Buffalo Soldiers born in Baldwin County, Ga  

 10th Cavalry at Battle of San Juan Hill
Milledgeville's Buffalo Soldiers,
9th and 10th Cavalry
 "Some 4,302 African American soldiers would serve in the island's between 1906 and 1909 and from 1912 to 1922, 3,400 African American soldiers served in the islands. The 9th cavalry was the last all black unit to serve in the islands and would return to America in late 1922. " http://www.boondocksnet.com/centennial/sctexts/powell98a_e.html

Emmett Brooks, born May 1878 in Milledgeville, Ga
Private, 9th Cavalry, Troop H, Companies L & E
1900 Ft. Wingate, New Mexico
Discharged March 23, 1902 at Binicia Bks California
Death Date and Burial Place Unknown

Albert Carter,born March 1879 in Baldwin County, Ga.
Private, 9th Cavalry, Troop F
1899, March 21, enlisted in Macon, Ga.
1900, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona
1912 Discharged April 3, 1912, Angel Island, Cal.

George Clark, born 1877, son of Robert and Letetia Clark. Siblings: Emma, Henry
1899 March 21, Enlisted in Macon, Ga.
1900 Ft. Wingate, New Mexico Private, 9th Cavalry, Troop H
1902  Fort Assinniboine Montana 24th Infantry, Co. G,  Discharged Nov. 26, 1902 for disability

James Arthur Gibson, born Sept.13 1880, Milledgeville, Ga. parents James A. and Julia Gibson, siblings: Walter, Thedore, Addie, Alfonso, Louise, Henry
1900 Ft. Wingate, New Mexico
1902 Feb. 13, 1902 Macon, Ga.;
(Co. G) July 30, 1902; Aug. 4, 1902;  Calamba, Philippine Islands;
Feb. 12, 1905, March 20, 1907, July 3, 1908; Fort Leavenworth KS;
Private, 9th Cavalry, Troop H.
Was a barber and lived at 303 W. Pine St. in 1918
Death Date: 05 May 1945 Age: 65 years
County of Death: Baldwin Certificate: 10715
Buried Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Ga.

Robert E. Lee, born Feb. 1878, Milledgeville, Ga.
9th Cavalry, Troop H
July 17, 1900 Ft. Wingate New Mexico;
Nov 15, 1901; Jan 4, 1902; Feb 9, 1902 - Polangui, Philippine Islands;
April 1902 Discharged from camp, Angel Island, California.
Death Date: 04 Nov 1924, County of Death: Baldwin Certificate: 31975-F
Buried Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Ga.

William Little, born April 4, 1875 in Baldwin County.
1900, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona
Private, 9th Cavalry, Troop F
"One Laurens County man was a member of the Buffalo Soldiers of the United States Army. William Little was born in Baldwin County, Georgia on April 4, 1875. Little enlisted in the army in 1898. He was assigned as a cook in Company F of the 9th U.S. Cavalry. Little remembered Col. Roosevelt as "a great fighter who would get on his horse and say 'follow me' which the men gladly did." After the war Little re-enlisted on April 11, 1899 in the 1st Cavalry. On September 16, 1900 he was shipped overseas to the Philippine Islands. Private Little was assigned as an orderly to Governor-General Arthur MacArthur. Arthur MacArthur has served as adjutant of the 24th Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War. At eighteen years of age, MacArthur led his regiment up Missionary Ridge and won the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism. MacArthur was promoted to major and then to Colonel. He was only 19 years of age. Col. MacArthur was promoted to Brigadier General during the Spanish American War. He was appointed military governor of the Philippines in 1900. Small insurrections took place until 1902. He was subordinated to a civilian governor, William Howard Taft, in 1901. MacArthur was described by one colonel as As the most egotistical man I have ever seen until I met his son. The son was the legendary, General Douglas MacArthur. After three years and 23 days of service, Little was discharged from the service. Little returned to Dublin where he was living at 606 South Jefferson Street in 1946. At the age of 85, Little was living alone but loved piddling around in his garden and going to church."
Copyright Scott B. Thompson, Jr.
Mr. Little died in Laurens County at the age of 87 on Nov. 8, 1962 .

Sol Sanford, born June 1878, Milledgeville, Ga., parents were Leroy and Lucy Sanford;
Siblings William, Stella, Howell, Lawson. His Photo on Memory Hill Cemetery website
Private, 9th Cavalry, Troop H, Wagoner, enlisted Kansas City Missouri
1900 Ft. Wingate New Mexico
1908 Camp McGrath
1910 Ft D.A. Russell, Wyoming
1911 Ft. Sam Houston, Texas
1914 Discharged May 26, 1914 at Douglas Hospital
Corporal, 9th Cavalry, Company I,
Died 1925, buried in Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledeville, Ga.

George W. Scott,born March 1879 in Milledgeville Ga.
1900,  Huachuca, Arizona
Private, 9th Cavalry, Troop F
1910 Ft D.A. Russell, Wyoming
Married in 1910  per census, wife unknown

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