The Treaty Signers -- New Echota
The Treaty Signers -- New Echota

ARTICLE 19. This treaty after the same shall be ratified by the President and Senate of the United States shall be obligatory on the contracting parties.

ARTICLE 20. [Supplemental article. Stricken out by Senate.]
In testimony whereof, the commissioners and the chiefs, head men, and people whose names are hereunto annexed, being duly authorized by the people in general council assembled, have affixed their hands and seals for themselves, and in behalf of the Cherokee nation.
I have examined the foregoing treaty, and although not present when it was made, I approve its provisions generally, and therefore sign it.
Wm. Carroll,
J. F. Schermerhorn.

Major Ridge, his x mark, [L. S.]
James Foster, his x mark, [L. S.]
Tesa-ta-esky, his x mark, [L. S.]
Charles Moore, his x mark, [L. S.]
George Chambers, his x mark, [L. S.]
Tah-yeske, his x mark, [L. S.]
Archilla Smith, his x mark, [L. S.]
Andrew Ross, [L. S.]
William Lassley, [L. S.]
Cae-te-hee, his x mark , [L. S.]
Te-gah-e-ske, his x mark, [L. S.]
Robert Rogers, [L. S.]
John Gunter, [L. S.]
John A. Bell, [L. S.]
Charles F. Foreman, [L. S.]
William Rogers, [L. S.]
George W. Adair, [L. S.]
Elias Boudinot, [L. S.]
James Starr, his x mark, [L. S.]
Jesse Half-breed, his x mark, [L. S.]

Signed and sealed in presence of--
Western B. Thomas, secretary.
Ben. F. Currey, special agent.
M. Wolfe Batman, first lieutenant, sixth U. S. infantry, disbursing agent.
Jon. L. Hooper, lieutenant, fourth Infantry.
C. M Hitchcock, M. D., assistant surgeon, U.S.A.
G. W. Currey,
Wm. H. Underwood,
Cornelius D. Terhune,
John W. H. Underwood

In compliance with instructions of the council at New Echota, we sign this treaty.
Stand Watie,
John Ridge.
March 1, 1836.

Elbert Herring,
Alexander H. Everett,
John Robb,
D. Kurtz,
Wm.Y. Hansell,
Samuel J. Potts,
Jno. Litle,
S. Rockwell.

|March 1, 1836. | 7 Stat., 488. | Proclamation, May 23, 1836|.
Whereas the western Cherokees have appointed a delegation to visit the eastern Cherokees to assure them of the friendly disposition of their people and their desire that the nation should again be united as one people and to urge upon them the expediency of accepting the overtures of the Government; and that, on their removal they may be assured of a hearty welcome and an equal participation with them in all the benefits and privileges of the Cherokee country west and the undersigned two of said delegation being the only delegates in the eastern nation from the west at the signing and sealing of the treaty lately concluded at New Echota between their eastern brethren and the United States; and having fully understood the provisions of the same they agree to it in behalf of the western Cherokees. But it is expressly understood that nothing in this treaty shall affect any claims of the western Cherokees on the United States.

In testimony whereof, we have, this 31st day of December, 1835, hereunto set our hands and seals.
James Rogers,
John Smith.
      Delegates from the Western Cherokees.

Ben. F. Currey, special agent.
M. W. Batman, first lieutenant, Sixth Infantry,
Jno. L. Hooper, lieutenant, Fourth Infantry,
Elias Boudinot.

Schedule and estimated value of the Osage half-breed reservations within the territory ceded to the Cherokees west of the Mississippi, (referred to in article 5 on the foregoing treaty,) viz:

Augustus Clamont one section . . $6,000
James " " " . . 1,000
Paul " " " . . 1,300
Henry " " " . . 800
Anthony " " " . . 1,800
Rosalie " " " . . $1,800
Emilia D, of Mihanga . . $1,000
Emilia D, of Shemianga . . $1,300

I hereby certify that the above schedule is the estimated value of the Osage reservations, as made out and agreed upon with Col. A. P. Choteau who represented himself as the agent or guardian of the above reservee's.
J. F. Schermerhorn.
                        March 14, 1835.
Supplementary articles to a treaty concluded at New Echota, Georgia, December 29, 1835, between the United States and Cherokee people.

