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 Mon, 9 Jun 1997  Subject: GOBER/HARRIS FAMILY DEKALB CO., GA

On 14 Apr 1806 FRANKLIN CO., GA,  Starling/Sterling HARRIS marr ELIZABETH GOBER.  Would like to learn the names of their children.  They are in DeKalb Co., GA Fed. Cen in 1830 & 1840 and appear to have had 5 boys and 3 girls. Do not find them in 1850.  Any help will be appreciated. (This is not a current e-mail address, mail was returned from it.)  Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997
I believe I am in the right county. Let me know if I'm in the wrong county. Sebell Dickens married a Tims in Tucker, Georgia. No one knows her husbands name. If you are able to do a marriage records index search on Sebell Dickens I  would really appreciate it.

Am wishing contact with descendants of John B. and Priscilla Smith Keyes descendants.  John was a son of Charles Keyes (various spellings) who died 1847 Newton Co., GA.  John's mother, Catherine, resided 1840-50 DeKalb Co., GA census, as did John and Priscilla Keyes.  Will share information on the Keyes family.  B. Harrell

Subj:    BAKER, ONIE Date:    97-06-14  From:

I'm looking for some help on solving a puzzle.  My grandfather left my father when he was very young.  Per my great uncle, his brother changed his name from Howard Williams to Roy Baker.  It is believed by the family that he married Onie Baker and had one child Roy Baker Jr.  It is also believed that Roy lived in Augusta, Ga. from 1940 to 1945.  He then moved to Altanta.  From  there, no one knows.

The other day I did a search on Onie Baker against the Social Security Death index and it came up with one who died in DeKalb County, GA.  Her date of death is listed as April 9, 1994.  She was born Dec 28, 1909.   I was wondering if someone can take a look in the local newspapers for an obituary.  I'm hoping the obit references a Son, Roy Baker Jr., and where he currently

Also, I was hoping that there is an old County or town phone directory during the 50's and 60's to see if a Roy and Onie Baker lived there.   I know this is asking a lot but I'd like to determine if the stories are true.

Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997   Subject: Payne

I am seeking any information on Moses PAYNE found on the DeKalb County Census 1950 in the Stones district. Where in the county is/was the Stones district? Can anyone connect this Moses PAYNE to any of the Franklin County Payne families? Any help would be welcome.  Wally Smith Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997  Subject: CHESLEY HUGHES
CHESLEY HUGHES d. Atlanta Ga, sometime in the mid 1800s. He is said to have been over 100 when he died.  Looking for marriage of  Green/Greenberry  MARLOW about 1860 & Elus MARLOW about 1870

I am looking for info on WILLIAM A. & CYNTHIA WILSON who was listed DeKalb Co in the 1860 census.
Wilson, William A. 45 GA
Syntha      41 GA
Robert A.  11 Ga in 1850, gone by this time.
John           9 GA in 1850, gone by this time.
Aaron I.    16 GA
Benjamin  F.  13 GA married by this time. Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997   Subject: Weavers & Blakeneys

I was told John Weaver & his wife Mary Blakeney,daughter of Capt. John Blakeney of Chesterfield Co.S.C. moved to Georgia sometime in the late 1700 or early 1800.I have no idea where in Georgia but they had one daughter, they were attacked by the Indians ,John & Mary were killed their daughter was scalped but survived & later went to Tenn. I was told there are some Blakeneys living in Stone Mt.  I wrote but got no reply . Any one with any knowledge of these people please help me. Thanks   Kathleen Clark Sullivan Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997
My great-grandmother (Malinda C. Rawlings, daughter of Nathan Newton Rawlings of Tennessee) was born to Malinda P. Collier Rawlings, daughter of Merrill and Elizabeth Collier, of the Panthersville district of Dekalb Co. Apparently Malinda Collier died either at the birth of my great-grandmother or shortly thereafter, around 1856.  I am trying to figure out where Malinda P. Collier Rawlings was buried.  Through the Atlanta historical society I was able to ascertain that Merrill and Elizabeth Collier were   buried in the late 1850's at the Wesley Chapel Churchyard on Wesley Chapel Rd. in Dekalb Co., but I can't figure out where Malinda P. Collier Rawlings is buried, when she died, her exact birth date, or what happened to Nathan Newton Rawlings since he doesn't show up in any census that I can find for 1860 or 1870 or 1880 in Georgia or Tennessee.  Malinda C. Rawlings was  raised by her uncle Philip T. Rawlings, and he mentions her in his will in the 1870's.

