Baldwin County Georgia 1860 Teachers
Baldwin County,Ga.Teachers
City of Milledgeville, GMD 320
Catherine C. Mitchell
Mr. Tracy
Castledana Cotting
Carolyn Fair (poor school)
Hannah E. Horton
John T. Lane
Sarah M. Candler (poor school)
Martha E. Candler
Pittsburg/Brown's Crossing, GMD 319
Andrew J. Stephenson

Smith's District- Meriwether , GMD 318 
Samuel H. Hughes
Charles W. Snead
Lafayette Carrington (poor school)
Midway/Scottsboro, GMD 321
Samuel E. Scudder
Julia C. Cooper
James H. Allen
Samuel K. Talmadge
Robert G. Smith
Charles Lane
Gumm Dist.-North/E. Oconee River, GMD 105
William M. Gray
Coopers/Stevens Pottery -Hill's Dist., GMD 322 
Margaret Rose
Robert Smith
Salem Dist./Black Springs/GMD 115 
John W. Vinson
Charles T. Bayne
Sources: 1860 Federal Census; Acts of The General Assembly of Ga. passed in 1859
Teachers  in Milledgeville in 1869
Miss Rockwell, Miss Horton ,Miss Herty, Mrs. Orme, Miss Davidson
Mrs. Carrington, small private school 
Mrs. Roberts, large private school
Miss Cotting
Atlanta Constitution 6-18-1869
Some Baldwin County School Teachers in 1917
 Susie Stanton, Myrtle McDerment, Emmie Moran, Pauline Maxwell, Ruth Chappell, Mrs. O. B. Pearson, Mary Blitch, Mary L.Ivey,  Agnes Stembridge, Annie Clyde Bivins, Lorinne Banks, Leone barber, Viola Leonard, Florelle Holt, Emily Keller, Viola Hill, Sarah Barnes,  Eula Simpson, Mattie Vaughn, Laura Belle Stembridge, Mildred Stembridge, Etta Stiles, Mamie Torrance. Atlanta Constitution March 25, 1917


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