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Here you can list the names of your "Brick Wall" relatives and information needed. It is a free service. Please, only request information on relatives that lived in Baldwin County or the surrounding area. Don't forget to let us know if you make a connection.

ADAMS - My grandmother, Emma Lee Adams, may have been born in Jasper County, but she lived in Jones County.  After her death, my grandfather,  Green Williamson, needed to get a court order to allow him sell the crops on the land.  I assume the land was in the name of my grandmother.  I have searched deeds in Jones County, I but have found nothing.  I understand that Jones County was formed from Baldwin County, so I am wondering whether this land was in that part of Baldwin County that became Jones.   I am trying to find the names of my grandmother's parents.  (she was b.1870 -- d.1906)  She and my grandfather are buried in the J C Hodge Cemetery near Gray. Thanks,  Louise Hendrix  5/15/2015 

ALLEN - MY GGGGRANDFATHER   Harris Allen was Mayor of Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Ga. around 1817.
If anyone has information concerning his life there, would appreciate any information anyone might like to share with me.  His wife was Cynthia Kilgore Marcus. I believe they are buried in Jones Co.. tho; Agnes Allen Lamanac.  3/17/2007

ALLEN - Trying to find the first name of James Troup Allen's father. James Troup Allen was born in 1830 to a ??  Allen and Martha Rogers Allen. According to the  book "My Children's Ancestors" by Sarah Cantey Whitaker Allen,(his daughter-in-law), James Troup Allen's  parents died when he was very young and he was raised by his grandfather, Hezekiah Rogers in Washington, County. When James Troup Allen was asked around 70 years of age his fathers name the only thing he could relate was he was born in Ulster, Ireland. James Troup Allen's sons were Dr. Henry Dawson Sr. and Judge John T. Allen. Best Regards, Mary Ann Waring Allen in Rockford,IL. 2/29/04

ALEXANDER - George Henry Alexander - born: 8 April 1848  Milledgeville GA died: 18 June 1928   Hardeman Co., TX.
      From family record: “He joined Civil War at age 14 yrs. He was never back home. He passed insite of his home chain to a flat box car. His mother passed away during the war, and his home was destroyed by the yanks. He had some step brothers and sisters. But when the war was over he didn’t go back to GA. He came to Texas instead. He never knew anything about his family. He stop spent night on his way back to GA, happen to be some one that knew his mother he told him that his mother was dead. So he came on to Texas instead.”
    Named oldest daughter Mary Elizabeth, and second daughter Myrtle Rebecca (Rebecca is mother of wife, so maybe Myrtle is his mother – or Mary Elizabeth is his mother???)
     Mother had to pass away in 1865, because he joined in 1863 – I think. I also think she had remarried and was not Mrs. Alexander at the time.
    Earliest record is Dallas County Marriages Dallas Texas, Married Mary Frances Daniel, daughter of John and Rebecca Ray Daniel, 17 Oct 1872.  S. Brandon 5/1/2007

ANDREWS/RODGERS: Looking for Joseph Andrews and Emma Rodgers families.  They were married in Baldwin Co. Ga December 28, 1891. They are my
gggrandparents. My g grandmother was their 2nd daughter, Kansis  Lillian Andrews. She married Harvey Maxwell January 13, 1913 in Grady  Co Ga.  Joseph did marry again after Emma died 1898 or 1899. 2nd wife  Lucinda ? had 3 sons, Lonnie, Felton and Garrett. Just want to find  out about Joseph and Emma.
R. Conrad 6/26/2014

BAKER, JOSEPH - I am looking for information about Joseph Baker, died in Baldwin Co., 1818, father of Jane Harris, married to Major Harris.  Major was born in GA about 1798, so maybe his family also lived in this area since at the time Joseph's will was written in 1817 they were already married.  Any information on the Harrs family would also be appreciated. Barbara Whitehead 3/8/2010

 BALDWIN - Still looking for the parents of Nancy Wiley Baldwin, born 1831.  She was born in Georgia (some say S or N, Carolina) but most say Milledgeville, GA.  I've already researched her last name.  I want to make certain my records search has been correct. She married in 1849, James E. Cearley (Kearley), had two children, then left for Texas by 1853. They settled in an area north of Austin, Texas and had many more children.  Just need to verify which of the Baldwin men was her father. He perhaps would have been born around 1800. I'm looking for her mother also. Linda Wageck 3/4/2009

