Eddy School, Milledgeville, Ga.
Eddy School
Milledgeville, Ga.

First African American school in Milledgeville was opened in 1866 by the  American Missionary Society; Five white teachers were provided by the Freedman's Bureau.  The school was first located in Flagg's Baptist Church.
1869 - In March 1869 a large, new school located behind Flagg Chapel church and the land donated by the city and the school became financially supported by the city.
1871 - Hamilton "Hamp" Brown was elected Commissioner for the third ward schools in 1871. Trustees were H. Harris, 1 yr, and J. Hill, 3 yrs.
1874 - In  1874  R. L. Chatters was the principal of the High School
1880 - In 1880 Mr Chatters was principal and his assistants were Henry L. Walker and Miss Jennie F. Wynn.  teachers were P. S. Russell, Florence Ford, Ella M. Myrick and Gertrude P. Lofton were teachers. There were 200 students enrolled.
1881 - O. L. Chatters Principal. Ella Marlow ran a boarding house for the transient teachers. Henry L. Walker principal of the boys.
1882 - George A. Goodwin was a teacher in 1882. J. Hill was chairman of the board of trustees
1883 - George A Goodwin left the school to presume his studies.
1884 - O. L. Chatters Principal, J. E. Hill, trustee, James Phillips trustee
1885 - O. L. Chatters was principal in 1885, Madeline Phillips, 1st Assistant and Anna Jackson 2d assistant.
1886 - Salary per month in 1886 Prinicipal $30, 1st Assistant $25; 2nd Assistant $20. Florence Foard was elected 3d Assistant.
1887 - Jan 1887 P. Russell was elected Principal, M. D. Phillips, 1st Assistant, Florence Foard 2d Assistant
1888 - P. S. Russell, principal, Ella Myrick, 1st assistant, F. F. Foard, 2nd assistant, Gertrude Lofton, 3d assistant.   In August 1888, Ella Myrick was elected 1st assistant to fill the place of Florrine Foard, deceased and Mollie Bruce was elected 2nd Assistant in place of Ella Myrick
1889. W. H. West was elected principal in Feb 1889. Teachers were J. H. Echols, Fanny Johnson, Cora H. Bruce and Annie B. Price. Cora H. Bruce was replace by Molley Smalley in June 1889.
1890 - All grades Mrs. Mary Rice Phelps was assistant principal. Mattie Smalley resigned and  G. W. Rowland was elected First Assistant teacher in Nov 1890
1891. Mollie Smalley teacher, J. N. Clay principal, Teachers were 1st assistant, Mamie Rice, 2nd assistant Carrie Heard, 3rd assistant Rose Tarver. 303 students were admitted, average attendance 217. The school was in bad repair and at least five teachers were needed.
1892 - Rev. J. N. Clay was principal in 1892 and there were 250 students in attendance.  Teachers were Carrie L. Heard, 1st assistant, Leola B . Sanford, 2nd assistant, Mary A. Sparks, 3rd assistant.
1894 - F. S. Belcher, elected principal An addition was added in 1894, most of the work done by Alonzo Slater. Sol. Barrett and J. W. McMillan raised the $500 by subscprition. The work was done under the supervision of Hamp Brown, Jack Hill and other trustees of Eddy Academy.
1895 - 1896  - F. S. Belcher, principal. Teachers - Ross Turner, Mary Sparks, Madeline D. Stiles
1897 - F. S. Belcher, who was principal for 3 years gave up position to attend collece, was replaced by Mr. Canty
1898 -Prof. Noah W. Curtright of Greensboro was elected principal. His 3 assistants were Miss Gertrude H. Murray, Mrs. Mattie S. White and Mrs. Madaline D. Stiles and 164 pupils were enrolled.
1899 -  1899 the school had to be enlarged again. Albert B. Cooper was principal in 1899.
1900 - Teachers: 1900 - Gertrude M. Lites, M. E. Davis, M. D. Stiles, Mollie M. Ellis.
1901 - Albert B. Cooper, Principal
1902 - In 1902 there were 350 pupils enrolled.  Albert B. Cooper, Principal. 350 students enrolled
1903 -  Albert B. Cooper, Principal. 350 students enrolled. Manual training department was established in Sep. 1903.  In December items made by the students such as wheel barrows, chairs, sofa pillows, hat racks, handkerchiefts, etc where exhibited at the Odd Fellows Hall and many sold for the pupse of paying the expense of the department.
1905 - Prof. Albert Brown Cooper resigned in 1905 when he took a position at Morris Brown College in Atlanta and was replaced by J. S. Wingfield, formerly of Washington, Ga. Teachers: Gertrude L. Lites, Frances Martin, Anna L. Myrick, Hattie E. Pritchard, Madaline Stiles.
1909 George Washington Principal
1910 - In March of 1910 George Washington the principal died and Prof. A. B. Cooper was elected again
1914 - Second story added in 1914. Atlanta Consititution 10-16-1914
1919 - Teachers: Sallie Davis, Lillie Bivins, Laura Hickle, Nettie James, Annie Steels, Gertrude Hitchcock.  Sallie Ellis Davis was a teacher and a principal  here for  50 years.
The first building burned in 1925, 2nd buildingin 1946. Sallie Ellis Davis Elementary School was named after her.  Closed 1947.

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