, bur. DeKalb Co. Children: James A. m. Harriet LYON; Martha Ann m. Thomas J. LYON; Noel m. Mary CLOTFELTER; Mary m. Columbus COOK (my g-g-grandparents); Nancy m. Joseph JAMES and John BAILEY; Minerva m. Jesse RAGSDALE. William and Benjamin possibly did not marry, killed CSA.   Please contact Lu at Friends and Families Unlimited  ffunl@azmail.net

JQXU15A@prodigy.com  ( BILL D BOYD)

Date: Sat, 30 May 1998  I am looking for information on the family of James Luther Cary KERR.  He was born 1843 NC. Married Celestina Ennis LOFTIN 1878. James   Kerr and family are listed in DeKalb Co., GA for 1900, 1910 and 1920. He died between 1910 and 1920. Celestina died in 1951. Known  children: Laurene b. 1883, Edward b. 1888, Mable b. 1895, Harriett b. 1898. Will be glad to share/trade info with anyone interested in this family. Thanks. Bill Boyd

Looking for desc. of Benita Frances COOK and John L. JONES b. c.1830 .  Children thought to be J.F. (female, may be deceased by 1870?); Sarah J;  Thomas; William; Sallie (can this be Sarah??). John L. Jones probably d. CSA. Benita m2 Jeptha A. LANG b. c. 1832/3 in Henry Co. GA 8 May 1866,  lived DeKalb Co. 1880 census, p. 373, Panthersville. Lang children:  James; Ollie/Ola; Georgia. Lang often misinterpreted as Long. Sallie is age 18 on 1880 census, at home. Benita living 1920. Researching COOK family - need to contact living desc. for book - any info welcome. L. Cook-Edwards at Friends and Families UNLimited ffunl@azmail.net

deltajim@webtv.net  (jimmy johnson) Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 

Hannah AUTRY from Dekalb Cty is listed as having won land in the 1828 Land Lottery. Seeking info on her and AUTRY family.


Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 Subject: Cary P. Woolf My four greats grandfather was named Cary P. WOOLF He was born about 1806 in South Carolina. He was a resident of DEKALB CO., GEORGIA when he drew land in the Georgia Land Lottery of 1827in Troup Co. Would be interested in hearing from anyone researching Cary P. Woolf, or anyone that knows of anything about his family background.


Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998  Searching for parents of JAMES DANIEL MORGAN (circa 1820). James Daniel MORGAN was born in Georgia, possibly in the Oak Grove District of Dekalb Co., Ga. His parents were possibly James and Sarah Morgan, found living near James Daniel and Amanda Morgan in the 1850 Census of Dekalb, Co., Ga. James Daniel Morgan married Amanda _______ circa 1841. Her parents are unknown. Together, James Daniel and Amanda had seven sons and three daughters. They were William A. (circa 1842), John T. (circa 1845), Mary L. (circa 1847), DANIEL HILL MORGAN (29 April 1849 - 24 Jan 1924) my wife's great-grandfather, Andrew Morgan (circa 1852), Silas M. Morgan (circa 1855), Rebecca A. (circa 1859), Vaney (circa 1860), Pinkney (circa 1865), and Noah (circa 1868). Where and when James Daniel and Amanda died is unknown, but probably in the Oak Grove District of Fulton County sometime after 1870. By 1860, the Oak Grove District of Dekalb Co. had become a part of Fulton Co. and was near the present city of Atlanta. James Daniel is found in the 1850 Census of Dekalb Co, the 1860 Census of Fulton Co. and the 1870 Census of Fulton County. Any information would be appreciated. James E. Skelton, 4219 Santa Rita, ElPaso, Texas

Date: Mon, 09 Mar 98  Subject: Powell Cabin @ Stone Mountain State Park

I had the privilege of visiting Stone Mountain State Park a couple of  weeks ago. I had the opportunity to see the Log Cabin that was  supposedly used as a pioneer medical office for Dr. Chapmon Powell in  his early practice in Decatur. Unfortunately, there was very little  information relative to the origins of the cabin. I'm sure this  information must be available somewhere. For example, where was the  cabin when it was removed from Decatur, Ga.? Was this this a previous   residence, perhaps the old homeplace of my g-g-greatgrandfather Naman Hardman. It is documented that Naman Hardman was in Decatur before Dr. Powell and his wife, a sister of Naman, settled there. My ancestor Naman Hardman sold his property in Decatur to Dr. Powell in 1840.