BARNETT - I am looking for information of the parents of Col. Nathan C. Barnett, of Baldwin Co.  I know their names are William Barnett and Ann Crawford, and I know Ann’s lineage, but I know absolutely nothing of William Barnett, other than he was of ‘English Descent. Does ANYONE have other information on Col. Barnett’s parentage? Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Kim-Michelle Stephens 04/01/2005

BEARD - Looking for parents of James Beard born 1795 died before 1850 Coffee Co,Alabama. Married Elizabeth ? Children were William Francis, Adolphus C, Nancy K, Elizabeth, Martha Ann, John Hamilton, James Edmund, Robert B and Thomas Joseph F.
 Debra Maddox Wilson 8/12/2012

BENFORD - Looking for information on the Benford families-
   John Monroe Benford 1858-?
   Alonzo Benford  1862-1887-??
   James Robert "Jim Buck" Benford  1866-?
   Jarrott A. "Dutch" Benford  1868-1941
   Ashley M. "Ash" Benford 1871-1950 ??1952??
What I think I know that James Robert was married 3 times
  A) Elizabeth Jane Youngblood 1866-1890
  B) Elizabeth Etheridge 1866-?
  C) Susan Elizabeth "Susie" Beck  1870-?
Allen 03/14/2005

BUCHANAN - Buchanan/Buckhannon/Herrington/Harrinton/Wilson-My husband's GGGfather's family hails from Baldwin County.  In 1808 or 1809 Robert Buckhannon died there.  Robert's wife, Sarah Wilson, died there in 1825.  Their son, Samuel Buchanan was born there 3-17-1793 and married Nancy Herrington/Harrington there 3-14-1814.  Can anyone provide further info? Chris Buchanan 12/29/2009

BURGE -  Thomas Haddon (Henry) PARHAM wrote his will in Baldwin Co. Apr. 7, 1823;  probated July 7, 1823.  He listed his wife, Arden (Agnes CULPEPPER);  children: Gincy, Lisha REDDING, Mary ROGERS, Agnes DOZIER (William P. DOZER;  her 2nd marriage supposedly was to a GALLOWAY, heirs of Elizabeth  (Delilah)REDDING  (Anderson Redding); son, Rowland PARHAM his son-in-law,  Anderson REDDING; and his grandsons, John H. PARHAM And WILLIAM BURGE.
      In trying to find out who this William Burge and his parents were, I have  checked Parham records.  Since I can't find anything in Baldwin County, I  thought maybe I could find old records in the area before it became Baldwin.  I don't know which Parham daughter married a Burge.  The daughter was  probably born between 1760 and 1770. Don't know if she was one of the  daughters listed or if she was deceased when the will was written.  There are several Burges in the GA area in the 1800's that I continue to  place.  I will really appreciate any help.  Dianne  11/8/2002

BRAZIER / PRISON RECORDS :looking for for information on prison records for Milledgeville  1895 to 1915  if anyone can please tell me where to find them. Person of interest is Tom Brazier, was there in 1903 . Thanks for any help. Tommy Lewis Rainsville, Alabama.  08/23/2006

BRAXTON, Walter Holland:   Is listed on 1850 census of Henry County, Al. as being born 1807 in SCarolina. His brother Oliver O. Braxton, Sr. -  born: 1798 in SCarolina, and Olivers wife: Darcus Miller/Braxton - born 1810 in SCarolina.  About 1829 all 3 departed SCarolina on migration to Henry County, Al.  When they stopped-over in Baldwin County, Ga.;   Walter Holland remained there.  Oliver and Darcus continued on their migration to Henry County, Al.   Walter Holland got married  and lived in Baldwin County and after  child/children were born, his family migrated to Henry County, Al.  and joined Oliver and Darcus.  Both familys lived in Henry County, Al. until 1851, when both familys then further migrated into Cerrogordo, Holmes County, Fl.  While living in Henry County, Oliver owned 5 parcels of land and 7 slaves.
  Oliver is my GG-GFather and during my search, have not found information that conflicts with the information about his being born in 1798 in SCarolina  - as indicated in the 1850 census of Henry County, Al.   However, descendents of Walter Holland have information indicating that he was born in Ga.
   MY BRICKWALL:   Unable to find and verify name of the FATHER of Walter Holland and his brother Oliver O. Braxton, Sr.  Many thanks,,,,Bill Braxton, 5088 Braxton Ln., Pace, Fl.

