Soldiers at Fort Frederica
Soldiers at Forst Frederica

Barracks at Ft. Frederica

John Arskin (Erskine), John Asbell, Lt. Kenneth Baillie, Capt. George Cadogan, James Calder, Alexander Cameron, Capt. Mark Carr, Ensign Cathcart, John Clubb,William Coombs.

Lt. Philip Delegal, Jr., Lt. Philip Delegal, Sr., Lt. Paul Demere, Capt. Raymond Demere, Walter Denny, William Dobins, William Dodd, Lt. Archibald Don, Capt. George Dunbar, John Duncan, James Finley, John Finley, Donald Forbes, James Forrester, William Forsyth, John Fox, William Francis, George Frazer

William Goer, Lt. Thomas Goldsmith, James Grant, John Grant, Peter Grant, Samuel Graves, John Gray, Thomas Griggs, Anthony Hancock, John Hargrove, Edmund Harold, William Harper, Samuel Harrison, Lt. Co. Alexander Heron (Herrin), John Hickey, William Hill, Sir Patrick Houstoun, Lt. Robert Howarth, James Innes, Noble Jones

John Kennedy, George Kid, Andrew Knipp-Linder, Isaac Lines, Daniel McCullum, Alexander McDonald, Norman McDonald, John McIntosh, Lachlan McIntosh, William McIntosh, Alexander McKeithen, Donald McKenzie, John McLeod, Roderick McLeod, James McQueen, Angus Mackay, Daniel Mackay, Sr., Capt. Hugh Mackay, Capt. James Mackay, John Mackay, Lt. Samuel Mackay, William Mackay, David Marlow, Lt. Thomas Marriott, Daniel Martyn, Daniel Mozoe, David Miller, George Milligan, Thomas Mills, James Munroe, Nicholas Murphy,

James O'Brien, White Outerbridge, John Palmer, John Perkins, Donald Ross, John Rutledge, Richard Scruggs, Jacob Shaw, John Shaw, Oliver Shaw, William Shrubsole, James Simpson, James Stewart, John Stewart, Sr., John Stewart, Jr., Capt. Patrick Sutherland, Lt. John Tanner, Lt. James Wall, Thomas Webb, Thomas White, John Wilson, and Lt. John Wymess.

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