I was hoping that you might give me a clue as to where to start looking, or publications on Dekalb Co. information which could help.  The Rhea Co. Tenn. Historical Society has lots of info to purchase to help in the search, but I am not certain where to start with Dekalb Co.

I am searching a James COOK line which begins in TN, migrates to Fulton County GA, and then comes back to TN into Hamilton County (Chattanooga). I have no idea yet how the line originally got into TN. I have been trying to search in TN  around 1813, and have been looking in DeKalb and Campbell Counties GA. prior to 1853, as well as Fulton County, GA. after 1853.  Here's what I have so far.   From the 1850 DeKalb County, GA. census index:
CK-45, Cross Keys District:
COOK, James     37   POB:TN DOB:ca 1813 (my g-g-gfather)
      Martha    35              ca 1815
      Gracy M.  13              ca 1837
      John B.   11              ca 1839
      William M. 8              ca 1842
 ** David R.   6                 1844 (my g-gfather)
      James R.   1              ca 1949


Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997
My ggf, George Hampton THORNHILL, was born in Decatur, Dekalb Co., GA  Dec 10, 1851.  His mother was Martha Elizabeth THORNHILL, who was unmarried. She returned to Walton Co., GA and married Seaborn ANGLIN  July 1960.  George H. THORNHILL became a Baptist minister and pastored  many churches in the area, including Walton, Hall, Gwinnett Co. I welcome the opportunity to exchange info on this family. Shirley BRADFORD Brown

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 Am looking for info on ancestors and descendants of Fannin BROWN, d. 1852 DeKalb Co and William A. and Cynthia Wilson, Newton Co 1850 and DeKalb Co 1860.
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 Hello, My name is Paula Sue SUTTLES PARTRIGE. I am looking for info on my  husband's lineage. His great-grandfather was James Henry George b.11-13-1834 in Stone Mountain,GA. His first wife was Irena BUSH. I think he married her before relocating to Ouachita Pa, LA. James Henry GEORGE's father name may have been Caleb (this might have been his brother). If you can help with any info, it would be greatly appreciated.

My Great Great Uncle, Richard GILBERT, moved to Dekalb Co. from Cobb Co. and lived there until his death. Don't know the year - he came to this country from England in about 1844-46. My guess would be sometime between 1848-1860. Have info on his family back to about 1725 in England. He and his brother, Charles GILBERT (my great grandfathter) came over from Manchester. They landed in a South Carolina port and lived there for about one year before coming to Ga. Thanks for any help. Judy,

Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997
I am searching for information on the KNIGHT family. I know that my G-G-G-grandfathers given name was Thomas Knight, he was born November 1830 near Stone Mountain, Dekalb Co., Georgia, and he married Mary Elizabeth Poor in 1853. I found his name in the 1850 census (Decatur District). I also found Nathaniel Knight (Stone District-maybe a relative?). I do not know parents or siblings names, but Joseph Knight, Aaron Knight, and Matthew Knight are listed in the 1830 census. I am stuck and can't seem to find anything else. Please help. E-mail me at Thank you, Dana Knight Cleghorn Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997  Subject: HARRIS
Am trying to locate any descendants of Sterling/Starling and Elizabeth (GOBER) HARRIS.  Sterling and Elizabeth marr in Franklin Co., GA on 14 Mar 1806.  They are in DeKalb Co, GA in 1830 and 1840 and appear to have 5 boy and three girls.  Cannot locate any of this past 1840.  Any help will be appreciated. Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997
ADAMS family, especially interested in locating some of the ADAMS' family of Tucker, GA.  My ancestor, Absalom ADAMS b 1807 m Sarah BROOKS lived in Coweta Co in 1840.  Trying to find siblings and parents for both.  Keep running into these names as possible connections: Jesse, William, Isham, Samuel and James ADAMS.  Appreciate any information and be happy  to exchange. Postal address is: Loudene Kirk Tollar, 12905 Woodforest#701, Houston, TX 77015 or e-mail.  Will answer all.