BREEDLOVE, JOHN ANDREW  - I am trying to find info on John Andrew Breedlove b. 1812 who was elected Sheriff of Baldwin Co. in 1856. John died in residence in Milledgeville on 18 Dec 1871 and is buried in Milledgeville City Cemetery (East Side). He was married to MARY BATSON b 1829. Any additional info would be helpful Thanks Jim McMullian   6/23/02

BROWN,HENRY - Who are the parents of Henry Brown, who died in Baldwin County, Ga. in 1826?. Supposedly he was born in NC. There seems to be few records of this man other than he married Catherine Taylor who died in Talbot GA in 1844 (and is suppsedly the daughter of Quaker named William Taylor) and they had several children, Mary Brown (who married Joseph Brown, child of Joseph Brwon of Old 96th - yes both  named Brown and Sarah McElwee.) Henry Hastings Brown (who married Mary Perry and later Exa Beall Bedingfield) Other children: Thomas, Malinda (married Cyrus Robinson), Martha (who married Young Daniel;Sarah Ann (wwho married Barney Hill. I have been looking for years and have not found parentage for either Henry Brown of his wife Catherine Taylor. It appears Henry Brown may have traveled with Sarah McElwee Brown to Baldwin when when she is a fortunate drawer in the 1805 land lottery, as she was a widow when she undertook this journey. He appears on the 1820 census in Baldwin Co. Is there a chance this man or his wife are Native American? Ronni Monroe, [email protected] 3/20/2017

BROWN/BYRD - Need information on Squire and Candis Brown, African Americans born 1835 & 1844 respectively in Baldwin County, Milledgeville, Ga.  Also Joe Lee and Francis Byrd, both born in Oconee Cty, Ga. according to vital records, but may have been Oconee Old Town, which is just south of Milledgeville in Baldwin County. Oconee Old Town was once Indian Territory so Joe Lee and Francis Byrd may have been Indians..  Unable to find any other information on them. All of these people were the parents of my great grandparents, William H. Lee(1880-1938) and Candis Mamie Brown(1887-1957). Thanks, D. Blacknall. 2/15/2011

BUTTS - I am looking for the children of George Miles and Amanda Louise Lanier Butts.   This couple was married in Sparta around 1832.  In 1850 the were in Baldwin County with 4 children, Henry, Thomas, Emma, and Columbus.   Can't find the family in 1860.  All the sons fought in the civil war for Georgia.  Don't know where they went after the war.  Emma married in Coweta Co. to my great grand father George Wolfe and came North.  I have her data.  Thanks Joyce in Ky.

CARTER - I am looking for any information about the Carter family in Baldwin County during the early 1800's.  My ancestor is Francis S. Carter and wife Margaret Taylor.  They moved to the Baldwin Co. Area from Lexington Co, S.C. around end of 1790 or beginning of 1800. I am trying to find his parents.  Francis Carter died in Baldwin County in 1815.  His sons moved on to MS, LA, TX, and AR.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks, John Carter

CHAPMAN, JOHN D. - . married Martha W. Chapman in Baldwin Co. GA on 21 Dec 1815.  I have hit a brick wall in trying to document the parents of John or Martha.  I see other Chapmans in the county at the same time----Deberry Chapman, Ambrose Chapman, and Isaiah Chapman.  I feel that they are probably related in some way but have not found any wills, deeds, or court records that show any relationship.  John and Martha Chapman eventually moved to Coosa Co. Alabama where they died.  Any help would be much appreciated. Vicky 4/23/2010

COLLINS - Does anyone have a picture of Samuel B Collins, Confederate Veteran, buried in Black Springs Cemetery?  A family connection would like to have one.  Thanks K. C. Bray 4/18/2014

