Last Will and Testament of
Clabourn M. Stiles

State of Georgia}
County of Campbell}

I Clabourn M. Stiles of the County and State aforesaid do hereby make this my last will and testament, by which all former wills that I have ever made is annulled and revoked, being of Sound and disposing mind and memory.

First I direct that my body be buried in a decent manner suitable to my circumstances in life.

Second I will and direct that all my just debts be paid by my Executor herein named.

Third I will give and bequeath to Nancy Caroline Hopkins my beloved daughter the east half of Lot of Land number Seven in the 7th District of originally Coweta now Campbell county, containing one hundred one and one quarter acres more of less, to be her right and property during her natural life, and at her death to go to her children and representatives of children.

Fourth I will give and bequeath to Sarah A. Cook my beloved daughter the south half of Lot of Land number twenty in the 7th District of originally Coweta now Campbell, to be her right and property during her lifetime and on her death to go to her children and representative of children.

Fifth It is my will and directions that at my death that all my property both Real and personal Shall be Sold that I have not hereby disposed of and all debts that is due to me, collected and disposed of equally among my children in the order following (viz.) That John L. Stiles, shall account for advancement to him in land, Six hundred dollars and in money one hundred and fifty, making in all heretofore advanced to him seven hundred and fifty dollars. Simeon Stiles, shall account for as heretofore advanced to him in Land , Five hundred dollars and in money one hundred forty dollars, making in all that has been advanced to him six hundred and forty dollars. Benjamin A. And Henry C. Stiles, sons of my deceased son Aaron Stiles, shall account for advancement of their father Aaron Stiles in Land, five hundred dollars. That Sealy A. Mosh, wife of John S. Mosh shall account for as advanced to her in money, two hundred and twenty five Dollars. Nancy Caroline Hopkins shall account for as Land given to her in the third item of this my will in Land Six hundred Dollars. Sarah A. Cook shall account for Land in the fourth item of this my will in land Six hundred Dollars. And that each of my children or grand children shall also account for any advancements made to them that I shall or may hereafter make to either for such sum as I shall charge in a book that I shall keep for that purpose the amount or Value so charged to any either of them.

Sixth I hereby appoint my special neighbor and friend Berry W. Cochran my executor to execute and carry out this my last will and testament.

In testimony of the same I have hereto the same Set my name and attached my seal by a Scroll This the 9th day of November 1874.
Clabourn M. Styles (seal)

Signed sealed and published by Clabourn M. Stiles, the testator as his last will and testament in the presence of us the undersigned, who subscribed our names in his presence at his special request and in the presence of each other the day and year named therein.
Robert J. Tuggle
Berry W. Cochran
James T. Haskins

Campbell county}
Before me came, on 15th day of August 1876, at Chambers, for the purpose of proving the last will and Testament of Clabourn M. Styles, the witnesses to said will, viz., Robert J. Tuggle, Berry W. Cochran, and James T. Haskins, and the will having been, before that time, brought before me, for probate, by the Executor, Berry W. Cochran, who has filed his petition for probate of the Same, That they saw said Styles sign, and publish the Same as his last will on the day and year then stated as executed by him; that they witnessed the same, at his request, in his presence and in presence of each other; that the same was voluntarily executed by him, while of sound and disposing mind and memory, sworn and subscribed before me, this 15th day of August 1876.
R. C. Beavers Robt. J. Tuggle
Ordinary B.W. Cochran
Jas T. Haskins

Campbell county}
I Berry W. Cochran do solemnly swear that this writing contains the true last will of the within named Clabourn M. Styles, deceased, so far as I know or believe, and that I will well and truly execute the same in accordance with the laws of this state. So help me God. Sworn to and Subscribed before me in open court.
September 4th 1876}
R. C. Beavers } B.W. Cochran
ordinary }

State of Georgia}
Campbell County}
To the honorable R.C. Beavers ordinary of said County. The petition of B. W. Cochran showeth that Clayborn M. Stiles of said County departed this life testate on the 4th day of August 1876 leaving his last will and testament. And your petitioner therein appointing as his Executor to execute the same , he therefore prays you honor to permit him to bring said will in vacation on this 15 day of August 1876 and prove the same in common form on the oaths of himself, Robt. J. Tuggle & James T. Haskins, the subscribing witnesses to said will as an duty bound he will ever pray. B. W. Cochran