City Sexton Reports
City Sexton's Report
Interments in the City Cemetery Dec. 7, 1879 - Jan. 4, 1885
only reports with names are listed. Published in the Union & Recorder
week ending Dec. 7, 1879 -
One adult-white-resident-Capt. W. T. Williamson
One child-colored-resident-Minnie Adams
One child-colored-resident-Isaiah Serean

week ending Jan. 4th, 1880
One adult-colored-resident-Mariah Fowler

week ending Jan 11, 1880
One adult-non-resident-colored-John Folsom, age 31

week ending Jan. 24, 1880
One adult-resident-colored-Wilson Walker

week ending  March 7th, 1880
One adult-colored-resident-Sallie Baugh, age 30 years

week ending March 28, 1880
One adult-colored-resident-Altha Green

week ending June 6, 1880
One adult-white-resident-George L. Deming
One adult-white-non-resident-William Dasher
One adult-white-non-resident-Jas. L. Robinson
One adult-colored-resident-John Warren

week ending June 27th, 1880
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Sherlock, age 39

week ending July 4, 1880
One adult-white-resident-Meritt Wilson
One adult-colored-resident-Albert Calhoun

week ending August 8th, 1880
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. S. Tuttle

week ending Sep. 17th, 1880
One child-colored-resident-Jane Hays, age 27 months
One adult-colored-resident-Stephen Mason, age 51 years

week ending  April 23, 1881
One adult-colored-resident-Tabitha Stubbs

week ending May 1, 1881
One adult-colored-resident-Gabe Giles

week ending May 15, 1881
One child-colored-resident-Samuel Jarratt

week ending May 22, 1881
One adult-white-resident-Miss Susan Whitehead
One child-white-resident-Wiley Williamson
One child-white-non-resident-Hattie C. Thomson
One child-colored-resident-Angeline Graham

week ending July 3, 1881
One child-white-resident-Monroe S. C. Evans

week ending July 10th, 1881
One adult-colored-resident-Patience Lundon

week ending July 17th, 1881
One adult-non-resident-Mrs. Eugenia Walls
One adult-colored-resident-Mrs. Ann Quarker

week ending July 24th, 1881
One adult-non-resident-Benjamin Kinchen
One child-colored-resident-James Ferrell

week ending July 31st, 1881
Two children-white-residents-A. M. Cone and Eddie Gray

week ending August 7, 1881
One adult-colored-resident-Simon Jones
One child-colored-resident-Bell Fears

week ending August 14th, 1881
One child-white-non-resident-Willie Brown

week ending August 28, 1881
Two adults-white-non-residents-Mrs. M. J. Kenan, Mr. Peterson Thweatt
One child-white-non-resident-E. A. Walls

week ending September 5th, 1881
Two adults-white-non-resident-Mrs. L. Champion, Mr. Thomas L. Jenkins, Sr.
Two adults-colored-resident-Margaret Harrison, Chas. O'neal

week ending September 18th, 1881
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. O. H. Fox
One child-white-resident-Thos. Norwood Stembridge
One child-non-resident-Edith Thomas
One adult-colored-resident-Silly Ann Roberts

week ending October 9th, 1881
One adult white-non-resident-James Oliver

week ending October 23, 1881
One adult-white-resident-A. F. Bayne
One child-white-non-resident-Roberts Carr

week ending October 28th, 1881
One child-colored-resident-Jane Rogers

week ending November 6th, 1881
One adult-white-resident-J. H. Stembridge
Once child-white-resident-Jonnie Trippe

week ending November 20th, 1881
One child-white-non-resident-Rosa Brooks
One adult-colored-non-resident-Frank Rogers

week ending November 27, 1881
Two children-white-resident-Nora Stembridge, Eddie Beeland.
One child-colored-resident-Sarah H. Prince

week ending December 11, 1881
Two adults-white-non-resident-Charles Cook, Thomas Lyons

week ending December 25th, 1881
Two adults-white-non-resident-Josiah Tibbets and J. H. Fromer

week ending January 1st, 1882
One child-white-resident-Mamie Head

week ending January 8th, 1882
Two adult-white-resident-Capt. W. W. Williamson, N. M. Cromwell

week ending April 9th, 1882
One child-white-non-resident-Jesse Louise Morse
One child-colored-resident-Emma Mitchell

week ending April 16th, 1882
One child-white-resident-Carrie White

week ending May 7th, 1882
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Martha Comby

week ending May 21st, 1882
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Emma Thomas
One adult-colored-non-resident-Ann Thomas

week ending June 4th, 1882
One child-colored-resident-Joseph Ferrell

week ending June 25th, 1882
One child-colored-resident-Mattie Hickland
One child-colored-resident-Frank Alexander

week ending July 4th, 1882
One adult-white-resident-Daniel Tucker

week ending July 9, 1882
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. B. Hannah
Once adult-colored-non-resident-Mariah Williams

week ending August 20th, 1882
One adult-white-resident-John Casey
One child-white-resident-Samuel Evan's child

week ending September 3rd, 1882
One adult-colored-resident-Kitty Williams

week ending October 22, 1882
One adult-colored-resident-Emma Roberson
One adult-colored-non-resident-Elmira Smith

week ending October 22, 1882
One adult-colored-resident-Eliza Reynolds

week ending November 5th, 1882
One adult-colored-resident-Ben. Ingram

week ending November 12, 1882
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Mary Lou Wright
One child-white-resident-Carrie Kenan
One adult-colored-resident-Carrie Brown

week ending November 19th, 1882
One adult-white-resident-Samuel Cook
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Florence Andrews

week ending November 26th, 1882
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Lucretia Myrick
One child-white-non-resident-Jane Ferrell
One adult-colored-resident-Henry Lewis