I guess my query would be: The old log cabin used by Dr. Chapman Powell as a Doctor's office is on  display at the Stone Mountain State Park. Does anyone know the exact area from which this cabin was removed before being put on display at Stone Mountain? I am trying to determine the origins of this old log  cabin.  Alfred C. Ellis aceala@auburn.campus.mci.net

mjane@1starnet.com  Date: Tue, 26 May 1998   Subject: Martins 

Wm R Martin-b-1805 in Decatur, GA. Now I don't know if that's city or county or are they both the same? I think he was married there too---to Deliah White or Hamby . I know those last names of Deliah don't even compute; but who knows which it is. I have that they were married maybe in "Newton"? GA. The date was Jun 27, 1828. That's abt the one thing I am sure of right now. I know Wm and Deliah were in Decatur at least 'til 1829. I have that their first son was born there then.


Date: Sat, 9 May 1998  I am researching Grays for my husband. Thanks. Marjorie

Marcus J. Wallace Jr marcusjw@swbell.net     Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998  Subject: George B. and Harriet White

Looking for George B. and Harriett WHITE who were in DeKalb County in 1830. They had two children, Amanda born abt 1826 and Wiley Sanford born 1830. George was 33 years old and Harriett would have been about 23. Do not have Harriett's family name or the date and place of their marriage. He was in Morgan County in 1820, 23 years old and not married so they were probably married about 1825 based on the age of Amanda.  Jim Wallace

Terry Lawson tlawson@technonet.com    Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998  Subject:  DONALDSON

Can you share anything on this family? Terry Lawson

(William) DONALDSON was born about 1788 in SC probably; died before 1840 in DeKalb Co, GA probably. Son of Thomas DONALDSON. He married Sarah REEVE about 1807 in SC probably. They had the following children: Dicie DONALDSON, Netty "Nutty" DONALDSON, Anna DONALDSON (b. 1808), Mary Jane (Polly) DONALDSON (b. APR 11 1809), Abner B DONALDSON (b. NOV 14 1813), Malachi Smith DONALDSON CSA (b. 1824), Silas Harper DONALDSON (b. DEC 30 1825), William James DONALDSON (b. OCT 12 1826).

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 Would like contact with anyone researching Samuel PIGG/PEGG and family of Dekalb Co GA. Samuel married Mildred P. TALLAFERN/TALLAFERO on 22 Dec 1844 in Dekalb Co. In the 1850 census for the county, Samuel is listed as Samuel S. age 40, a merchant, born SC. Mildred is listed as age 28, born SC. An 11 year old child named Mary is in their household. I am trying to find if Samuel is of the Chesterfield Co SC PIGG family that I am researching. If he is really a PEGG, I'd like to know that information. Rhonda Hawkins, hawkins@atlcom.net

Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998  My great-great grandfather, WILSON L. MCMULLEN married MARY M. BROWN on September 22, 1853 in DeKalb County, GA. Does anyone have information on either one of them? Do you know their parents? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sheila McMullen Tindle, STindle675@aol.com

Gary L. Foster  gf146714@iamerica.net   Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998

FOSTER, W.P-Born in Va. and travelled through south eventually ending up in Natchitoches Parish Louisiana (pronounced Nakotish) which later became Winn Parish-Married to Uceba- but maybe not until he reached Miss.

Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 I am looking for a marriage record that a lady was nice enough to give me a couple of years ago but I have since lost. I was told that the record was in a book of GA marriages and I was given a surprise record as well. James F. Bunt married Caroline Barnes on Feb. 12 1854 (I managed to keep that one) but the surprise was that another Barnes girl named Sarah had married another Bunt named Joe or Joseph. I can't find this entry at my FHL and would be most grateful if you could do a look up for me if possible. Patricia Desmond patricia@powernet.net

Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998  Subject: POWER Anyone researching any POWER families or connected to any POWER families in any way in Dekalb and surrounding counties, please email me direct. Carolyn Power Flowers mcpf@juno.com

Laumcdow@aol.com  Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998

Seeking information on Elizabeth Bagwell, 1861-19?? burined in small cemetary at corner of Midvale and LaVista roads in DeKalb Co Ga. Thanks!

george spear gspear@airnet.net Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998  Subject: Lewis W. Spear/Jesse Spear

During the Civil War my gggrandfather, Jesse Spear, owned land in Dekalb County. The story goes that during the Battle of Atlanta, Jesse and his family were forced to flee back to Jasper County, GA, where they also had land. During this same time, Jesse sold land to his eldest son, Lewis W. Spear, who later sold it and moved to Jonesboro. I am searching for the father of Jesse Spear (born around 1802) or any descendents of Lewis W. Spear, who was the brother to my great grandfather, Elbridge Spear. The Spear family property and name appears on a map of the Battle of Atlanta during that time. It was very close to the old railroad depot, and is close to where the cyclorama is now in Atlanta. If you have any connection to the Spears, please contact me. My name is George Spear.

Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998  Subject: BAKER

I'm looking for some help on solving a puzzle.  My grandfather left my father when he was very young.  Per my great uncle, his brother changed his name from Howard Williams to Roy Baker.  It is believed by the family that he married Onie Baker and had one child Roy Baker Jr.  It is also believed that Roy lived in Augusta, Ga. from 1940 to 1945.  He then moved to Altanta.  From there, no one knows. The other day I did a search on Onie Baker against the Social Security Death index and it came up with one who died in DeKalb County, GA.  Her date of death is listed as April 9, 1994.  She was born Dec 28, 1909.   I was wondering if someone can take a look in the local newspapers for anobituary.  I'm hoping the obit references a Son, Roy Baker Jr., and where he currently lives. I know this is asking a lot but I'd like to determine if the stories are true. KEVIN WILLIAMS KWILLI1046@AOL.Com 

Wes Chupp wjchupp@swfla.infi.net  Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998  Subject: CHUPP

Hello, My name is James W. Chupp and my father's family came from Lithonia in the 'Diamond' district. I have visited the Chupp family cemetary and the DeKalb County Historical Society in Decatur.  Also, I am looking for the lineage of Ada Chupp. Her picture is used as a murial in one of the Kroger Groceries. My family goes back through: James Benjamin Chupp jr; James Benjamin Chupp, sr; Dr. Daniel Roscoe Chupp; Jacob Chupp. I can't seem to get back any further but I am trying to tie othe Chupp names together in their lines. Thank you for your assistance! James W. Chupp

Howell Flowers pockets@entercomp.com

Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998  My name is Howell Flower and I reside in Enterprise, AL. I am seeking information on the burial location of my ggranddad Dr. Andrew J. Flowers b. 2 Dec 1833 in Gwinnett Co, GA and died 27 Oct 1881 in Dekalb Co, GA. His married Nancy Caroline Russell. We believe she also died in Dekalb Co, but have no definite proof. Would greatly appreciate someone seeing if they by chance have burial info on either of these two individuals. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Howell

PATSYGENIE@aol.com  Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998

William Claer Spiker was born in Harrison Co. OH the son of Marion W. Spiker and Martha Humphrey. He married Blanche Potter. They had a dance studio in Atlanta called Potter-Spiker Dance Studio. Children: 1. Pierpont P. Spiker born 17 Jun 1902 and died Sep 1977, Atlanta, DeKalb Co. zip 30305,   and married Elizabeth ? born 10 Mar 1901 and died Aug 1992. 2. William Sterling Spiker no info. 3. Deryk P. Spiker born 17 Oct 1916 and died 24 Apr 1988 in Cumming, Forsyth GA. Any info would be appreciated but I'd especially like the death dates of William Claer Spiker and his wife Blanche Potter. Thank you,  Pat Carey, Tulsa, OK

