Veal - Solomon Family Trees

Gladys Veal Bolden "Sweet",VEAL SIX #4  Easter, 1957

     Veal's Café was the 1st Negro Cafe in Downtown Milledgeville with a Coca-Cola Sign. The Veal Café was owned by the Veal Family Founders of Education, Sgt. Henry Veal, II and Mamie Solomon Veal. From 1937 – 1957. The Café was the preferred watering hole for World War II traveling African American solders to eat, drink adult beverages and socialize. It opened prior to World War II.  Local oral history says many of the courthouse workers (all GEAPs) used their first downtown “Take Out Window” to buy a Fish Sandwich and Coca Cola Combo for a nickel. Henry, II stationed in France during World War I, was the cook to the Caucasian (Good European American)  People, pronounced "JEEP" Army officers.  Coca-Cola Authorization.

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Rev. Henry Veal, I 1847

Lyman Veal 1870

Pauline Veal Morgan 1902

Sgt. Henry Veal, II 1895 – 1970

Joseph Veal 1873

Katie M. Woolfork after 1930

Sandra W. Jones  M’ville AA Tour Guide

Molly Morgan Kelsey 1924

Marilyn Kelsey Gordon Slater’s Funeral Home

Frank Veal, Ed.D. 1908 – 1969

Rosa Veal Franklin 1912

Hal Franklin, MD 1948 – 1997

Katie Veal Hill, BS 1921 – 1986

Rev. Henry Veal, III, 1925 - 2011 DOUBLE MASTERS

Annie Veal Brooks, MS 1927 – 2006 Ivy League

Mattye Veal Binion, MS  1935 - 2006

Gladys Veal Bolden, BS 1937 – 1989

Juanita Veal Madison, MS 1941, Ivy League

George Veal, BS 1943 VEAL SIX #6

Kenyetta Veal, MS 1974

Myra Veal, AA 1946 - 2007

Tonya Saunders
Doctorate of Makeba Williams, BS. Masters Candidate

GA Archives Pearson Solomon Webster Ancestral Calendar & Family History Book on file.

Home of 100 Slave Barn-Fomer Lamar Fairfield Plantation, Baldwin County, Ga.
Gen. 1 - Henry Webster b 1832 married 
Jane Liggins b 1832 

Gen 2 - Elvira Webster Pearson 1855-1922
married Augustus Pearson in 1872. 

Gen. 3 - Katy Pearson Solomon 1872 – 1952
 married 1896 James Solomon 1876

Gen. 4 - Mamie Solomon Veal 1900 – 1953
married Jan 24, 1920 Sgt. Henry Veal, II

Gen. 5 Annie Veal Brooks 1927 - 2006
Calvin Coolidge Brooks married Annie Veal Brooks in 1950.

Gen. 6 - Johnette Brooks b. 1959
1st Baldwin Co. African American Genealogist

Gen. 7 - Landria and Ceylin Brooks,
daugters of Calvin Brooks, II kids-Henry Veal, II

Family Tree Branches

1. Veal - Oliver Branch - Descendants of John Veal,(born 1876) Children, Grands and Great Grands of 
John's Granddaughter, Euretha "Polly" Veal-Oliver (1927-2009)

2. Veal - Lawrence Branch Descendants of John Veal (born 1876) ( Must update names later) Lawrence Brothers, 
Flagg Chapel Baptist Church @ Euretha "Polly" Oliver's Funeral, 2009.

3. Veal - Morgan, Kenneth Morgan, Descendant of Lyman Veal (born 1870, Eldest Son of Henry Veal, I ) B.S. Former, GBI Agent GA and Current Ft. Valley, State College and University, Chief of Public Safety, and brother of VEAL MASTERS GRAD, Thomas Morgan, MA -1967 Boddie High School Honors Graduate, MA George Washington University, Washington,DC not pictured here.

4. Veal Collier Branch - Left - Right: 

Veal Family of Ed - Generation #3 Spouse: William Thomas Collier (May 15, 1895 - October 26, 1977), Milledgeville's 1st African American Juror, Founder of Milledgeville American Post 523 and Chief Builder of Milledgeville First Black School, Carver; Set up Georgia Brick Mason's Union Local 13.

Veal Family of Ed - Generation #3 Descendant - Luzella Veal Collier (March 5, 1895 - September 12, 1971) Baldwin County School Teacher and Retired Baldwin Hospital Nurse , Veal Descendant daughter of Henry Veal's Older Brother, Joseph Veal (born 1883) and Wife of William Collier, Grandmother of VEAL DOCTORATE FIVE # 2 & 3 Hal Franklin and Bettye Collier-Thomas;

Veal Family of Ed - Generation #4 - Thomas Joseph Collie, Sr.   Veal Triple Double Masters Graduate, Both Masters from GA College and State University. Father of Dr. Betty Collier-Thomas, Baldwin County School Teacher.

Veal Family of Ed - Generation #5 - Thomas Joseph Collier, Jr - Brother of Dr. Betty Collier-Thomas

Veal Family of Ed - Generation #6 - Andrew Collier

Veal Solomon Clan, 1997 Family Reunion Cruise.

  • GA Senate Resolution 343 - Part VIII-H Veal Solomon Highway

  • GA Archives Pearson Solomon Webster Ancestral Calendar & Family History Book on file.

  • PBS African American Lives

  • GA Secretary of State DISTINGUISHED CITIZENS Senate Resolution 32

  • Sen. Donzella James Milledgeville's Veal's Cafe Press Conference

  • VEAL DOCTORATE FIVE# 2 - Frank Veal, University President

  •  VEAL DOCTORATE FIVE # 3 - Bettye Collier-Thomas, Ph.D,-  Expert  Historian  a. Temple University Professor

  •      Bettye Collier-Thomas African-American History, Archives Found and Director
               Her 6th Book: Jesus, Jobs and Justice
  •  VEAL DOCTORATE FIVE# 4 - Micheal Veal, Ph..D

  •        His Book: FELA
  • VEAL FAMILY Masters Candidate & HISTORIAN # 3 - Johnette Brooks

  •        Hollar At Ya Ancestors
           Association of Professional Genealogists/Johnette Brooks


    Submitted by Johnette Brooks, a Milledgeville native, 3rd generation family historian, member of the National Association of Professional Genealogists, Guest Lecturer for the Atlanta History Central,  Central Georgia Genealogy Society Baldwin County African American Genealogist Specialists; AAHGS Metro Atlanta and Founder of HOLLA at ya

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