Wed, 10 Sep 1997 I'm trying to verify the existance of Lizzie LANIER, daughter of Lewis Rowland LANIER.  One of her sisters was Talullah A. LANIER, b. April 1857, who married William Richard OSBORNE on  October 2, 1881, I believe at Stone Mountain.  They later moved to Seneca, SC.  I have found no record of Lizzie other than some old post cards she sent to Talullah in 1914 era from Stone Mountain.  She married someone named MULLINIX and had at least two daughters, Pauline and Bessie.   Ross Jones

Sun, 14 Sep 1997 I am seeking others who descend from George ELLIOTT "Pioneer Settler of  Atlanta" (according to the book).  George was born 1795 in Wilkes Co GA and married Susan A. MARTIN (1805).  They were in Dekalb Co in 1840 and  1850 with their family.  It is thought they died c1870 in a part of  Fulton Co that was once DeKalb.  Their children (13) are: Henry, Edmund,  Marshall Milton, Lucinda Ann (mine), Charles Wesley, Wm. Hubbard, Hopson H., Jesse H, Irvin J, Narcissa C, Nancy E.L., Walter and Euell.  Rhonda Hawkins

Seeking cousins and info on William Madison WOODALL who married Lucinda Ann ELLIOTT 11 Sept 1845 in DeKalb Co GA.  In 1850 they were living in  Dekalb, but by 1860 they had moved their growing family to Paulding Co  Ga.  I believe that William is the oldest son of Joseph and Henrietta HARBIN WOODALL who are in Campbell Co GA in 1850, but I haven't yet been  able to prove William's parentage.  Any help, cousins, appreciated.  Rhonda Hawkins

        I am requesting information which I have not had any success obtaining up to this point.  I am the great nephew of William LaGrange Goodwin, Sr. who was a descendant of Robert Goodwin.  Robert was married to a woman named Peggy.  Robert and Peggy were descendants of slaves in DeKalb, County.  As far as I know, he was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 24,1882.  He married Sally Freeman who came from a family who were native Atlantans.  We are of African ancestry which may explain my difficulty in finding this information up to this point.
        Another piece of information that may be helpful to you is that William Goodwin, Sr. attended a college in the 1920's in what may be now considered a part of Atlanta University (e.g. Morris Brown or Clark).
        Any help or information you can provide in assisting me in my search would  be appreciated.  If there is information that must be sent regular mail,   please send to Ronald Goodwin, c/o Sharon Barry (great-great niece) at  12609 Quoting Poet Court, Bowie, Maryland  20720. (no e-mail address)
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 Looking for information on McCONNELL, Oswald Grady (b.3-25-1890 d. 8-1937) and his father Jonnie and mother Annie Lou TEET; McGAHEE, Grace Elvira (b.7-23-1896 d. 10-1982) , her father John and her mother Ida JOHNSTON. These are my mother's parents and grandparents respectively. My mother was Mary Louise McConnell McMickle (b. 9-4-24 d. 7-4-1984).  I have the names of the other 8 children in my mothers family, dates of birth and some dates of death.  I was always told that my grandfather Oswald Grady was a private security officer for Avondale Estates at the time of his death.   Pat Davis

The 1850 census for DeKalb County,GA lists the CLARK family as follows: WILLIAM H.CLARK b1805 VA,ALICE CLARK b1812 GA, JULIA KIRBY B1825 GA,  ELIJAH W. CLARK B1836 GA, SARAH J.CLARK B1843 GA, ALICE E.CLARK B1848  GA, and ALBERTA. CLARK, B1849 GA. I have reason to believe this Sarah Clark is my gr-gr-grandmother. If anyone has further information about this family I would like to hear from them. Sarah  Clark in 1860 in Talladega County,AL married William Meredith Ponder. He  was born in GA too in 1844. He fought in a Confederate unit in the Civil  War and after the war they "high-tailed" it out of there and went to southwestern an ox-wagon. She died in Pike County AR in 1882.   Thanks, Boice Burns This is not a current address, left here for information)

 Tue, 14 Oct 1997 MARLOW, Elus J.
Elus J. Marlow born about 1844 in NC is mentioned in the 1870 DeKalb Co census, Stone Mountain District. I would like to know anything more about this family.

