Patton Family Bible


Samuel Patton was born March the 11th 1801
Kezziah his wife was born April the 12th 1806
Patsy Patton daughter of ours was born June the 30 1822
David Patton was born June the 11th 1824
Solomon Patton was born April the 7th 1826
Polly Hollin Patton was born January the 3rd 1828
John Herring Patton was born Mat the 16th 1830
Elisha Silas Patton was born the17th day of November 1833
Nancy Patton was born the 5th day of October 1836
Matthew James Patton was born the 17th of Sept. 1839
Elizabeth Lavina Patton was born the 9th day of June 1842
SefroanyAnn Patton was born the second day of May this year 1846

Silas Patton was born June the 18th 1796
Lucy his wife was born the 5th of January 1804
Fanny Patton was born the 20th of July 1820
Caroline Patton was born the 16th November 1821
Jeremiah Patton was born the 24th of December 1823
George Patton was born the 13th of March 1826
Emily Patton was born the 10th of June 1828
Elisabeth Patton was born the 25th of October 1830
Seany Patton was born the 31th day of December 1832
James Patton was born the 17th of Oct. 1835
Mary Patton was born the 9thof Nov. 1838
Samuel Patton was born the 7th of Oct. 1843

William David Lewis was born December the 26 1844
John Reuben Lewis was born April the 16 1846
Martha Lavina Amarintha Lewis was born the 11 day of Sept. 1848
Silas Jackson Lewis was born the 5th day of Dec. 1849
Matthew Jackson Spraberry was born the 17th day of March 1864
Jeramiah D. Spraberry was born the 29 day of Febuary 1844
James L. Wilson Spraberry was born the 29 day of March 1867


Samuel Patton & Kiziah Herring was married August the 2nd 1821
David Patton and Sarah Frances Allen was married the 15th day of June 1848
Francis M. Allen and Polly H. Patton was married the 20th day of June 1850
Silas Patton and Lucy Ivy was married the 19th August 1819
Shadrick Lewis and Patsy Patton was married the 17th December 1843
Jeramiah D.Spraberry and Elizabeth L.Patton was married the 8 day of January 1863


Elisha Silas Patton died Sept. the 2 1854
Polly H. Allen died the 12th day of Oct. 1854
Francis M. Allen died the 6th day of Nov. 1854
Samuel L. Allen died the 5th day of July 1853
Elizabeth H. Lewis died the 4th day of Nov. 1854
Keziah Patton died the 29th day of March 1862
Samuel Patton died the 6th of Oct. 1867
Matthew J. Patton died Feb the 8th 1864
Solomon Patton died the 7th of Oct. 1893
Nancy Patton died the 25th day of Feb. 1902
Sefronny Ann Hurst died the 8 day of Sept. 1903
John W. Hurst died April 20 1933


Silas and Samuel Patton were the sons of Solomon Patton from Oglethorpe Co., Ga. Silas was married in Jackson Co., Ga. to Lucy Ivy. He and his wife settled in Walton Co., Ga. Samuel Patton and Kiziah Herring, daughter of John and Holland Ragan Herring, moved into the Campbell Co., area.

The Bible printed and published by H&E Phinney 1829