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Eastern Cherokee Applications of the U.S. Court of Claims, 1906–1909
Commonly called the “Guion Miller Rolls”

An act approved 1 July 1902 (32 Stat. 726) by the United States Congress, gave the U.S. Court of Claims jurisdiction over any claim arising under treaty stipulations that the Cherokee Tribe, or any band thereof, might have against the United States and over any claims that the United States might have against any Cherokee Tribe or band.

Three law suites were brought before the court concerning grievances arising out of the treaties which resulted in the U.S. Court of Claims deciding in favor of the Eastern Cherokees. The Secretary of the Interior was instructed to identify the persons entitled to participate in the distribution of funds for payment of the Claims.

Miller Roll # Name Age Relationship Numbers Written in
1752 Willia Harris 46
1753 Susan Harrison 35 wife
1754 Emily Harris 17 daughter
1755 James Harris 16 son
1756 Joseph Harris 14 son
1757 Bird Harris 12 son
1758 William Harris 10 son
1759 Charles Harris 9 son
1760 Parker Harris 6 son
1761 Jane Savannah Harris 4
1762 Phih Hall Harris 3 son
1763 John Harris 1 son
1764 Margaret Welch 19 Orphan 4846, 132
1765 George Welch 14 Orphan
1766 Rosana Welch 10 Orphan 5499, 132
1767 Sarah Emiline Daurghurty 4 Orphan 15514
1768 Richard Rowe 23