Calvin Ervin Newman ervin@border.net  Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 Subject: Elam/Wise

William Elam listed in 1850 census in DeKalb Co. Wife's maiden name may have been Wise, all we have is Mary. Both born in S.C.Near by residence is George Elam, unknown if kin. any help appreciated. Ervin Newman

Joe Herring herring@aristotle.net    Date: Sun, 28 Jun 98

I have been researching the family Prichard or Pritchard for the last six years. I have traced the family to the 1840 Georgia Census for Dekalb County. I am looking for the husband of Elizabeth Prichard who was listed in 1840 as the head of house. She and her five children were living in the Browning Distict. She was born in South Carolina as was her first son, Robert, born in 1829. I do not know if she and her husband were in Georgia or South Carolina in 1830. In 1850, she is listed as a Hayes, evidently having been widowed again. I have been unable to find either of her husbands. This family migrated to Pulaski County, Arkansas, after the Civil War. Elizabeth and three of her children died in Arkansas, and are buried near where I live. Her youngest son, John, stated on the 1900 Arkansas Census, his father was born in England. I would like to find her first husband, as I think he was the first Prichard in this country. I would appreciate any information or advice you could give me. Thanks. Joe Herring 4 Fox Run Dr., Little Rock, AR 72209

OCTK@aol.com    Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998

I am looking for Abel WINNINGHAM and son Michael. They lived in DeKalb Co., GA. Michael is listed in Stone Mountain in 1850, 1860, 1870 Census of DeKalb Co., Michael had Oliver, Caroline, Francis, J.T., and probably others J.T. had a Charles T. born 1855. Oliver had Laura, Charles, Euphronia.   I have info on Abel but need more verification on these families.  Thanks, Shawn GRAY

Barbara Parker  barpar@lcc.net   Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998

I am looking for info regarding my paternal great-grandfather who was William C. Parker, born in or near Decatur, GA on Oct. 4, l833; married Amada W. Parker who was born Oct 21, l838. William C. Parker served in some capacity of the CSA. He died in Franklin county Arkansas on July 10, l910, his wife died in same area on May 27, l925. Both are buried in Flygap Cemetary, north of Cass, Ark. in Franklin county. Their son, John Elisha Parker, was born July 24, l867, in Atlanta, GA. He too is buried in the same place after dying on July16, l953. If anyone has info about these people I would appreciate hearing from you at my e-mail; tratxho@lcc.net   Thank you very much!!!!!

David_G._Wade@notes.up.com   Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998

Subject: Henry and/or Carlton (a/k/a "Carrolton") WOOLF/WOLF/WOLFE, Rebecca BRUCE and Elvira T. WHITLOCK

I am searching for information on Henry WOOLF, his wife Rebecca BRUCE, their son, Carlton WOOLF and his wife, Elvira T. WHITLOCK. It is my understanding that these people lived near and were possibly related to Cary P. Woolf of DeKalb County. They came to DeKalb County in the mid-1820's from Greenville, South Carolina. Rebecca, Carlton and Elvira then moved to Benton/ Calhoun County, Alabama by 1840 (based on the 1840 U.S. Census). It is possible that Henry Woolf died while living in DeKalb County. His whereabouts after leaving Greenville are rather vague. If anyone knows anything about the Woolf family in Georgia, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I have little to no information myself other than what is written above.

rick headrick rhead1@bellsouth.net  Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998