week ending December 3rd, 1882
One adult-colored-resident-Prince McAlister

week ending January 7th, 1883
One child-white-resident-Hattie Stanley
One adult-colored-resident-Nancy McComb

week ending January 28, 1883
One adult-colored-resident-William Trawick

week ending February 11, 1883
One adult-white-non-resident-Columbus Wilcox
Two adults-white-residents-W. G. Fowler and F. W. Morse

week ending February 25th, 1883
One adult-white-non-resident-William Vinson, Jr.
One adult-white-resident-Thomas Fowler
One child-colored-resident-Lou Amanda Warren

week ending April 1st, 1883
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Petronia Gray
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Sarah Ewing
One adult-white-resident-Mr. E. G. Lewis
One adult-colored-resident-Jarratt Mitchell
One adult-colored-resident-Catharine Davis

week ending April 15th, 1883
One adult-white-non-resident-R. P. Farrell

week ending April 29th, 1883
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Lestina Oliver
One adult-colored-resident-Soloma D. Foard

week ending May 13, 1883
One child-white-residet-Laura Wall
One adult-colored-resident-Katie Green

week ending May 29, 1883
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Rebecca Parks
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Hallie Nisbet
One adult-colored-resident-Dinah Colonel

week ending June 3rd, 1883
One child-white-resident-O. M. Cone
One child-colored-resident-Daniel Gibson
One adult-colored-resident-Amelia Sanford

week ending June 10th, 1883
One adult-white-resident-Miss Lizzie Cushing
One adult-white-non-resident-Miss Anna Gause
One child-white-non-resident-Albert S. Lockhart
One child-colored-resident-John Alexander
One adult-colored-resident-Elmira Hill

week ending June 17th, 1883
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Elizabeth Horton
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Martha Fort
One adult-colored-non-resident-Steward Haskinson

week ending June 24th, 1883
One adult-colored-resident-Dan Wilson
Two children-colored-residents-Howard Hunter and Sarah Davis

week ending July 1st, 1883
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Sarah Turk
One child-white-resident-William R. Nisbet

week ending July 22, 1883
One child-white-non-resident-Charles Bass
One child-colored-resident-S. A. Lester

week ending September 23d, 1883
One child-white-resident-Lucille Hendrix

week ending September 31st, 1883
One adult-colored-resident-Lou Kittrell

week ending October 7, 1883
One adult-non-resident-white-William Barnes
One child-non-resident-white-Lizzie Gardner

week ending Octobr 14th, 1883
One adult-white-non-resident-Miss Mollie Edwards
One adult-colored-resident-Lucy Sams
One child-colored-resident-William Hickland

week ending October 21st, 1883
One child-white-resident-Maud A. Posey
One child-colored-resident-Edith Moland
One child-colored-resident-James Graham

week ending October 28, 1883
One adult-white-resident-Miss Genie Roberts

week ending November 4th, 1883
Two adults-white-residents- Mrs. E. D. Stetson and Mr. Jere Beall

week ending November 18th, 1883
One adult-white-resident-James Jarratt, Jr.

week ending December 9th, 1883
One adult-white-resident-Dr. Garner Edwards
One child-white-resident-Mary C. Garrett

week ending December 16th, 1883
One adult-colored-resident-Rose Howard

week ending December 23, 1883
One adult-colored-resident-Minerva Mitchel

week ending January 27th, 1884
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Emma Ferrell

week ending February 17th, 1884
One adult-colored-non-resident-Robert Smith.

week ending March 3, 1884
One adult-colored-resident-Mary Baugh

week ending March 23, 1884
One child-white-resident-L. B. Wall

week ending April 6th, 1884
One adult-white-resident-C. W. Compton
One child-white-resident-Emma R. Ferrell
One child-colored-resident-Mary Allston

week ending April 13th, 1884
One adult-colored-resident-Robert Howard

week ending April 20, 1884
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. J. H. Sims
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Sarah Allen
One child-white-resident-Pope Barrow Evans
One adult-colored-resident-James Roberson

week ending June 1st, 1884
One child-white-resident-Leora Anzeline Scott

week ending June 15th, 1884
One adult-white-non-resident-John T. Harrison

week ending June 22, 1884
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Sallie Duggan
One adult-white-non-resident-Miss Alice Lane

week ending July 13, 1884
One child-colored-resident-T. M. Bryan

week ending July 20th, 1884
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Mary Cone
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Lizzie Whilden
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Carrie Allen
One adult-colored-resident-Asa Jemison
One adult-colored-resident-Susan Jeff

week ending July 27th, 1884
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Martha Green

week ending August 3rd, 1884
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Katie Cline

week ending August 17th, 1884
One adult-white-non-resident-Jessie Owens
One adult-colored-resident-Squash Banfield

week ending August 31, 1884
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Hortensia Cullens
One adult-white-non-resident - E. E. Renfroe
One adult-colored-residet-Ben Williams
One child-colored-resident-John E. Reeves

week ending September 14th, 1884
One adult-non-resident-white-Charles Sewell
One adult-resident-colored-Nancy Wood

week ending November 9th, 1884
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Edna Favors
One adult-white-non-resident-Mrs. Alice Stoney
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Sarah Denton
One adult-colored-resident-James Chatters

week ending November 17th, 1884
One child-white-resident-Mattie Edwards
One adult-colored-resident-Mary Ramsey
One adult-colored-resident-Eliza Fears

week ending November 23, 1884
One adult-colored-resident-Mary Sanford
One adult-colored-resident-Rebecca Holt

week ending December 7th, 1884
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Robert Cause

week ending January 4th, 1885
One adult-white-resident-George W. Haas
One adult-white-resident-Mrs. Ann Tomlinson
One adult-colored-resident-Polly William

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