Misc. Bible Records - Baldwin County GA  

Records in possession of Mrs. D. F. Barrow, Athens.
James Daniel was the first husband of Mrs. James Barrow,  wife of James Barrow of Milledgeville, Ga.

BIRTHS: Children of James Daniel and wife Ann:
Jesse Daniel.....12-2-1754
Sarah Daniel......5-4-1756
Jose Daniel......12-6-1757
Levi Daniel......12-21-1759
Martha Daniel.. 1-22-1762
Mary Daniel......2-20-1765

Bible of Levi Daniel:
Jesse Daniel Austin...b. 9-9-1794
James Daniel................7-11-1797
Oaty Daniel................. 3-4-1799
(No other entries.)

Citizens of Wilkes, Baldwin, and Douglas Counties. Bible owned by Mr. Ross Dixon, Hawkinsville, Ga.

John Miller Edge, b. 8-19-1819, Baldwin Co., Ga., m. 11-19-1846, in Marietta, Ga., Clara P. A. Kolb, b. 7-25-1824, iin Newton Co., Ga., d. 7-26-1886.
Mary I. Edge, b. 1-21-1852, Marietta, Ga., m. 1-21-1868, in Campbell Co., Ga., to Frederick Aderhold, Jr.
Peter William Edge, b. 7-2-1848, in Marietta, Ga., d.4-9-1889, in Twiggs Co., Ga., m. 12-15-1870, to Harriet S. Miller.
John V. Edge, b. 6-5-1850, in Marietta, Ga., died 1-9-1901, Douglasville, Ga., m. R. B. Danforth, 3-5-1871.
Sarah Octavia Edge, b. 6-30-1855, in Campbell Co., Ga., m. Dr. J. B. Bennett of Forsyth Co., Ga, 1-11-1876.
Martha Patton Edge, b. 6-27-1864, near Fairburn, Ga., d. 5-22-1888, in Douglasville, Ga., m. 1-25-1880, Dr. Willis Westmoreland.
James Butt Edge, b. 4-16-1861, in Cobb Co., Ga., d.12-14-1905, at Cordele, Ga., m. 12-21-1882, to Annie King of Houston Co., Ga.
Jesse K. Edge, b. 11-7-1858, in Campbell Co., Ga., d. 4-17-1898, at Austell, Ga., m. 8-10-1881, Elizabeth May.
Clara Kate Edge, b.12-22-1868, in Campbell Co., Ga., d. 5-12-1922, in Hawkinsville, Ga., m. 2-3-1892 to L. M. Dixon of Macon, Ga.

BIRTHS:   Children of John Miller Edge and Clara P. A. Kolb: Peter William, John Valentine, Mary I., Martin Kolb, b. 4-30-1854, in Marietta, Ga., d. 8-22-1857, Sarah Octavia, Jesse K., James Butt, Martha Patton, Clara Kate

Bible owned by Mrs. Adolph Joseph, 1079 St. Louis Place, Atlanta, Ga.

Margaret Amelia Hardman and O'Hara Dominick Trent Fox were married in Augusta, Ga., 6-6-1864.
Ellen Elizabeth, b. 1866, m. to James T. Ellett, 8-10-1910, in Baltimore, Maryland
Mary Alice, b. 1868, Milledgeville, Ga.
Adolph Joseph, b. 5-3-1893, Milledgeville, Ga.
O'Hara D. T. b. 1870, Milledgeville, Ga.  m. Julian Culver, 3-10-1898
Clarence, b. 1872, Milledgeville, Ga. m. Miss Frances Bell, 11-5-1898.
William Hardman, b. 1900
Robert, b. 1902

Source: Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1926

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