I am seeking info on Jeremiah Gilford HICKS or HIX. He lived in Stone Mnt and is listed  on the 1850 Census. He served by his own account in Cobb's Legion, joined in Atlanta in March 1862 was captured near Front Royal VA and was in Elmira POW camp at "the time of  surrender". He returned to his wife Mary Ann STEWARD and their children James, Elijah B, John Marion, MIldred Ann, Jeremiah Zollicoffer, Charles E.L., Fitchen, Mary Elizabeth and Laura Angia. Mary Ann died after the birth of Laura and Jeremiah Gilford HICKS remarried  to Mary's sister Elijah Ann STEWARD KELLY. They left Stone Mnt. and went to Jackson &   Dekalb Co., Alabama.All the children left with them except for his oldest son James W.  HICKS who had married Edna BUSE.This is the last record we have of them and I would love  to hear from anyone who might be related to the HICKS or BUSE, or might have info on any children from this marriage.  thanks, Sarah.

Rebecca Richie richie_r@popmail.firn.edu   Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998

Michael MCAVOY-- in Dekalb Co. census in 1840, he and wife Mary G. in Dekalb Co.court records, 1847, Gwinnett Co. census, 1850. In 1860, he is in his son's household in Lowndes Co., MS, age 66. Wife returned to Wilkes Co. alone. No more records we can find, but family lore says he is buried in STONE MOUNTAIN. Before Dekalb, he was in Wilkes Co., where in 1832 he participated in the Gold Lottery--he had 2 draws worth 160 acres each. I don't understand why he would leave Wilkes Co. right after that--or was the Lottery for land in DEKALB? Any help greatly appreciated.--Rebecca

MRTOTEM@aol.com   Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998  Subject: James Alfred Fountain

Looking for information on Mr. Fountain born in the Atlanta area (we don't know the county) on 8/25/1855. We are searching for his father's name, or a way to search his family in the absence of more information. We placed James Alfred in the 1920 census in Texas, but there was no listing of his father or mother. Only that his (James Alfred) birthplace was Georgia, USA. Family sources say that it was in Atlanta. We welcome any suggestions as to where we could, or should, search next. We know there were no vitals kept in Ga before 1920. Sincerely, Al Fountain.

Charlotte Davis CharEchols@AOL.Com   Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998  Subject: [D-S] Echols of Georgia

I am still searching for any information on the Echols family who lived in DeKalb and later Fulton County, Georgia. My grandfather was Teague G. Echols b .1855 in Atlanta, Ga., married to Georgia Karr b 1859. I need to know anything I can get about Teague G.'s father and mother. Any info will be very much appreciated. CharEchols

STindle675@aol.com Date: Sun, 2 Aug 1998    MCMULLEN

Seeking information on W. L. McMullen who married Sally M. Brown September 22, 1853. Sheila McMullen Tindle

PACorliss@aol.com Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998

While researching information concerning my CONNER family, a reference was made to a book called "Longpondium" by Sid Johnson, a DeKalb Co GA Attorney which includes a copy of a two year diary written by Wilson Conner b. 1768 [my gggGrandfather] during his traveling preaching days...would you happen to know where a copy of this book might be located or who I might contact concerning same. Thanx for your time and effort concerning this inquiry! Peg Conner Corliss

Lillian Decker ldecker@quix.net   Date: Sun, 2 Aug 1998 Subject: FLEMING

Robert N. Fleming married Mary Morris 1 Dec. 1832 in Fayette Co., GA. On 20 Feb. 1831, Robert N. Fleming married Monica Dees, Henry Co., GA. Does anyone know if this is the same man? Robert N. Fleming settled in Atlanta, GA, which may have been in DeKalb Co. at that time. Worked as a carpenter and died in 1876. Buried at Oakland Cenetery, Atlanta, GA. Thanks for any help. Lillian

Evgrn@aol.com   Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998

There was a Wiley Smith married to a henniretta in Dekalb in 1910 Census their family intermarried with Berryhill, Lively families if you locate any scrap in that direction I would be grateful. Thanks.