COOK - My information on William Cook comes from recolections of my grandfather, Joseph Anderson Cook, of the family stories handed down to him, and supporting documents.
   I found a photocopy of a  handwritten transcription of the William Cook Family Bible among my mother's papers of family history.  It gives the wife as Lucy Jones and children as James E., Emerline, Emily Hawkins, Elijah Perry, Andrew Jackson, Louisa Marion, William Henry and Lucy Ann.
   The story in my grandfather's memoirs states that the father (William) was involved in a river accident on the Occoie (sp?) in 1827 which wiped out the family financially and the mother died in 1834 of exhaustion from trying to make a living and keep the family together.
    A judgement was settled by a sale on the courthouse steps in Jones County.  Marriages of the children are recorded in Jones county, which match the "Family Bible".  I am hoping to find someone who has knowledge of the original Family Bible.
Emilyann "Bickie" Raspilair  2/6/2005

COOPER-  My great grandmother Lula Cooper (b. 1880) lived in either Hancock or Baldwin County. She married Elton STANLEY and they had several children. Looking for any information on her parents or siblings. Deborah 01/13/2015.

COOPER, BELLE POWELL - I am trying to determine the names of either parent of Belle Powell Cooper.  Belle was born either in August 1857 or 1862 in Milledgeville.  Her mother was believed to be a Cherokee slave named Sallie, Sarah or Hannah.  Belle’s father was supposedly a GA congressman from Rome, GA.  When Belle’s husband, Allen Cooper, left her approximately in 1894, she went to work for a doctor cousin (father’s side) who had recently finished medical school.  Belle worked as a nurse for the doctor primarily in Chattanooga, TN.  If anyone has any information they believe relevant, I! would greatly appreciate it. [email protected]  6/20/2003

CRENSHAW - I am trying to find records of the Crenshaw Family, in particular the family of Jeannette Arianne Crenshaw who was born in Milledgeville, Sept. 8, 1817. I suspect her perents might have been William Henry Crenshaw and Susan N. Wallace who were married in Baldwin Co., July 12, 1815. The names Henry, Susan and Wallace all come up in Jeannette's children's names. I have no further information on this family and would appreciate any leads anyone has. Thank you. [email protected]     4/20/2003

CULPEPPER - I am looking for Daniel Peek Culpepper who died in Baldwin County, GA in 1825.  I’d like to see death records for him. Suzanne Grace. 11/14/2014.

CURRY - I am looking for the ancestors of William L. Curry who lived in Baldwin County. He was there in 1830, 1840, and 1850. He married Mary Elizabeth Ivey on Aug. 14, 1823 in Baldwin County. I have not been able to connect him with any of the other Currys in the county. Any help would be appreciated. Teresa Davis 5/4/2007

DUBOSE - Looking for parents of John H DuBose born in S C 1795 and died in Baldwin County, GA 1823. Peter DuBose, II  lived in Baldwin County and also died there. He was born in S C 1736 and died in Baldwin County 1832. We have all of John’s children and to the present but nothing before. Hopefully we can make a connection and solve a mystery.  Dee Dubose 7/6/2009

DUMAS - I'm looking for any information, particularly the parents of John Henry DUMAS.
JOHN HENRY DUMAS was born Nov 12, 1821 in Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia, and died Feb 25, 1859 in near Waynesville, Pulaski County, Missouri.  He married ELLENDER/ELEANOR RUSSELL Apr 23, 1843 in Monroe County, Georgia.  She was born Jan 19, 1815 in Georgia, and died Aft. 1860.
1. JAMES WILLIAM2 DUMAS, b. Apr 14, 1844, Georgia; d. 1939, Dodge County, Nebraska.
2. SUSAN E. DUMAS, b. Oct 10, 1845, Georgia; d. May 03, 1891, Lamar, Barton County, Missouri.
3. MARTIN THOMAS DUMAS, b. Aug 10, 1847, Georgia; d. Aug 22, 1920, Perkins, Payne County, Oklahoma.
4. NEHEMIAH DUMAS, b. Feb 21, 1849, Milledgeville, Baldwin Co., Georgia; d. Mar 11, 1932, Garland, Bourbon Co., Kansas.
5. JUDYANN/JUDEANN FRANCES DUMAS, b. Oct 04, 1850, Georgia.
6. NANCY ANN DUMAS, b. Oct 1852, Georgia; d. Bet. 1900 - 1910, Litchfield, Montgomery County, Illinois.
7. DAVID BENJAMIN DUMAS, b. Aug 23, 1855, Georgia; d. Sep 26, 1937.
Jo Rice 7/10/2005