 Sun, 19 Oct 1997 01:46:07 -0500
The Rev. James MANGUM and his wife Mary Elizabeth KNIGHT with several  children moved to the Fulton/DeKalb county area in the late 1810's or early 1820's. Rev. MANGUM was a co-founder of the Mt Zion Baptist Church of Atlanta. Was  a farmer and developed the Mangum apple. Their children were:1)Nathaniel W. MANGUM  who married Mary S. Leek CONNALLY in 1833. 2)Aaron Samuel  MANGUM who left with the Georgia Battalion under Col. Ward to serve with  Fannin's command in the War for Texas Independance. He married Lenora Sweeney  in 1837. 3)Robert E. MANGUM married Harriett W. HILL in 1846. 4)Rachael MANGUM married William C. DANIEL. 5)Esther Ann MANGUM was a teacher  and as far as I know never married. 6)Dr. James Benson MANGUM  married Louisa Adaline "Addie" GASTON in Arkansas in 1859 or 1860. There may have  been other children. I am looking for any descendants of Rev. MANGUM. One of his grandsons was Wheeler MANGUM, Sherrif of Fulton Co. in 1900. I am  a descendant of Dr. James B. MANGUM and would like to contact descendants.  Jack L. Green  Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997
I am searching for any information on the Silas TANNER (born 1808 Georgia) family of Panthersville, DeKalb Co., Georgia.  Family appears on 1840, 1850,1860, 1870, 1880 DeKalb Co., Georgia.  Will be glad to exchange information. Christopher G. Tanner 2348 Sunderland Rd. Maitland, FL 32751

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997  I am looking for my great-great grandparents ADLINE MANN, who was born abt. 1820 in DeKalb County,Ga.  She married OWEN JENKINS  abt. 1850 in Lowndes County, Ga.  They had six children.
The family moved to Robertson County, Texas and after the civil war, they settled in Montgomery County, Texas. I would appreciate any help that you may offer.
Gerrie Jones Dickens P.O.Box 70051 Houston, Texas 77270  713-680-1938 fax Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997  HENRY  I am looking for Milton B. HENRY who was born in DeKalb Co. 12 Dec. 1814 and died in MS 26 Jan. 1895.  He married Eliza Wood  (1828-1906).  I believe she was from Cedartown (Polk Co) GA.   I am  interested in finding the parents of Milton.  Janet Krohn
Jeffrey CROWLEY was born. c. 1710 in Northern Ireland and died in 1762 in Atrum Parish, Halifax Co., VA. His wife was Martha (?Who). They had a son Samuel and a son was Benjamin Crowley b. 1730 in England (where?) died 1817 in Lexington, GA.  He married Sara (who ?) in Orange Co., VA in 1756.  Their children were Benjamin, Archibald, Samuel, Spencer, Betsy, Polly, Charles, William, Abraham, Love and a daughter who married Mr. Wilks and a son James M. Crowley b. 1777 in Pittsylvania Co., VA married Dorcas SMITH b. 1778 NC in Oglethorpe Co., GA on 2 2 1799. they are buried in Dekalb Co., GA.  Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997
Seeking information of the Elizabeth CASH family. Believed to be the Elizabeth ADCOCK who married 1819 in Orange County, NC, Byrant CASH. Apparently Byrant CASH died before the 1840 census of DeKalb as Elizabeth CASH shown as head of household.  I would very much like to correspond with anyone having knowledge of this family.

Looking for info on the family of John and Irena Jane ELAM, who were living in Lithonia, DeKalb Co. GA during the 1840s.  They moved to Carroll Co. GA by 1850, but my ancestor Wiley Cumbia ELAM was supposedly born in Lithonia in 1847.  I would love to find out his birthdate and proof that he was born in Lithonia, and his mother's maiden name.  I appreciate any help I can get, and I'm willing to reimburse expenses if somebody can supply me with cites for Wiley's birth.  Thanks.   Vickie Elam White

I am searching for information on John Parish who was born 1822 in Georgia (I believe Dekalb Co.). There he married Levica Louisa Ramsey and then migrated to Mississippi with the Ramseys. Any help will be appreciated.   Thanks,  Rich Parish