March 1, 1836. | 7 Stat., 488. | Proclamation, May 23, 1836.

Vol. II, Pages 448-449 | Page 449

WHEREAS the undersigned were authorized at the general meeting of the Cherokee people held at New Echota as above stated, to make and assent to such alterations in the preceding treaty as might be thought necessary, and whereas the President of the United States has expressed his determination not to allow any pre-emptions or reservations his desire being that the whole Cherokee people should remove together and establish themselves in the country provided for them west of the Mississippi river.
ARTICLE 1. It is therefore agreed that all the pre-emption rights and reservations provided for in articles 12 and 13 shall be and are hereby relinquished and declared void.
ARTICLE 2. Whereas the Cherokee people have supposed that the sum of five millions of dollars fixed by the Senate in their resolution of----day of March, 1835, as the value of the Cherokee lands and possessions east of the Mississippi river was not intended to include the amount which may be required to remove them, nor the value of certain claims which many of their people had against citizens of the United States, which suggestion has been confirmed by the opinion expressed to the War Department by some of the Senators who voted upon the question and whereas the President is willing that this subject should be referred to the Senate for their consideration and if it was not intended by the Senate that the above-mentioned sum of five millions of dollars should include the objects herein specified that in that case such further provision should be made therefor as might appear to the Senate to be just.

page 449
ARTICLE 3. It is therefore agreed that the sum of six hundred thousand dollars shall be and the same is hereby allowed to the Cherokee people to include the expense of their removal, and all claims of every nature and description against the Government of the United States not herein otherwise expressly provided for, and to be in lieu of the said reservations and pre-emption and of the sum of three hundred thousand dollars for spoliations described in the 1st article of the above-mentioned treaty. This sum of six hundred thousand dollars shall be applied and distributed agreeably to the provisions of the said treaty, and any surplus which may remain after removal and payment of the claims so ascertained shall be turned over and belong to the education fund.
But it is expressly understood that the subject of this article is merely referred hereby to the consideration of the Senate and if they shall approve the same then this supplement shall remain part of the treaty.
ARTICLE 4. It is also understood that the provisions in article 16, for the agency reservation is not intended to interfere with the occupant right of any Cherokees should their improvement fall within the same.
It is also understood and agreed, that the one hundred thousand dollars appropriated in article 12 for the poorer class of Cherokees and intended as a set-off to the pre-emption rights shall now be transferred from the funds of the nation and added to the general national fund of four hundred thousand dollars so as to make said fund equal to five hundred thousand dollars.
ARTICLE 5. The necessary expenses attending the negotiations of the aforesaid treaty and supplement and also of such persons of the delegation as may sign the same shall be defrayed by the United States.

In testimony whereof, John F. Schermerhorn, commissioner on the part of the United States, and the undersigned delegation have hereunto set their hands and seals, this first day of March, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six.
J. F. Schermerhorn.

Major Ridge, his x mark, [L. S.]
James Foster, his x mark, [L. S.]
Tah-ye-ske, his x mark, [L. S.]
Long Shell Turtle, his x mark, [L. S.]
John Fields, his x mark, [L. S.]
James Fields, his x mark, [L. S.]
George Welch, his x mark, [L. S.]
Andrew Ross, [L. S.]
William Rogers, [L. S.]
John Gunter, [L. S.]
John A. Bell, [L. S.]
Jos. A. Foreman, Robert Sanders, [L. S.]
Elias Boudinot, [L. S.]
Johnson Rogers, [L. S.]
James Starr, his x mark, [L. S.]
Stand Watie, [L. S.]
John Ridge, [L. S.]
James Rogers, [L. S.]
John Smith, his x mark.[L. S.]

Elbert Herring,
Thos. Glascock,
Alexander H. Everett,
Jno. Garland, Major, U. S. Army,
C. A. Harris,
John Robb,
Wm. Y. Hansell,
Saml. J. Potts,
Jno. Litle,
S. Rockwell.


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