1844 - 1919


John James Little was born in Horry County, South Carolina on July 18, 1844. Before the Civil War erupted he moved to Wayne County, Georgia. On August 07, 1861, he rode his horse to Brunswick, Georgia and enlisted in the Confederate Army. John served as Private under Captain Hopkins in Company A, Wayne Rangers, of the 4th Georgia "Clinch's Cavalry".


During a brief furlough on January 15, 1863, John James Little married Annis Jane Elizabeth Loper in Wayne County, Georgia. Annis was the daughter of Allen Loper and Temperance,"Tempy" Harrison. After the wedding he returned to his Company.


After June of 1864 John was captured and became a P.O.W. until the end of the War of Northern Aggression. He was paroled in Thomasville, Georgia on May 22, 1865.


John Little was a Baptist preacher and was Pastor to several churches in the Southeast portion of Georgia. He was a "circuit preacher" which means that he traveled from one church to the next. These churches often only held services once a month and when the preacher could travel to their area. John James Little founded and was the first pastor of several churches, most notably the Little Memorial Baptist church in Browntown, Georgia which still stands and functions to this day.


John's wife, Anis Jane Elizabeth Loper, was born February 24, 1844 and she died June 15, 1924. Before John Little died on March 09, 1919 he was bestowed the prestigious "Southern Cross" by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. John Little and his wife are buried beside each other under the cool shade of an old oak with Spanish moss at the Little Family Cemetery in Browntown, Georgia.


The children of John James Little and Annis Jane Elizabeth.


1. Anna C. Little, born Aug. 1872 and married Feb. 27, 1888 to Noon Lane and later to John O. Crosby. No death date available.


2. Alexander Little was born Sept. 1874 and was married to Hattie Drury and he died in 1947.


3. Ernest Linwood Little was born Aug. 26, 1882 and married on June 18, 1899 to Queenie Victoria Crosby. He died Dec. 17, 1951.


4. Laura Jane Little was born Nov. 11, 1883 and married Thomas Crosby on Jan. 23, 1908. She died Feb. 05, 1964.


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Military service was researched and a stone was ordered by Gaynell H. Sasser on July 1, 2004, and placed by Art Keene on September 20, 2004.


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