Crescent Farm Historical Center

Crescent Farm Historical Center


The Crescent Farm's Rock Barn, a treasured landmark of Cherokee County was constructed in 1906 by Augustus (Gus) Lee Coggins. It is the only known rock barn remaining in Georgia. Together with the Georgian Revival style main house (Canton City Hall), the Rock Barn constitutes the core of the original Crescent Farm.

It occupies a unique place in the history of the county and the state. Originally a race horse stable, the Rock Barn was one of the three barns on the Coggins' farm It was built to replace a wooden barn destroyed in a fire which killed valuable race horses.

Coggins bred and raised horses for the harness racing. Crescent Farm was widely known in the racing circle because of Abbedale, its world class racehorse. Abbedale brought fame to Crescent Farm and is listed in the Harness Racing Hall of Fame in Goshen, New York. Abbedale also earned recognition in the book, Harness Racing, by Phillip Pines.

The Rock Barn is made of rock quarried on the original farm from the banks of the Etowah River. Because the barn housed valuable race horses, it was as fire resistant as possible for the times. In 1985, the Rock Barn was donated by the Cherokee County Board of Education to the Cherokee County Historical Society.

The Vision

Plans for establishment of the Crescent Farm Historical Center through rehabilitation of the Rock Barn are well stated in the February, 1989 issue of "Preservation News: (a publication of the National Trust for Historic Preservation): "Big things are in store for the 1906 Coggins Rock Barn at the former Crescent Farm in Canton, GA, a local landmark and former home to world class race horses. The Cherokee County Historical Society plans to renovate the 7,000 square feet into a museum and conference area after completing its fund raising campaign."

In January 1989, the Historical Society received a $2,500 grant from the National Trust to match fund for the master plan expense. Crescent Farm has also been nominated to the National Register of Historic Places. Recognition and support of the Center on the national, state, and local level is indeed gratifying and exciting.

The Challenge

Cherokee County has one of the highest population growth rates in the country. Amenities in out county are however limited. The Crescent Farm Historical Center will not only serve as a forum for history-related programs and as a museum, but will also provide a much-needed conference facility. This facility will be accessible to all cultural-related organizations as well as other civic groups. As the conference area will seat almost 200 people, its size and central location in Canton will make it an ideal setting for workshops and seminars.

The Cherokee County Historical Society challenges you to support this worthy and much-needed project. The Center will benefit the people of Cherokee County for generations to come.

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