ETHRIDGE, John- Does anyone know about the Ethridge and Phillips families in this news article ? "July 7, 1885 The Union-Recorder (Milledgeville) Married on July 3, by W.H. Stembridge, Esq. N.P., at the residence of the bride's sister, MRS. JOHN ETHRIDGE, Mr. CHARLES BABB  to Miss JANE PHILLIPS, all of this county." Thanks Eileen 11/5/2002

EUBANKS - Hello My name is Scott Eubanks I have been doing Reseach on My Surname Eubanks, & many more,now for about 12 years. My family of Eubanks are from Baldwin County, Crawford County, Hancock County, Washington County, Georgia. Yes we are of English & German descent. Let me Know your Grandmothers name and I'll fill in some blanks for you. I have over 7,000 names in my data base. Thanks & I hope I can help. Scott Eubanks 6/22/2002

FERGUSON - Looking for father of Albert Ferguson born in 1807 S.C. Died in Lathan, Baldwin Co., Al In 1856. Married Margaret Weekley. Father's name was Freeman Ferguson. Thanks for any help. Howard Vaughn. 06/23/2015

GANN-SMITH - Looking for information on the GANN (misspelled  GUN) family and in particular daughter Elizabeth Gann who married John Hancock Smith in Baldwin Co. GA. John and Elizabeth migrated to Bastrop County, Texas in 1850. John was killed in battle of Millikins Bend, June 7, 1863, 5th Sergeant 17th Tex Infantry CO C. Elizabeth shows up on census as widow until 1890 then disappears. Trying to find her death date. Any help appreciated. She is my Great Great Grandmother. Tom Smith 1/10/2017

GARY, WILLIAM - Seeking evidences of this ancestor who lived in Baldwin Co. before 1835.  He originated in Newberry Co., SC. Thanks for your reply. Anne W Gokey  8/14/2006

GOODWIN - My brick wall in my Goodwin ancestry has been John Goodwin who may have  migrated from Baldwin Co, Georgia (or a surrounding county) to Dallas Co Alabama before 1830.  He was married to Patsey Unknown.  Their children:  James-b.Georgia, John W., Charles Fletcher, Margaret (Myrick), Elizabeth (Gabbut), Sena (Jones), Eliza (Meyers),
Isaiah, Sarah and Martha Goodwin. Appreciate any leads. Email    12/1/2009

GREENE, LEWIS R. - Looking for any information on Lewis R. Greene family.  Lewis’s parents are Edwin H. Green and Nancy Smith.  I am looking for Edwin’s father and mother.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I descended from Thomas Monroe Greene.
Bob Green 10/19/2009

GREEN, MARIAM- Am searching for the parents of Mariam M. Green, born July 15, 1820, who married WILLIAM A. BABB in Baldwin County October 07, 1842. Have been at this "brick wall" for years and would love to see over the other side. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Eileen. 6/22/2002

HALL - I would like very much to learn the maiden name of MARGARET V.HALL, wife of WILLIAM S, HALL Of Baldwin Co 1860 and Hancock Co 1880. Margaret was b. 1839. William was son of John M. Hall  and grandson of Benjamin Hall.
My known ancestors THOMAS WRIGHT and his wife SARAH CARLISLE show a daughter Margaret Age 11 on the 1850 census of Hancock Co. She is not with them in 1860. Does anyone know whether  she married William?? If so what did the V. stand for or was it a miscopying of a W? Margaret and William showed children in 1880 Hancock: William L.21; Maggie 17; Roberta 13;; Jenny 11;
 McDonald 9;Mamie 5; Linch 4; Katie 1.   Maggie married a Chandler. Margaret Wright’s sister Anna  married a Lynch. In ’80 the Halls lived next to Tabitha (Butts) Wright, my Ggrandmother who married  Margaret Wright’s brother Pierce, It seems like a good bet. Would like confirmation. Thanks so much.  Fay Hoodock 6/1/2010

