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DAVID HICKOX "Yankee Dave"

Family of Brantley County, Georgia

Previously in Ware and Pierce County

Portions extracted from Vol. V of Pioneers of Wiregrass Ga., have been refined.


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David Hickox , the progenitor of the large Hickox connection in this part of southeast Georgia, was born in Connecticut, Jan. 13, 1798. David, lovingly referred to as "Yankee Dave", came to Georgia as a unmarried man where he met and married Sarah Altman, born 1812 in Wayne County, daughter of Thomas Altman. They were married in 1828. To them were born 21 children, of whom apparently six died at birth or in infancy; the other fifteen being as follows:


1. Elizabeth, b. 1829, m. John Matthews of Duval Co. Fl., Jan. 30, 1847.


2. Thomas, b. 1831, m. (unknown).


3. Drusilla, b. 1832, m. John L. Warren, Aug. 18, 1876; no children.


4. James, b. 1833, m. Nancy McClellan, July 25, 1856, daughter of Andrew of Camden County.


5. Nancy, b. 1835, m. Simon Smith, Sept. 1, 1853.


6. Benjamin Franklin *CSA,* b. 1837, M. Elizabeth Crews, daughter of Micajah (Vol. I, PWG).


 7. Jonathan David *CSA*(TWIN), b. Mar. 15, 1839, and died Oct. 23, 1909, and married Lucinda Green, born April 3, 1842, and died May 7, 1929. Both are buried at High Bluff.


8. David Jonathan *CSA* (TWIN), b. (Mar. 15, 1839), and married Catherine Crawford, daughter of William.


9. Perry *CSA,* b. 1841, m. Arcadia Harris, Apr. 11, 1867.


10. Sarah, b. 1843, m. J. J. Dowling.


11. Isaac *CSA,* b. 1844,


12. Keziah, b. 1846, died in childhood.


13. Harley Jacob, b. 1849, m. (1) Sarah Osteen. (2) Nancy Taylor (Dowling), daughter of Daniel Taylor and Elizabeth Ayars, his wife. Corrected by an addendum to Huxford's books. Nancy Taylor was first married to John Dowling, son of David C. Dowling. (Initial entry by Huxford was Mrs. Nancy Griffin, dau of David C. Dowling.)


Note: 1. Change contributed by Ms. Gail Moore, a g-g-granddaughter.

Note: 2. Ms Phyllis Warren, g-g-granddaughter of Nancy Taylor confirms that Nancy was first married to John Dowling, but he is not the son of David C. Davis was his oldest brother. John and David's father was Jabez Lazarus, Sr., who married Honor Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Benjamin Davis. Jabez Lazarus, was the son of Jabez and Rececca. The children of Nancy and Harley were, (1) Henry b., born Feb 6, 1890. (2) Minnie, born Apr 11, 1893. (3) Linnie (fm), born Jan 31, 1895. (4) Nancy, born Dec 24, 1896. (5) Matthew, born October 13, 1899.

14. Lavicy, b. 1851, m. Charles T. Lyens (Lyons).


15. Mary M., b. 1851, m. Samuel D. Lyens (Lyons).


The Hickox home and farm was located between the present town of Hoboken and the village of Hickox. He served as Justice of peace of the 590th district, Ware County, 1833-1841. This section of Ware (County) where he lived was cut into Pierce County in its formation out of Ware in 1858, and into Brantley County in 1920.


Mr. and Mrs Hickox were faithful members of the Primitive Baptist Church. They were originally members of High Bluff Church into which they were received and baptized March 10, 1841. Four years later when the church "on the Buffalo" was organized nearer their home, they were dismissed by letter Jan. 11, 1845, (from the High Bluff Church) to enter into its organization.


They continued members at Hickox until their deaths. This church is located in the edge of the little village known as Hickox, and is named New Hope Church. Mrs Hickox died Feb. 2, 1884, and he died Feb. 24, 1887. They were buried in the cemetery at the (New Hope) church.


David Hickox was a private in the *Indian Wars*, serving in Capt. James Jones' company, Ware County militia, Aug. 26th to September 15, 1840.




