Tracing Your Roots in Cherokee C

Tracing Your Roots in Cherokee County, Georgia

Beginning your Research
If you are just beginning your research of an ancestor in Cherokee County, the first things you should view and understand are the county transformations.  Cherokee County was part of the Cherokee Indian Territory, and thus so named for it.  Check the links under Maps and Cherokee Indian Nation on the site map.  You will see how Cherokee and the surrounding counties evolved over the years, and how the boundaries changed.  One of the most helpful tools is the militia and land district map.  If you are researching where someone lives and know the land lot number, you can track through the numerical index the owners of the property, and backtrack to the deeds, grantor/grantee indexes, etc.  This is a wonderful tool.  You should also take note that the Militia Districts did not always remain the same "area of coordinates", someone could be living in one District one year and next year be living in another District (they did not move, the District changed names); the same can be said for counties, as the boundaries changed, so did where the person lived, although they did not move.  As you research across Georgia pay particular attention to the boundary maps for the different years, as land was taken from one county to merge with or create others.  This makes the research a bit tedious, but it is decipherable if one will look at the maps. 

Marriages - In Georgia the records seem to follow a generic pattern of filing in the county where the Bride lived, however that is not always the case, but as a rule of thumb, start there first if you know that location. 

Cherokee Heritage Research
There are several people that can help you if you are tracing your Cherokee Heritage.  Mr. Lamar Sneed from Cumming, Georgia is the Director for the Eastern Band of Cherokee's and very knowledgeable in all aspects of this research.  You will want to view the Siler - (2) Chapman & Dawes rolls to see if you have anyone listed on those.  Those are one of the best tools for research.
The resources below are courtesy of Comanche Lodge - please visit there for more helpful tools and information on the rolls.  You will also find that there are many helpful people on the links.


 Learn the Rolls - Cherokee Research Guide & Enrollment Information

  • US Census Rolls of Cherokee Indians recorded between 1817-1924 (East of the Mississippi River)
  • 1817 Reservations Rolls - Cherokees wanting a 640 acre tract in the East.
  • 1817-1835 Emigration Rolls - Cherokees whom filed to emigrate to Arkansas.
  • 1835 Henderson Roll - Cherokee Census for ALA, GA, TN, NC.
  • 1848 Mullay Roll - Census for NC Cherokee remaining after removal.
  • 1851 Siler Roll - Eastern Cherokee Payment Roll.
  • 1852 Chapman Roll - Payment Roll based on Siler Roll.
  • 1869 Swetland Roll - Authorizition of Payment for NC Cherokee
  • 1883 Hester Roll - Eastern Cherokee Roll.
  • 1908 Churchill Roll - Eastern Band Cherokee (Rejections etc.)
  • 1909 Guion Miller East Roll - Eastern Cherokee Roll.
  • 1924 Baker Roll - Current Membership Roll for Eastern Cherokee.


  • US Census Rolls of Cherokee Indians recorded between 1851-1909 (West of the Mississippi River)
  • 1851 Old Settlers Rolls - Cherokee Old Settlers living West prior to 1839.
  • 1852 Drennan Roll - First Census after Trail of Tears.
  • 1898-1914 Dawes Roll - Final Allotment Rolls.
  • 1909 Guion Miller Roll - Entitlement Rolls for Allotments.
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