Looking for information on Joseph Griffin CARROUTH. Supposedly moved to DeKalb Co. sometime after 1900.
Looking for information on WILLIAM F EIDSON b: abt 1890 and wife GEORGIA M. ADAMS b: Jan 1893.
Looking for information on Francis M. Adams b: Feb 1850 and wife Nancy b: Mar 1851. Living DeKalb Co., 1920's.
Looking for information on BENJAMIN ISHAM COILE, b: Oct 1889 and wife Nancy b:abt 1891.
Thanks  Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997
I would like to know if anyone has info on the Reagin Family lineage from Lithonia, GA. I was told they came over with the Oglethorpe Party in the 1700's. My Grandfathers name was George Washinton Reagin.  Any leads would be appreciated. Best Regards,  Doug Reagin  Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997    Subject: Charles or Rachel VARNER
As you can see, I am a long way away. I am looking for information on Charles VARNER, listed in 1830 Federal Census in DeKalb county, born ca 1785 and presumed to have died in 1830's. No further record in censuses, but a Rachel VARNER is listed in Cobb County in 1850, presumed to be his widow. Any information on these two would be most helpful.

I have a host of information on my data base which is connected to the  following DeKalb-Gwinnett County, GA, families: JONES, CARROLL, LEMON,  LEMMONS, LIVELY. If anyone who has connections to these families and would like me to  check my data base for information on these (or other surnames), I'll be  glad to assist. John (Johnny) Carrol Jones

I am looking for more info on ECHOLS and NORTON families. Both are in 1850 census. My ggggrandfather was Joseph Milner ECHOLS and Silas Mercer NORTON was my gggggrandfather. I am looking for more info on Louisiana Arkansas  ECHOLS born in DeKalb Co in 1849. She was dtr of Jos.ECHOLS and Virginia Agee NORTON. She married Wm. BUSHONG. Would be glad to share any and all info I have. Thank you. Kaye Mayo...700 Gopher Rd.,Weatherford,Tx 76086.  817-596-4741. (e-mail address bounced)  Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997
PETTY, PATTERSON   Thomas PETTY b 1801 SC; married Jincy PATTERSON b 1811 GA in DeKalb Co GA, 1828.  They had one son, Wiley PETTY b 1829 in Sandtown, GA (DeKalb).  They moved to DeKalb Co AL in 1842.  Any info on PETTYs or PATTERSONs greatly appreciated.  Barbara Petty  Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997
WARBINGTON  Seeking to find others researching the Warbington family. My 3rd great-grandfather was ELLEMANDER WARBINGTON (1788 S.C. - 1875 Dekalb Co., Ga.). I descend through his son Ellemander Warbington (II or Jr.). Annette Nichols

 I was hoping I could find someone knowledgeable about cemeteries in Ga. I am   researching the Parish(es) in Georgia. In GREENVILLE, Ga. is a cemetery called the HENDERSON FAMILY CEMETERY. I would like to know the Parishes buried there, and their vital stats. Of particular interest to me is ISAAC PARISH (buried there) of DEKALB COUNTY and his wife ELIZABETH. I believe his son John and wife Levica migrated with their in-laws, the RAMSEYs to Attala Co., Ms. about 1840-1850.  Thank You  Rich Parish

My gg-grandparents were Burgess P. Reeves and Elizabeth Tanner?. I'm not sure if this is correct, however, I did find in "The Reeves Review" Appendix II, p. 188, a listing of Burgess Reeves who married Elizabeth Tanner, 20 July 1815 in Jackson Co., GA. I believe this is my Burgess P. Reeves and wife Elizabeth.

Their daughter, Anne Reeves, was my great-grandmother. She married George Washington Golightly, 03/18/1851 in Dekalb Co., GA.  Burgess P. Reeves, wife Elizabeth, and 12 children were listed on the 1850 census of Dekalb Co., GA. Elizabeth was age 50 and Burgess P. was age 56.These 12 children were:  Seaborn 26, William 22, Burgess P. 20, Thompson 18, Jessee 14, Marion 12, Winford 11, James K.K. 6, Anne or Anna 26, Margaret 16, and Jane 9.

Do you have any information on the Tanner family that would help me locate Elizabeth's parents? I would appreciate any information to point me in the right direction.   Norma Golightly Wilson