Veal-Solomon Family Photos, Baldwin County Georgia

Home of 100 Slave Barn - Fomer Lamar Fairfield Plantation, Baldwin County, Ga.

Lattimore Cem. #2, Unmrk. Headstone| Barbara Reeves, Ellen Solomon, Willie Collins | Sue Harrington, Sarah Brantley, Johnette B.

 Mamie Solomon Veal                      | Katie Webster Pearson late 1880's

Katie Pearson Solomon and Mamie Veal Solomon's Headstone
Friendship Baptist Church Society Cemetery

"The Solomon Color Purple"
from left to right: Gladys Veal Gladys Veal Bolden "Sweet", VEAL SIX #4 (Mamie Solomon's Daughter),  June Sykes (Mamie's Nephew) and Ellen Solomon (Mamie's Niece)

 Class of 1957, Boddie High School, Milledgeville, Ga.
Gladys Veal Bolden's  "Sweet", VEAL SIX #4 and Ellen Solomon (Mamie Solomon's Niece) are among the students here.

Gladys Veal Bolden "Sweet", VEAL SIX #4, Easter 1957

Gladys Veal Bolden "Sweet"VEAL SIX #4 & Earl Bolton's Wedding May 2, 1963

Juanita Veal Madison,  Graduation, Allen University, June 1962

Mattye Veal Binion, Graduation, Fort Valley State College, May 1971

Alton Veal Graduation, College of Staten Island  New York, 1981.

Annie Veal Brooks VEAL SIX #2
Annie Veal Brooks, VEAL SIX # 6 was taught by Sallie E.Davis (M'ville 1st Black School Teacher) and taught at Sallie E. Davis Elem. She was born, raised, taught and buried in Milledgeville on the Veal Solomon Hwy named in her parents honor. Black and White Students alike, now in their 60's, tell me my mother was the best teacher they ever had; and several came to her funeral still clutching the first book they owed saying she gave it to them.

              Mother Goose Play School, New York, 1960's|

          Annie in Van Der Meer Marketing
Campaign, Hilton Head
Tennis Academy (right)

Graduation Photo

Johnette Brooks at Man Moore's cabin

 Dr. Tonya Williams-Saunders Ed|  Doctorate  Graduation Day with
Grandparents, Dr. Yvonnecris Veal. Mother and Grandmother of Veal Doctorate Five #4 and Rev. Henry Veal, II.

Dr. Tonya Williams-Saunders in Doctoral Cap and Gown, Argosy University, 2010,

1966 Boddie Grad HS and Tonya's Mother, Myra Veal Fountain, AA Degree Bealuh Bible College, 2006, Atlanta, GA.
2010 Bachelor's Candidate until her passing in 2007.

Tonya's Siblings-Rev. Henry Veal III and Sgt. Henry Veal's, Great Grands.
L-R Back
1.  Makeba Williams: Current Veal Masters Candidate and 2010 Spelman Honors Grad
2,  Tonya Sunders: Veal Doctorate Five
3.  Sgt. Angela Hill Shelton:  US Air Force (Retired)
4. In Front: Pvt. Linton Williams, III.

Tonya's Daugther, Donya Saunders, 2011 Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL

Dr. Yvonnecris Veal, First Female Board of Directors, National Medical Association (African American equivalent to the American Medical Association;.Spouse of Rev. Henry Veal, II. (Veal Triple Double #2); Mother and Grandmother of Veal Doctorate Five #3, and Veal Doctorate Five #5, Dr. Tonya Saunders, respectively. Magazine Cover, Journal. National Medical Association, Vol. 88, No. 6. June 1996.

Frank Veal, Ed. D. , VEAL DOCTORATE # 1 
Rev. Henry Veal, I's Grandson,
son of Joseph Veal

Maude Veal, wife of Frank Veal, 1955

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Submitted by Johnette Brooks, a Milledgeville native, 3rd generation family historian, member of the National Association of Professional Genealogists, Guest Lecturer for the Atlanta History Central,  Central Georgia Genealogy Society Baldwin County African American Genealogist Specialists; AAHGS Metro Atlanta and Founder of HOLLA at ya

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