Archibald Newton McLarty Diary

I am not sure when she copied this, I got a poor copy from a Texas cousin a couple of years ago. I have left all the old spellings, etc.

This is a copy of a journal as recorded by Archibald Newton McLarty who lived in Georgia. The journal is a brown pasteboard backed book about 18 in. long and about 6 in. wide. It originally contained about 100 pages, but about 39 pages were missing when I made this copy. The journal belongs to Mrs. Essie (McLarty) Hitt of 309 S. Page St. in Dallas, Texas. Her father was G. G. McLarty.

This is a record of the daily life of A. N. McLarty as he lived it from Jan. 1st, 1847 until about 1861. His entries were not regular after about 1853 It is `written in brown ink, which may be some other color faded, and is clearly legible. Considering the education he must have received, it is unusually good.

The inside front cover is cowered with figures he made as he kept record of his finance, the number of bushels of wheat he sowed, the number of rails he split, etc. This is also written; A. N. McLarty-his hand write.

I. S. H. McLarty was born December 25th 1841

I have tried to copy spelling as he recorded it . Capital letters occur at odd places in every sentence and punctuation markings are almost; entirely absent. I have used dashes to separate his phrases but have not copied the capital letters.

Whin this you be remember me and Bair me in your mind . Let all the world say as they will speake of me as your frind.
A. N. McLarty

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Contributed by Sandy Whittington