JIM COOK, JR. jcook@ocsonline.com   Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998  Subject: Cook family in Dekalb County GA

I have been trying to trace the Cook side of my family ever since my son was born 15 years ago...I am the only Cook grandson we know of...(unless my grandfather's brothers had grandson's)...so my son may be the only one to carry on the family name... From reading old family bible...and using my Family Tree Maker...I found about a year ago that my great-great grandfather, David Adams Cook married Nancy Williams Collier in Decatur GA July 24, 1851...her father was from North Carolina...her mother from Decatur...have traced her family several generations... in fact I have traced every branch of my family pretty well...except for the Cook side... (Hurt Park in Atlanta is named for a relative on my mother's side...she was a Hurt...)

From David Adams Cook's son's obituary in the ATLANTA GEORGIAN in 1903...it says he was the son of Major David Adams Cook...which to me indicates that David may have been in the civil war...it does not indicate if David Cook was still alive at that time... It is frustrating to trace everyone but the Cook branch...I have the census page of 1860 showing the household was in Decatur when David Adams Cook was 29...Nancy was 28...and my great-grandfather was 6... if I could get some old Atlanta newspapers around the turn of the century I believe I would find David Adams Cook's obituary...are any available on microfilm? I do not know if the Cook family was in Decatur for several generations or not... David Adams Cook's grandson, David Otis Cook (my grandfather) married Augusta Mae Pounds from Stone Mountain...I have traced the Pounds a few generations... Would appreciate any information you might have on Cook family in Decatur... Would Dekalb Library have any information?Jim Cook, Jr. Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia

Cwoods923@aol.com Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 Subject: SCOTT

I am seeking information on the family of James C. SCOTT who was living in DeKalb Cty in 1850. Wife was Temperance and children shown on Census were: June C.; Nancy E.; James D.; Toliver R.; Renly N. plus one unnamed child. I believe the Renly N. MORRIS family living nearby and a Joseph SCOTT living in the Anderson District are related. Any information appreciated.

S. J. Hardman ethelia@alltel.net   Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998  Subject: Miss Adelaide Everhart, Decatur Artist

Miss Adelaide Everhart was an artist in Decatur for about seventy years. She died there between 1944 and 1959. I have much information on this interesting lady, but find that I do not have her birthdate or her death date. I need both. I expect this information is in the new history of Dekalb county. I do not have a copy of this work. If you can help me, I shall be very grateful. Yours sincerely, Samuel J. Hardman, Commerce, Georgia.

eric moseyx2@ccnn.net  Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998  Subject: Adoptee in search of. . .

My name is Eric Moseman. I was born in Dekalb County Hospital on November 21, 1966. I was adopted at birth, and I am looking to perhaps find out about my birthparents. The only thing I know about is my birth mother. Her maiden name is Beth Novak, and she was from Blue Ridge, Georgia. I came across your database on the web, and I thought that maybe you might be able to help me. Please let me know if you would be able to help in this matter. Sincerely, Eric D. Moseman

Cwoods923@aol.com  Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998   Subject: SCOTT

I am seeking information on the family of James C. SCOTT who was living in DeKalb Cty in 1850. Wife was Temperance and children shown on Census were: June C.; Nancy E.; James D.; Toliver R.; Renly N. plus one unnamed child. I believe the Renly N. MORRIS family living nearby and a Joseph SCOTT living in the Anderson District are related. Any information appreciated.

Herbert A. Good p11zp368@goldrush.com   Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998

Looking for parents and birth place of: KERLIN, Ellie b. 27 Nov 1905, d. 3 Aug 1988, Last known residence, Atlanta, DeKalb Co, GA 30308 m. George Berry Moore abt 1937(?)  Herbert A. Good, P.O. Box 816, San Andreas, Ca 95249-0816

Clint Miller clint50@flash.net   Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998

I am searching for info and the parents of John G. Miller. Born in GA (I think) Nov. 13, 1828. Died Jan 24, 1891. Married to Ollie J. Miller. They had a son William G. Miller Sept 27, 1854. William G's census info states he was born in Ala. All later moved to the Stone Mountain area. John G Miller and William G. Miller are buried in the Stone Mountain Cemetery.

