Dade County, GA Genealogy
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Dade County, GA Genealogy

Books and Articles About Dade County

    "Bethlehem Cemetery." Northwest Georgia Historical & Genealogical Society Quarterly v. 25, no.3 (Summer 1993).

    "Bible Cemetery at Rising Fawn." Southern Roots and Shoots v. VIII, issue 2 (May 1992).

    Blevin, Pearl. "Dade County #91." Northwest Georgia Historical & Genealogical Society Quarterly v. 8, no.3 (July 1976): 72-75.

    A short county history including a listing of town locations and brief sketches of early settlers. Also explains the origin of the phrase "State of Dade."

    "Byrd's Chapel Cemetery." Southern Roots and Shoots v. VIII, issue 3 (August 1992).

    "Co. 'B' - 6th Regiment - Georgia Volunteer Inf. Dade County. 'Lookout Dragoons.'" They Were Here v.2, no.2 (June 1966): 289-290.

    Alphabetical listing of soldiers serving in the "Lookout Dragoons." Includes rank of officers.

    "Cole City Was Giant Industry in 19th Century." Running Water Historical News v. 1, no. 2 (June 1995): 3.

    Description of the remains of Cole City, a large industrial mining center in Dade County.

    Coulter, E. Merton. "The Myth of Dade County's Seceding from Georgia in 1860." Georgia Historical Quarterly v. 41, no. 4 (December 1957): 349-364.

    Using historical facts, Mr. Coulter refutes the legend that Dade County seceded from Georgia to become the State of Dade.

    "Court of Ordinary - Dade County Georgia. Delayed Birth Certificates - Book A." Southern Roots and Shoots v. II, issue 4 (November 1986): 74-75.

    Covers the years 1879-1906. Lists name, date of birth, and names of parents.

    Crawley, Laura M. "Civil War Hospitals Around Chickamauga Battlefield." Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia v. 78 (May 1989): 279-281.

    Identifies various buildings used as Civil War hospitals in Walker and Catoosa counties. There were no hospital sites in Dade County.

    Crawley, Laura M. Civil War Hospitals in Walker-Catoosa-Dade Co., Georgia. sl: Walker-Catoosa-Dade Medical Auxiliary. Research and Romance of Medicine Committee, 1987.

    Detailed descriptions of the buildings used as Civil War hospitals in Walker and Catoosa counties. No hospitals were located in Dade County. Includes bibliography and index.

    "Dade County 1840 Census Index." Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly v. 5, no. 1 (Spring 1969): 1.

    "Dade County Gazette, Rising Fawn, GA." The Searcher v. 3, no. 4 (May 1989): 72.

    Excepts from the 1879 issues regarding people and events of Marion County, TN.

    "Dade County Marriages 1888-1902." Northwest Georgia Historical and Genealogical Society Quarterly v. 7, no. 3 (July 1975): 28-40.

    Index to Book C, 1888-1902. Arrangement is alphabetical by groom surname. Lists groom, bride, and Book C page number. No dates are given.

    Delta Genealogical Society. Dade County, Georgia, Marriage Records, 1866-1888. Rossville, GA: The Society, 1987.

    This title is a bit of a misnomer as the book includes so much more. Marriages of Books B and C are listed alphabetically by groom and again alphabetically by bride. Lists date married and page number. This book also contains an overview of the county's origin, excerpts from the Dade County Times published in 1937 in celebration of Dade's 100th anniversary, a brief history of New England City, and sketches on the following families: Bradford, Carroll, Cole, Holmes, Potter, Street, and Townsend.

    "1850 Georgia Mortality Census Schedules: Dade County." Southern Genealogist's Exchange Quarterly v.8, no. 41 (Spring 1967): 18.

    Lists name, age, sex, state born, month of death, married or widowed. 28 names listed.

    "Fischer (Gass) Cemetery." Southern Roots and Shoots v. IX, issue 4 (November 1993).

    "Hughes Family Cemetery." Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly v. 25, no.1 (Spring 1989): 33.

    Inscriptions of 3 graves located in a family cemetery near Rt. 59S Exit 3, Slygo/New England.

    Hughes, Nathan Cheairs Jr. The Civil War Comes to Dade County. Chattanooga, TN: By the Author, 1975. Reprinted by the Delta Genealogical Society, 1989.

    Transcriptions of the following Dade County documents: 1860 Census, 1860 Slave Schedule, 1860 Mortality Schedule, 1870 Census, 1870 Mortality Schedule, 1880 Enumeration of Heads of Households, alphabetical lists of soldiers serving in Company B, 6th GA Volunteer Infantry; Company E, 10th Regiment, Third Brigade, GA State Troops; Company H, 21st GA Volunteer Infantry; Company F, 34th GA Volunteer Infantry; Company D, 39th GA Volunteer Infantry; 104th Regiment, GA State Troops. Includes index.

    Leavitt, Pamela Clark Whitson. Cemetery Survey of Dade County, Georgia. Atlanta: Fort Peachtree Chapter, N.S.D.A.R., 1993.

    "New Salem Old Church Cemetery." Southern Roots and Shoots v. V, issue 2 (May 1989).

    "North Carolinians in the 1850 Federal Census: Dade County, Georgia." Forsythe County Genealogical Society Journal v. X, no. 4 (Summer 1992): 29-31.

    Lists persons recorded as being born in North Carolina in the 1850 Census of Dade County. Indicates name, age, sex, occupation, and household number.

    Retired Senior Volunteer Program. History of Dade County, Georgia. Summerville, GA: ESPY Publishing, 1981.

    This pictorial history is described as "a comprehensive guide to the memory of the older person." Chapter headings include: Independent State of Dade, Indian Folklore, Periods of Conflict, Buildings Past and Present, Down Memory Lane, Scenery, Cemeteries, Dade County High School, Dade County Schools, Churches, Communities, Clubs and Musicians, Attorneys, Doctors, Social Activities, Bicentennial, and Families of Dade.

    Roberts, Derrell. "Joseph E. Brown and his Georgia Mines." Georgia Historical Quarterly v. 52, (1968): 285-292.

    Outlines the development of Dade County's coal and iron industries. Summarizes Brown's involvement in the Western and Atlantic Railroad and Dade Coal Company.

    "State of Dade News." Southern Roots and Shoots v. IX, issue 3 (August 1993): 77.

    Excerpts from the 1891 newspaper regarding a hanging and a neglected Confederate grave on Sand Mountain.
    "Tatum Cemetery at Rising Fawn." Southern Roots and Shoots v. VIII, issue 2 (May 1992).

    "Trenton Once Called 'Marrying Town.'" Running Water Historical News v. 1, no. 1 (May 1995): 2.

    Overview of how Trenton quick marriages contributed to the the Dade County economy.

    "Unnamed Cemetery." Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly v. 25, no.1 (Spring 1989): 33-34.

    Inscriptions of 34 graves in an unnamed cemetery located in Murphy's Hollow.

    Vance, Paul L. "District 960 (Rising Fawn, GA) 1860 Voting List." Southern Roots and Shoots v. X, issue 3 (August 1994): 135-136.

    List of men who cast their votes on 30 Mar 1860 for Justice of the Peace in the 960th District. 27 votes were cast.

    Vance, Paul R.L. Dade Pioneers: 1840 & 1850 Census of Dade County, Georgia. s.l.: s.n., c1970.

    "Wildwood Cemetery." Southern Roots and Shoots v. IX, issue 3 (August 1993).