Pre-Baldwin County, Ga - the early years   
Pre-Baldwin County, the early years
   The Evening Post publishes a letter from Mr. William C. Kinley (McKinley), who forwards from Milledgeville, Georgia, to the Smithsonian Institution some remarkable antiquities, relics of ancient Indian inhabitants, which were found by him in the State of Georgia. 
     Among these is a vase covered with inscriptions, of which Mr. Kinley says: "I call your special notice to the structure of the urn: first, its graceful form, equal to any pottery; second, its composition, very thin, and yet consisting of three very distinct layers; inside, white, hard, thin enamel perfectly air- and watertight; the middle layer about the thickness of fine calfskin leather; a foundation for the inner and outer coatings consisting of black sandy matter, hard third, the outer coat, graphic clay, kept in condition for writing on during the whole process of the writer's elaborate work until he could write the whole record. This written surface, if translated, would be as large as the page of an ordinary newspaper. These three layers, strata, and coatings,  are united by the highest science."
Sayings and Doings at Home and Abroad Pages: 318-320
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D. Appleton and Company. New York, Sept 6, 1873
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