I have some 1900 & 1880 census info on William G. Miller. He married Katie E. Winningham, daughter of Oliver & Jo Anna Winningham. William G. had the following

i. John Glosson Miller Sr (Twin) firefighter for Atlanta, Born Jan 28, 1893 Died May 30, 1982

ii. Fred Miller; 07-28-1889 08-30-1975(I think owned the store in Stn Mtn on main street)

iii. O.W.(John's twin) Miller (Twin); Born Jan 28, 1893. Died 1893.

iv. Bertie (Woody) Miller; Born Mar 12, 1871.

v. Willie Miller; Born Jan 28, 1880. Died Aug 16, 1881.

Chrisanje@aol.com  Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998   Subject: Tanner Family

Can someone  tell me when -- days and hours -- the DeKalb Co. Historical Society is open? What I need to find out - and thought I would probably need to go there to find this information is: where is Lot 136, 16 District of original Henry Co., now DeKalb Co. There is a legal which appeared in the May 4, 1841 issue Federal Union referring to land to be sold by Sheriff to satisfy a fifa in favor of Nathan Bartlett vs. Jefferson Tanner and Elizabeth Tanner. Joel Jefferson Tanner b. 1810 is my grandfather. There is an Elizabeth Tanner listed on 1840 Census Dekalb Co. Don't know what the relationship is. Searching for parents/siblings of Jefferson Tanner.  Mary Tanner Parker, Rome, GA

DAdams7325@aol.com   Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998

Hi Hope you could shed some light on Joseph Eason born abt 1848-50 GA. On the 1850 census but not on index. Is Joseph Eason living with David D. Smith. he is 2 years old. which is right for me. Orphan"s court may have something on his parents. Any info on this Eason would sure help me. Have a pleasent day. Don in La

where@swbell.net  Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998

I am looking up the Yancys of Ga and found that James was in this co in 1830 Do you know what other records for this co are on line or accessiable short of making a trip to GA i am looking for Steven James and his wife Mary Polly their father Ezekeil and I believe sanford who either his brother or a son We cannor find out where Mary "polly" is buried but we keep looking for the trail of all the moves  Thank you so very much You are very knd to assist people in their quest.  Ga is beautiful and so are their people donna sorry for my klutzy typing!

Pittard@home.com Date: Wed. 12 Aug. 1998

Researching PITTARD and SHEPPARD in DeKalb Co.  Both families are in Stone Mountain and along the DeKalb/Gwinnett County lines for at least 150 years.  I have a lot on both families, and look forward to hearing from anyone about these or collateral families.  Please visit my website at:   http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/3387   for links to these and other families in my nearly 10,000 person database!    Anne C. Bowden, Box 462666, Escondido CA 92046

Mr. & Mrs. Townsley townsley@alaska.net  Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998

My name is Rubye Townsley and I am up against a "stone wall" in my research of my mothers family. Perhaps you could tell me where to look. The 1910 DeKalb County census lists the family: Elisha L. Jordan, 45, wife Annie (Richards) Jordan, 33, and children Olive G, 8, and Myrtle B., 3. Myrtle was my mother and Elisha my grandfather. While in DeKalb County, Olive G. was burned to death (probably about 1912). Also a son, Elijah died at the age of 2. Also, the mother, Annie, died while in DeKalb County before 1914. Any ideas on sources I might try would be greatly appreciated. (The Richards were easy to trace, but not the Jordans - pronounced Jurdin)    Rubye

Keith L. Henderson  klhenderson@mindspring.com  Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998

WILSON, WOOD, HUMPHRIES, MCMURTREY I am researching the descendants of William C. WILSON, b. c1781 S.C.; d. after 1860 Fulton Co., GA, m. c1816, Elizabeth ?WOOD, b. c1791 S.C., d. after 1860 Fulton Co., GA. William was listed in the 1830 census for Pike Co., GA, and by 1840 he had settled in Cross Keys, Dekalb Co., GA, and by 1860 was at Oak Grove, Fulton Co., GA. Children: Penial W., b. 1818 S.C.; Augustua A., b. 1823, m. 8-24-1843 Dekalb Co., GA, Mary HUMPHRIES; Anderson, b. 1826, m. 9-14-1847 Dekalk Co., GA, Tabitha Jane ???; Lucy, b. 1827; Levi, b. 1832, m. 12-23-1858 Fulton Co., GA, Rebecca Elizabeth McMURTREY; and Thomas WILSON, b. 1835 GA. Thank You.

