Last will & Testament of
Joseph Bishop

State of Georgia   }
Campbell County }

I Joseph Bishop of the State afore said being of sound and sane mind do maketh this my last will and testament

Item 1st after paying all my just debts and Burial Expenses I give and bequeath to my wife Martha Caroline of half of Lot of Land Ninety Seven (97), it being in Campbell County the place where I now live. The said Lot to be divided East & West so that it will include the residence. Also twenty acres next to top of Lot-Number one hundred and twelve (112) in said county to have & to disperse of & among her four children as she sees proper, these persons being Elizabeth Clementine, Andrew Jackson, Newton Benjamin & Mariah Prudence heirs of said testator and all others of my estate except what is hereafter dispersed in my will.

Item 2nd I give and bequeth unto my son Andrew Jackson the south half of Ninety Seven (97) in said County. it being a part of Lot I now live on. Also a horse worth fifty dollars and a Bridle & Saddle when he becomes of age.

Item 3rd I give & bequeth unto my son Newton Benjamin one half of Lot of Land ninety-six (96) it being the East-half of said lot in said County. Also a horse bridle and saddle worth fifty dollars when he becomes of age.

Item 4th I give & bequeth unto my daughter Elizabeth Clementine one Feather Bed & furniture Also one cow & calf.

Item 5th I give & bequeath unto my daughter Mariah Prudence one Feather Bed & furniture and one cow & calf.

Item 6th I appoint-William D. Tidwell my Lawful Executor this my last will and testament.

Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of this the 10th day of December 1860

Middleton W. Brown
Stephen Malone
Attorney B. Blasber J. I. C.

Joseph Bishop
his mark