Bibb County Churches

Churches have played a major role in the development of our nation and communities.
Many church records can help us with our family research. 
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Latitude Longitude Map
Aberlina Baptist Church 325048N 0833814W Macon West  
Antioch Church 324801N 0833833W Macon West  
Avondale Church 324310N 0833908W Warner Robins NW
Avondale Church (historical) 324114N 0833718W Warner Robins NE  
Bass Church 325150N 0834132W Macon West  
Bethel Church 324728N 0834737W Lizella  
Bloomfield Church 324850N 0834204W Macon West
Bloomfield Gardens Church 324748N 0834253W Macon West  
Bowman Church 325323N 0834447W Macon NW  
Bryant Tabernacle 325035N 0833753W Macon West  
Bryant Tabernacle Baptist Church 324943N 0833848W Macon West  
Centenary United Methodist Church 324954N 0833848W Macon West  
Central Assembly of God Church 325011N 0833821W Macon West  
Central Church of Christ 325016N 0833817W Macon West  
Christ Episcopal Church 325019N 0833736W Macon West  
Church of God in Christ 324942N 0833828W Macon West  
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith 324934N 0833804W Macon West  
Commandment Keeping Church 325109N 0834550W Lizella  
Community Church 324808N 0833858W Macon West  
Congregation Sherah Israel 325006N 0833800W Macon West  
Congregational Holiness Church 324945N 0833825W Macon West  
Damascus Church 324811N 0835055W Lizella  
Doles Church 325102N 0834542W Lizella  
Duresville Church (historical) 325155N 0833513W Macon East  
Eagle Cane Chapel (historical) 325221N 0833733W Macon West  
Ebenezer Baptist Church 324936N 0833828W Macon West  
Ebenezer Church 324934N 0834301W Macon West  
Elizabeth Church 324705N 0833933W Macon West  
Evergreen Church 324435N 0834324W Warner Robins NW  
Faith Church 324926N 0833146W Macon East  
Faith Temple 324725N 0834742W Lizella  
Fambro Chapel 325127N 0834741W Lizella  
First Baptist Church 325011N 0833804W Macon West  
First Baptist Church 325016N 0833803W Macon West
First Church of Christ Scientist 325027N 0833824W Macon West  
First Congregational Church 325031N 0833830W Macon West  
First Presbyterian Church 325018N 0833747W Macon West  
First Street United Methodist Church 324954N 0833810W Macon West  
Fountain Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church 325040N 0833820W Macon West  
Fulton Baptist Church 324940N 0833805W Macon West  
Glenwood Hills Church 324817N 0833956W Macon West  
Greater Friendship Baptist Church 324940N 0833818W Macon West  
Green Street Church 325048N 0833821W Macon West  
Hazzard Church 324939N 0834443W Macon West  
High Point Church 324831N 0833936W Macon West  
Highland Hills Church 325149N 0833734W Macon West  
Hillcrest Church 325033N 0834059W Macon West  
Holsey Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 325019N 0833813W Macon West
Holy Grove Church 325149N 0834947W Lizella  
Houston Heights Church 324701N 0833944W Macon West  
Howard Chapel 325317N 0834630W Bolingbroke  
Ingleside Church 325307N 0834035W Macon NW  
Ingleside Church 325115N 0834033W Macon West  
Lakeview Chapel 325000N 0834736W Lizella
Lanier Heights Church 324847N 0833410W Macon East  
Lizella Church 324819N 0834911W Lizella  
Lundies Chapel (historical) 325414N 0834300W Macon NW
Lundy Chapel 325432N 0834244W Macon NW  
Lynmore Church 324815N 0833856W Macon West  
Macedonia Baptist Church 324924N 0833750W Macon West  
Macedonia Church (historical) 324731N 0834841W Lizella  
Midway Church 325039N 0835105W Lizella
Mikado Church 324732N 0833913W Macon West  
Mount Olive Baptist Church 324954N 0833827W Macon West  
Mount Pleasant Church 324452N 0834412W Warner Robins NW  
Mount Pleasant Church 324516N 0834435W Macon West  
Mount Zion Church 324159N 0834102W Warner Robins NW  
Mulberry Street United Methodist Church 325023N 0833747W Macon West  
New Elim Church 324435N 0834253W Warner Robins NW  
New Hope Church 324248N 0833936W Warner Robins NW  
New Piney Grove Church (historical) 325331N 0834052W Macon NW  
Northside Church 325412N 0834313W Macon NW  
Ocmulgee Church 324634N 0833344W Macon East  
Park Memorial United Methodist Church 325557N 0834213W Macon NW  
Pine Forest Church 324734N 0834137W Macon West  
Piney Grove Church (historical) 325520N 0834426W Macon NW  
Pleasant Grove Church 324657N 0834706W Lizella  
Ross Temple Baptist Church 324919N 0833748W Macon West  
Saint Dennis Church (historical) 325026N 0835213W Lizella  
Saint James Church 324842N 0834208W Macon West  
Saint James Church 325012N 0833949W Macon West
Saint John Church 324957N 0834421W Macon West  
Saint Josephs Cathedral 325013N 0833802W Macon West  
Saint Lukes Church 324810N 0833950W Macon West  
Saint Marys Church (historical) 325603N 0834221W Macon NW  
Saint Matthews Church 325132N 0833609W Macon East  
Saint Pauls Episcopal Church 325010N 0833827W Macon West  
Sardis Church 324302N 0834235W Warner Robins NW  
Second Baptist Church 324931N 0833820W Macon West  
Shiloh Church 324833N 0834436W Macon West  
Stewart Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church 325009N 0833811W Macon West  
Stinsonville Church 325144N 0834048W Macon West  
Swift Creek Baptist Church 324951N 0833215W Macon East  
Tabernacle Baptist Church 324947N 0833805W Macon West  
Tattnall Square Baptist Church 324957N 0833857W Macon West  
Tattnall Square Presbyterian Church 325002N 0833840W Macon West  
Temple Beth Israel 325020N 0833801W Macon West  
Thomaston Road Church 325011N 0834452W Macon West  
Tremont Temple Baptist Church 325008N 0833810W Macon West  
Turners Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal Church 324940N 0833803W Macon West  
Union Chapel 324645N 0833349W Macon East  
Union Church (historical) 325321N 0834753W Bolingbroke  
United Church 325315N 0834744W Bolingbroke  
Washington Avenue Presbyterian Church 325018N 0833808W Macon West  
West Lawn Church 324918N 0834107W Macon West  
White Spring Church 324826N 0835037W Lizella  
Willingham Chapel 324956N 0833856W Macon West  
Wolf Creek Church 325147N 0834305W Macon West  

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