Virginia Allen vallen@1starnet.com   Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998

Subject: King's I am searching for info on Thomas W King b May 23, 1825 d. Sept 25, married to Susannah E Fowler b. Oct 19, 1828, d Aug 15 in Bennington Okla. There was a daughter Elizabeth King b. June 23, 1850 in Atlanta Georgia D. 2-11. 1939 in Bennington Okla. Elizabeth King was married on July 03, 1881, in Fort Smith Ark to Ralph F. Hill. We know that they followed the westward movement by river travel as opposed to the covered wagon trains by land On the rivers that had "BullBoats" Pirogues and later the Keel Boats, Flat Boats, Flat Boats and Steam Boats. Thomas King chose the big flat boat and loaded family and belongings aboard. They traveled up the Mighty Mississippi river on into the much traveled Arkansas. They unloaded at Fort Smith, where they came ashore to find a permanent home. Fort Smith was an important place in the history of Oklahoma . Except for one year it was abandoned as a military post from 1824-1838, though even during that time it was a well known trading center. Ralph Hill and Elizabeth King marriage certificate in Fort Smith list them both as being from the County of Skulleyville and Choctaw Nation. We do not think they were Indian but involved in the trading. There were other children born to the Kings in Okla. however some remember Susannah saying her family was from England. I would appreciate any help that you might give me or directions that I might take in finding info on the Thomas W King, Susannah E Fowler or esp Elizabeth King since we know that she was born in Atlanta.

todd palmer tpalmer266@jcn1.com   Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998  I am trying to locate the parents of David Hudson born 3/4/1820 in dekalb county Ga, Do you have any resources to locate this info? thank you

Hulsey woodmoor@inreach.com   Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 Subject: Hulsey Cemetery..??

Hello! Do you have any information on a Hulsey Cemetery in DeKalb Co. GA? Or do you know where I can write to obtain a list of those buried there? Any help would be greatly appreciated seeing as I cannot find any mention of it on the internet! Thank you very much!!! Stacy M. Hulsey

Mon, 17 Aug 1998  Patrick Edmondson MysterE@concentric.net 

I am seeking information on my parents Bettie Harrison Edmondson born 1922 in Buckhead, Ga raised in Decatur, Tom Edmondson born 1921 Decatur and grandparents: Clark Harrison died 1958 in Dekalb Co.,  Ima Harrison died 1982 in Dekalb Co.,  L.H. Edmondson died Sept. 4, 1964. Buried Decatur, Louise Edmondson died May 28, 1952 in Decatur.

Janice Williams gennut@mail.sage.net   Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998

 I am seeking information on the ancestors and siblings of Robert Bowie WADSWORTH (1857 GA - 1918 TX). According to a family member, his mother's maiden name was BOWIE. I think I have found his parents and grandparents in the 1850 and 1860 GA censuses. In the 1850 DeKalb Co., GA census, there is a houshold headed by Walter WADSWORTH (49 CT?), with wife Nancy (52 SC) and son? William (20 GA). Also in DeKalb Co. is a household headed by Jane E. BOWIE (40 SC), with daughter? R. (18 SC)--who could be Rosa of the 1860 census--as well as three younger children. In the 1860 Cobb Co., GA census, there is a household headed by W. L. WADSWORTH (32 GA?), with wife Rosa (28 SC) and son R. B. (3 GA), as well as four other children. Does anyone have information that can verify these are the people I'm trying to find? Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your help, Janice Bullock Williams, Temple, TX


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