Georgia State Prison Farm, Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia

Old postcard of the Men's building which burned in 1910

Georgia State Prison Farm

Was located on the Macon Road (Hwy 22). 4,000 acres of land was purchased from Captain T.F. Newell in 1898.  Was created in 1899 for aged, infirm and juvenile convicts.  In 1901 the youngest prisoner was 9 year old Arthur Steele from Fulton County. The State Reformatory for boys was established in 1906 and is still in operation on Hwy. 22 as Bill Ireland Youth Development Center.  Men and Women were imprisoned here. Captain Kichen A. Foster was the first superintendant of the prison farm when it opened in May 1899. Encompassing about 4,000 acres, 1,000 of those acres were planted in cotton the first year which became profitable.  Bill Miner, Leo Frank and Mrs. Elizabeth Nobles were among the famous prisoners here.

Georgia's First Electric Chair
List of Electrocutions

This men's building built in 1911,  replaced the one burned in 1910.

State Prison Farm early 1920's

Prison Farm Building 2006
photographed by Eileen Babb McAdams

 Old State Prison Cemetery (link)

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