Stevens Pottery, Georgia  

Stevens Pottery, Ga.

Named after Henry Stevens who had a saw mill and pottery here which for a time after the civil war was the largest industry in Baldwin County.

The post office  was established in 1872 and closed in 1976.

The C.C.C. Camp, "Camp Dixie" was  established Aug. 16, 1935, and located 3 miles west of Stevens Pottery.

See article from The Macon Telegraph about the Twin Cities Coopers and Stevens Pottery

The Stevens Family

Stevens Pottery 1898

1910 Post Card

Rusty Iron Remains Of The Pottery 2003
Photo by Eileen Babb McAdams

March 2012
Photo by Eileen Babb McAdams

Site of of old depot
March 2012
Photo by Eileen Babb McAdams

Stevens House built 1895
Owners: John Henry Stevens-M.M. & Irene Stevens Stapler-Edwards-Daniels-Presswood-Dugan
Photo by Eileen Babb McAdams

Matilda Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery is across the road
from the house. The church has been torn down.
Photo by Eileen Babb McAdams

Bone House
Photo courtesy of Wright Banks Realty, Milledgeville, Ga.

News Articles

Biographies of John Easter Minter and Maurice Martin Minter

List of some Stevens Pottery Employees 1870 - 1910

Stevens Pottery 1893

     General Stores:  Echols & Watkins
     General Store & Livery   W.T. "Bob" Weaver
     Manufacturer   Stevens Bros & Co. Inc. (fire brick & sewer pipe) (also Atlanta)

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