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Elijah and Florida Humphries Alexander
contributed by Robert Alexander

Nancy Stephens Alexander
Nancy Ann Stephens Alexander, daughter of David & Francis Harris Stephens. Nancy Stephens married Smith Alexander 23 September 1827 in Clarke County, Georgia. This picture was taken before 1890.
contributed by Robert Alexander.

William Jeff Bates
(b. July 21 1848) married Catherine Ruth Maxwell in Clarke Co., GA July 18, 1869.
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

Catherine Ruth Maxwell Bates
(b. March 30 1850) She and William are buried in the Bates-Smith Cemetery in Clarke Co., GA.
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

Beavers Family 1909
Top Row: Emory Lester, Guy Lester, Neely Lester.
Second row: Nettie Lester Waters, Hattie Lester Beavers, holding Annie Bell Beavers, James Robert Beavers, holding baby Hollie.
Standing is Jim Lester, Holly Kidd Lester, James Louise Beavers, James B. N. A. Lester, Frank (Beavers?).
Front row is: Nettie's child, unknown, Christine Beavers, unknown, unknown.
contributed by Bonita D. Eberhart.

Benson's Baseball Team, 1936
Bottom row: Jack Landrum, Dillard Jorden, David Huff, John Spratlin, Walter Couch, Moody, Porter.
Middle row: Welton Coile, Bill Doster, Clarence Cornelison, Dick Roberts, Andy Peyton.
Back row: Early Epps, Chad Jordan, L ? F.
contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

M.A. Born Sanitorium, c. 1909
This private hospital was located on Hill Street. The man on the far right is William Harvey Towns, who was a patient at the hospital. The man second from the left, wearing a hat and with crossed arms is James Harvey Towns.
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

General T. R. R. Cobb
Brother of Howell Cobb and married Marion McHenry Lumpkin. He was instrumental in drafting the Confederate Constitution and the UGA Library owns an original of his manuscript. Commander of "Cobb's Legion" in the Civil War. Died at the Battle of Fredricksburg and is buried in Oconee Hill Cemetary.
contributed by Chauncey Battey.

Roy and Sarah Epps Crouch
contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

Roberta and Warney Dooly
Roberta M. (b. circa 1907) and Warney E. (b. circa 1910) Dooly, daughters of Weldon I. Dooly and Elizabeth Elmina Sutherland.
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

Howard & Bertha Dupree
contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

Otis Epps
Otis Thomas Epps b. 1882 married Ellen
contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

Levi J. Hemrick
b. November 30 1849, d. Decemeber 20, 1928 and buried in the Princeton Cemetery. He was the son of John and Mary Buchanan Hemrick and married Sarah H. Lord. He attended church at Princeton Methodist Church and performed marriages in Clarke Co.
contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

Jennings Sisters
The daughters of Thomas Jefferson Jennings and Ruthan Louisa Wise.
Back: Mary Lou, Sara, Florence, Luticia.
Front: Ruth, Ophelia, Florine
(An eighth daughter, Irena, died as an infant.)
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

Athens First Baptist Church
Picture postcard c. 1923

Winnie & Johnnie Peeler
Winnie Pearl Lynch Peeler and Johnnie. Winnie b 21 Oct 1894, d 1 March 1997 lived almost 103 years. Winnie was the wife of Clifford Peeler.
contributed by Earl Peeler.

Princeton Methodist Church Men's Group, 1932
Front row: Mr. Kerr, C. W. Waters, Roy Holmes, G Jones, Henry Couch, Rev. B. C. Kerr, A. S. Oldham, Roy Parr, Mike Jones, Robert Hamilton, Roy Hamilton
2nd row: Gerald Jones, I. E. Thornton, Bill Doster, Johnny Haynie, R. A. Pledger, Leroy Gunter, Bill Allen, Jim Allen, Judson Tally, Monroe Butler, Everette Ogletree, Gene Epps (Baby), Oscar Earl Epps, Sr.
3rd row: Ralph Huff, Barto Couch, Calvin Fulcher, Duard Nunally, a Mr. Butler, Gordon Bellew, Frank Waters, Robert L. Bramblett, Jr., Tommy Doster
4th row: George Ogletree, Pink Huff, Oscar Prather, Henry J. Oldham, Meeks Harris, Burt Nunally, Marvin Hill, Harvey Pledger, Roy Bramblett, Richard Couch, Jack Nunally
5th row: Homer Hale SR, Clyde Smith, Foster Huff, Willie Shaw, Chester Brooks, Walt Haynie, Jerome Couch and Green Wallace.

contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

Hatt and Matt Pugh
1) Mattie Lou Pugh b: January 28, 1877 d: February 10, 1946 in Winterville, Clarke Co., GA married m: January 26, 1896 in Greene Co., GA to Walter Preston Wood b: September 22, 1875 in Oconee Co, GA d: September 13, 1941.
2) Hattie Pugh b: Abt. 1878 d: 1951 buried in Huff Cemetery, Oconee Co., GA married July 14, 1895 in Greene Co., GA to James Lou Miller b: Abt. 1871
contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

Linton Reynolds Family
Leavie Wallace (dau of Jessie Green Wallace & Candace Lord) & Linton Reynolds were married in Clarke Co., GA, lived in Florida at one time. They had a son named Dan and a daughter named Sara.
contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

James Major Stewart Family
Row 1: Eula Stewart (Lee), Jimmy Lou Stewart, Bessie Davis (Rigsby), Fannie Davis (Hightower), Lela Stewart, Lilar Stewart, Cliff Stewart, Hugh L. Stewart
Row 2: Babe Stewart, Alice Stewart (Brannan) holding Othella Stewart (Daughter), Anna Eliza (Sissy) Stewart (Davis) holding Clifford (Son) Davis, Anna Eliza Agnes Stewart (Granny) (Brown), James Major Stewart, Colema Stewart (Dennis), Nan Dennis, holding Frank Dennis
Row 3: Della Stewart (Hughes), Minnie Stewart (Tucker), Myrta Stewart (Baker), Joseph Davis, Nina Stewart, Walter Stewart, Oscar (Bunk) Stewart, Samuel Dennis
Row 4: Joe Stewart, Robert Lee Stewart, John Robert Davis, Frank Davis
contributed by Maxine Fript.

Ophelia and Willie Sutherland, 1899
Willie Otis Sutherland (b. Jan 10 1879 d. Aug 11 1941)and his new bride Ophelia Elizabeth Jennings (b. Mar. 16 1882 d. Jun 12 1950 in Clarke Co.). They were married November 5, 1899.
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

Adeline Culp Wallace
Aldeline Culp Wallace was the wife of C. W. Wallace
and is buried in Princeton Cemetery.
contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

Candace Wallace
Julia Candace Lord Wallace, b: May 09, 1867 in Jackson Co. d: February 24, 1927 in Clarke Co., GA., m: February 15, 1891 in (Clarke Co) to Jesse Green Wallace (1865 - 1936).
contributed by Connie Epps Bond.

Wallace Family
The photo is of Jesse G. Wallace and Sarah Allgood Wallace. They were married in Elbert Co. Ga. There were no names of the 7 children shown. They had 9 children, the first born was John Wesley Wallace, tallest in second row.
contributed by Larry Wallace.

Whitehall Band, c. 1910
Back Row: Clarence Roberts (large drum); Robert L. Towns (trombone); John Bender Williams (trombone); John Toney; Nathan Williams; Unknown Eubanksa.
Middle Row: "Buck" Royster (clarinet); Vester Ferguson (clarinet); Albert Roy Towns; Cliff Strickland; John Upchurch; John Parks Williams; Albert Morris; Henry Gerald Williams; John Morris (trumpet).
Front Row: William G. Towns; George Upchurch; Luther Acree; Guy Lee.
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

Whitehall Company Store, c. 1920
The store was located on the river, across Whitehall Road from the old mills. Some of the mill houses in the background still exist.
The four-man band includes (left to right) Albert Roy Towns, Vester Ferguson, Robert L. Towns and either Cliff Strickland or John Upchurch.
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

Whitehall Mill, c. 1910
The old Whitehall mill with the workers outside. Clara Elizabeth Williams Towns is roughly in the left center front, the three smallest children on the left of the photo (two small boys in hats and a girl standing behind them) are Ruby Marie Towns, William Grady Towns and Robert Leonard Towns. The mill still stands and has been turned into condominiums.
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

1893 Militia Districts Map
The districts are Puryear's (GM 218), Georgia Factory (GM 217), Bucks Branch (GM 220), Sandy Creek (219), Kinney's (GM 1347), Bradberry's (GM 241), Princeton Factory (GM 1467), and Athens (GM 216).
contributed by Jimmie Boyett.

Mary "Mamie" Lucas, 1868
Born in 1851 to Frederick William Lucas and Martha Ann Singleton Lucas of Athens. Mamie was 17 when the photo was made in 1868. Mamie was a student at the Lucy Cobb Institute and later was a teacher there. She did not marry and was still listed as "teacher" in the 1920 census when she was 68 and a "boarder" living on Millege Ave.
contributed by Marvin Housworth and P. Scharf.

Postcard - Aerial View of Athens at Night

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