William Richard  Gullins
One the back of the photo it says: "Compliments of W. R. Gullins to Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Bell Milledgeville, Ga Perry Ga Houston Co. Oct. 17th 1889
On bottom with an hand pointing to  JH “Souvenir”.
Photograph submitted by Theresa Page

 "He was a traveling preacher from Putnam County, GA. Throughout the years he became instrumental in developing the A.M.E church. He began his ministerial career in 1884 in Eatonton, Ga. He served Louisville, Ga, Bastow, Ga, Perry, Ga, Powersville, Ga, and Milledgeville, Ga., teaching in each place as well as acting as pastor. In 1892 he was appointed to Danville, Va., 1894 Roanoake, Va., 1895-1897 Richmond Va., 1897 Farmville, Va. Then a second term in Richmond."  Centennial Encyclopedia of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Volume 1 , pub. 1916, by John Russell Hawkins

 His brother, David Gullins,  did a slave narrative with the W.P.A., in 1936. See below.

Excerpt from Slave Narrative
District No. 1. W.P.A.
Editor and Research Ruth A. Chitty
Supervisor J.E. Jaffee
October 16, 1936

I found a slave narrative from David Goodman Gullins. Born in 1854 in Putnam, County on Greensboro Rd. 31/2 miles from Eatonton. His mother's name was Catharine Mappin. Her last name was Mappin because the family was owned by J. W. Mappin. He had one brother at the time of this narrative given in 1936 name W. R. Gullins or Willie Richard Gullins.  The last name Gullins was adopted after slavery from a clown that came to town. There is even a Gullinsville settlement in Putnam County.


Contributed by: Theresa Page

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