Fraley Ferry and Mill
Fraley's Ferry and Mill
 Memoirs of Tut Taylor
"There was a mill not to far up the river from Fraley's Ferry where we lived. We moved into Milledgeville sometime around 1930. There was a dam to be built and all the folks in the basin had to move out. Ironically the dam wasn't finished. As a teenager my friends and I often went back up to Fraley's Ferry and played in the river near the ruins of the old mill. (note: in operation in 1890)  At that time there were some stone pillars at the edge of the river and parts of the raceway that diverted the stream to power the wheel. The water rushed through at a tremdous speed. We didn't play there...too dangerous even for adventures boys.
My folks operated the ferry. They told of many experiences with it. I'll give you one.....The work crews cutting down the trees and clearing out the basin stayed near my grandmothers home. They were quarted in some hastily thrown up buildings and my and grandmother and others were involved in feeding the crew. When they went into town they would come down and ride across on the ferry. ( It was called a "flat" in those days. One very hot day after getting on the ferry one of the workers jumped off the ferry into the river and never came up.They searched for the body by floating bales of hay down the river. It was
thought that the hay woud stop over the body. They never found him. I don't know how the idea of the hay came about. No one ever told me. was good then but tough. I'm glad I had a part of it."

Tut Taylor

Map is 1912 map, surveyed in 1909 by the Department of the Interior

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