Milledgeville Post Cards
Historic Baldwin County & Milledgeville Postcards
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Wayne St. early 1908

Donkey Cart with Firewood.
"J. W. "Billie Splinters" .  Early 1900's. Corner of Wayne and Hancock Sts., going east toward Oconee River. Masonic Hall is on left corner. Obit

Baldwin Hotel, about 1909.
Originally called the Milledgeville Hotel, built in 1855. Also called Hotel Baldwin. Was located at corner of  Wayne and Greene Sts.  Oliver Hardy's mother operated  the hotel when Oliver worked at The Electric Theater across the street in 1910. The hotel was torn down in 1970.

Milledgeville City Hall 1915
Confederate Monument was located at intersection of Hancock, Wilkinson St. across from courthouse and post office. Moved to S. Jefferson St. across from GMC gates 

S. Wayne Street 1910

Female Ward, Allen's Sanitarium (Invalid Home) about 1910. 
Established in 1890 on site of Old Oglethorpe University. 

Allen's Invalid Home.
Thalian Hall, on left,  was part of Oglethorpe University. Nothing is left of these two buildings.

Administrator's Building, 
Allen's Invalid Home, 1940's

Twin Buildings, Georgia State Sanitarium, early 1900's

Georgia State Santiarium/CSH
about 1905 

Center Building, Milledgeville State Hospital (CSH)

Georgia Militiary College 1907
submitted by Tom Freeman

Georgia Military College. 1911
GMC Cadet Barracks, about 1914

GMC Cadet Barracks about 1914

GMC Gate

Old Gmc Gate
submitted by Tom Freeman

Athletic Stadium GMC

Oconee River Mills around 1915.
Was on left of bridge going east of city.

Old Milledgeville Post Office. 
W. Hancock St. Built  about 1910, converted to library, now home of Milledgeville Convention and Visitor's Bureau

Chappell Hall
Ga. State College for Women.
Built 1907,demolished late 50's early 60's.
submitted by Tom Freeman

Baldwin Hotel
circa 1910

Courthouse 1930's

Ga. State College for Women 
Adminstration Building built 1917
submitted by Tom Freeman

Entrance Ga. State College for Women 1939

Terrell Hall  1930
Ga. State College for Women
Submitted by R. Elizabeth Brewer

Governors Mansion 1930
Submitted by R. Elizabeth Brewer
Governor's Mansion (right) and Annex for Ga. Normal and Industrial College (left). 1914. The annex was torn down in the 60's. The mansion is  completely restored. See Governor's Mansion

Baldwin Memorial Hospital
1950's, was on E. Greene St. across from Georgia Military College.

First Presbyterian Church
Corner S. Wayne & Greene St.

First Baptist Church
corner Franklin & S. Liberty

First United Methodist Church 1913-2003, W. Hancock St.
The new church is on Log Cabin Road

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