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His will in 1831, probated in Jun 3, 1833, sadly remarked that he had outlived all of his sons and daughters.

In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Cobb, of the County of  Columbia and State of Georgia, being at a very advanced age, extremely debilitated from old, and indispositon, but thanks be to the Creater, retain my mental faculties and consider myself of sound and disposing mind and memory----

Item 1-Body decently buried 

Item 2-all just debts paid from proceeds of my estate.

Item 3-Lawful heir-of each of my children-$10 with the exception of what I give to individuals being part of the heirs.

Item 4-My Grand-daughter Rowena Payne her husband William-2 negroes, Young Squire and Frederick.

Item 5-children of my grandson, Thomas Benning, two negroes, Martin & John with executors having control over them to prevent them from being taken for debt or disposed of in any manner until the death of my said grandson.

Item 6- To my great grand-daughter, Sarah Luke, daughter of  William and Patty Luke, I give the sum of $200 to be paid by executors to her as her guardian.

Item 7-To my two great-grandsons, Thomas Cobb & Joseph Cobb, Children of Thomas W. Cobb,dec. to whom I feel somewhat under greater obligations than to my other relations for curcumstances not necessary to be known, I give the following 19 negroes-Phil, Billy, Jim & Jacob fellows, Polly a woman and 
her six children, Louisa, Jackson, Aster, Aaron, Isabell, Marguerite and Sally, Old Charles & Christeen also I give to my said two grand-sons, 1/2 of the proceeds of my estate ral & personal that is not otherwise disposed of after paying my debts & legacies.

Item 8-to my Grand-daughter, Sally C. Lamar and her husband Peter, I give the following 17 negroes: Eady, an old woman, Margaret and her three children, Thomas, Jabes & Sam, give America and her child Henry, girl Elizena & Boy Uriah, negro fellow Jack and his wife, Lucy a woman and her five children Albert, Cornelius, HOwell, Zachariah, & Rachel and a fellow Squire Junion, to them and their heirs forever... I further give to said Sally C & Husband Peter the 
other half of the proceeds of the sale of my estate.. and further intrust in the care of my grandson Peter & wife an old woman Rachel and son Harry who I desire may enjoy in her own time in the following manner:
Rachel to enjoy her right and priviledge to work for herself and Henry to feceive 1/2 of the fruites of his labor until he arrives to the age of 25,and he conducts himself with propriety after that to receive all of the fruits of his labors continuing still until the care of of my grand-children, Peter & Sally C, and I would remark that I have been induced to give them a larger portion of my estate, with the exceptions that my desires herein will be fully attended to, and the slaves given being favorites with me, I trust that they will receive such encouragement as will rendem them satisfaction. 

Item 9-My estate disposed of by my executors to the best advantage, and proceeds thereof be disposed of as devised.

Item 10-My further will-appoint my beloved friends, Peter Lamar & William Payne to be my Ex. (The words seventeen-to Sarah-interlined-as well as Negro 
fellow Jack and his wife-altered so that Jack shall go with his wife and children. All done previous to signing) 

Signed-in our presence 29 Apr 1831
William Dozier, John S. Benning, William Wright. Sworn in open court Nov. 5, 1832-Gabriel Jones Clerk Found by jury, to be 
the Last Will & Testament of Thomas Cobb. Washington Stone, Foreman, Superior Court March Term 1833

Capt. Thomas Cobb was born 1821-23 Buckingham Co Va died 1832-Columbia Co Ga. He married 27 Jan 1756 Buckingham Co Va 
Susannah Moon born a 1725 died 1772.

Proven children are Sarah born 20 Nov 1756 married John Benning of Va & Columbia Co Va
John 1757 Buckingham Co Va-May 1797 Columbia Co Ga married Elizabeth Beckham
Thomas who stayed in Buckingham married Nancy Watson.

Patty married William Luke (The children of these are mentioned in his will) Susannah's dowry was devised to 'Descend to the heirs of her flesh, legally born," Among her heirs was Thomas Jr. who stayed in Va., who sued for his share of his Mother's dower. John came to Ga. with his Father, bringing his wife and children.

Marriage recorded in the Douglas Register as is wife's death. He never married again. He was born in Va. of Welsh descent.
Buckingham Co Va records were destroyed by fire.
He participated in the Frency & Indian Wars and was a Revolutionary hero.

His brother John came to Ga. also applied in Land Courts of 1784-5,6 for grants in Ga.  Court was held in a settlement called Cobbham, until a family 
called Applings prevailed, and the courthouse was moved to a town of that name.

He was anywhere from 109 to 112 when he died according to various sources. He claimed to be courting and wooing most of this time-and either did not succeed or was not serious. He was nearing his century mark, one spring day when he ordered a stableboy to saddle is horse, and took off across country to visit friends. When he arrived he told the servant who ran out to assist him from his mount, to "get away, boy, I've come a-courting!".

From Georgia Pioneers Gen.Mag. Nov. 1969 Vol Vi #4 Mrs. F.F. Baker of Thomaston to Mrs. Mary Helen Livingston of Albany.

(I did not see a Rev. Sol. Section-but he needs to be there-and French-Indian) /span>

Ms. Gerry Hill
((The Georgia Pioneers is no longer published and Mary Carter has been dead for many years- giving the rights to them to Marie DeLamar-also of Albany, who has given me permission to use the material for sharing.)

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