1850 CENSUS-WARE COUNTY: DAVID HICKOX Age 52 (1898) born in Connecticut; Prty=$200. Sarah Wife Age 36 est 1814, Drusilla Age 18. James Age 17. Nancy Age 15 . Benjamin Age 13. David Age 11. Jonathan Age 11. Perry Age 9 . Sarah Age 7. Isaac Age 6. Keziah Age 2. Harley Age 1. Jacob 2/12 mos.


1860 CENSUS-PIERCE COUNTY: DAVID HICKOX Age 62 Born in Conn., Farmer. Sarah Altman Age 47. Drusilla Age 28 married John L. Warren 8/18/1876. Perry Age 18 married Ardellia Harris 4/11/1867. Isaac Age 16 died young. Keziah Age 15 died young. Hardy J. Age 12 married Nancy Dowling, dau of David . Levicy Age 9 married Charles T. Lyens. Mary M. Age 9 married Samuel Lyens.


1860 CENSUS-PIERCE COUNTY (Also shown was a Married Son of David): BENJAMIN HICKOX Age 23 born in Ga., son of David. Elizabeth Age 17 wife, daughter of Micajah Crews


1900 CENSUS-WARE COUNTY: Father "JOHN" HICKOX born March, 1839, in Georgia. Mother Lucinda born April, 1842, in Georgia, Brother Levi born February, 1883, in Georgia WALTER C. HICKOX born in April, 1885 in Georgia. Brother Matthew M. born March, 1887, in Georgia Brother Nathaniel J. born July, 1892, in Georgia


Note: The 1900 census. The History of Pierce County makes reference to "MATTHEW M." being the son of JONATHAN. So if WALTER C. and MATTHEW M. are brothers as indicated, then WALTER'S dads name was spelled JONATHAN.


EXTRACTED FROM THE "HISTORY OF PIERCE COUNTY" compiled by Dean Broome: The History of Pierce County shows that Walter C. Hickox was buried in the High Bluff Cemetery.....born 1885...dying in 1922. The History of Pierce County shows a small picture of David and Sarah Altman Hickox, in the early 1800s, living on the Buffalo Creek in what was at one time Pierce, formerly Ware, now Brantley County.


One of his sons, JONATHAN DAVID who later served four years with the Confederate Army, and LUCY JONES (Green) were the first couple to be married in Pierce county after it was laid out as a county.


To this marriage were born 14 children (combine children in the 1900 census with those in the 1880 census). The youngest member of this family was Matthew Moses Hickox, born March 15, 1887, (the 1900 Ware Co census shows a son Nathaniel being born in 1892) who lived in Blackshear and was the father of the later Lucy Lee Hickox Summerall. M.M. Hickox died Nov. 16, 1963, and Mrs Minnie Lee Hickox his widow, died July 2, 1965. Both are buried in High Bluff Cemntery.


1880 CENSUS-PIERCE COUNTY: JONATHAN HICKOX Age 41 est 1839. Lucinda Age 39 est 1841, David Age 19 est 1861 . J. James Age 17 est 1863. Franklin Age 15 est 1865. E. Mary Age 13 est 1867. Lazarus Age 10 est 1870. Leonard Age 8 est 1872. Fleming Age 5 est 1875. Evan Age 3 est 1877. Martha Age 1 est 1879. Living with Jonathan was an Aunt Mary Harper, age 75.


1870 CENSUS-PIERCE COUNTY: JONATHAN HICKOX Age 31 est 1839. Lucinda Age 22 est 1848. John Age 10 est 1860. David Age 8 est 1862, James Age 6 est 1864. Franklin Age 4 est 1866. Mary Age 2 est 1886 . Living with Jonathan was Aunt Mary Harper, age 60.


1860 CENSUS-PIERCE COUNTY: JONATHAN HICKOX Age 21 est 1839 son of David. Lucinda, wife Age 18 est 1842 nee JONES. John Age 8 Mo. est 1860/1859. Mary Harper Age 58 living with Jonathan


NOTE: Do not be confused by differences in age between the various census years. Some census-takers were not too accurate, or were the benefactors of "what they were told".. The key factors are the names..