HALL -For a couple of years, I have been researching the life and activities of William Perot Hall, born in Cuba in 1825, died in Pendleton, SC, 1883.  Married to Susan Sloan, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Sloan of Pendleton.  William P. Hall is listed in the 1880 census in Charleston, SC, father born in Cuba, mother born in Georgia.  My brick wall is getting information on the family origins of William P. Hall.  A recent stroke of luck has led me to the George W. Murray will, Baldwin County, Georgia, 1836.  In this will Henry T. Hall (of McIntosh Co., GA) , known to be a relation of William P. Hall, is listed as a friend of Mr. Murray.  Also mentioned are the children of the late William T. Hall of the Island of Cuba.  These children are named as Felicia E. B. and William Hall.  I believe that this William Hall is my William Perot Hall, but I don't really have documents to substantiate it.
    One clue of a connection is that William P. Hall had a daughter named Felicia Oliveres Hall who married William Bachman Chisolm.  I am encouraged to believe that Felicia is a name being passed down in this Hall family.  Felicia O. H. and W. B. Chisolm are listed in the 1880 W. P. Hall household in Charleston.
   Any help appreciated. Terry Mount 3/30/2005

HALL - My great grandfather was William Lawrence Hall who died in Milledgeville around 1898. His father was William S. Hall, born 1835.  His father was James Madison Hall, born 1810, died 1874.  They decended from Benjamin Hall, a copy of whose will I have.  He was born in 1773, and died in Milledgeville, 23 Sep, 1843.   Benjamin also had a son named William S. born 16 Oct, 1835, and died in Macon.  I can see Benjamin in the 1820 census, but there is no other information as they listed only head of household.
    Any information on Benjamin and from whence he came would be appreciated.  I also don't know anything of the death of William Lawrence Hall (my middle name came from him) or where he is buried.  He had only two children, both daughters.  One died a spinster, and the other had only one child, my father. Larry Jones 4/3/2005

HALL - I would like very much to learn the maiden name of MARGARET V .HALL, wife of WILLIAM S.HALL Of Baldwin Co 1860 and Hancock Co 1880. Margaret was b. 1839. William was son of John M. Hall  and grandson of Benjamin Hall. My known ancestors THOMAS WRIGHT and his wife SARAH CARLISLE show a daughter Margaret Age 11 on the 1850 census of Hancock Co. She is not with them in 1860. Does anyone know whether  she married William?? If so what did the V. stand for or was it a miscopying of a W?
Margaret and William showed children in 1880 Hancock: William L.21; Maggie 17; Roberta 13;; Jenny 11;  McDonald 9;Mamie 5; Linch 4; Katie 1.   Maggie married a Chandler. Margaret Wright’s sister Anna  married a Lynch. In ’80 the Halls lived next to Tabitha (Butts) Wright, my Ggrandmother who married Margaret Wright’s brother Pierce, It seems like a good bet. Would like confirmation. Thanks so much.  Fay Hoodock 5/30/2010

HARRIS - I am looking for [Samuel Anthony?] Harris. He married America Peavy after 1870, she died in 1874 after giving birth to twins, any help would be appreciated. Dorothy Smith [CROSBY< PEAVY< HODGES> SMITH]

HATFIELD -  Would appreciate any information from the Hatfield family in regards to the location of Hatfield Hill in Wilkinson County, Georgia. It was the location of my Gr. Grandfather Elder David Smith's home he was a Primitive Baptist Minister.  He lived someplace in or around Allentown, Ga. Robert L. Smith. 11/18/2009

HICKS - I am looking for information pertaining to John H. (Hodge) Hicks, who was living in Wilkinson County by 1850, but is believed to have lived in Baldwin County before that time (based on 1820, 1830 and 1840 censuses). He enlisted at Milledgeville for military service in the militia for the War of 1812.  Of particular interest is any information pertaining to his birthplace (listed as North Carolina on 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses, but shown as Georgia on 1880 census), his siblings or his parents. He married Rebecca Smith in 1814 in Twiggs County (per information in his War of 1812 Pension file at National Archives in Washington, D.C.). So far, I have not found any information regarding the parents or siblings of John H. Hicks or any source identifying his exact place of birth (e.g., county or town) that could lead to further information. Also any information on Rebecca Smith (born about 1796), wife of John H. Hicks, would also be of interest. Peter Bundgard 9/1/2009.

HIGH- Researcing High Family of early 1800s. Joan High e-mail the  [email protected] 7/4/2004

HUMPHRIES - Maria C. Humphries, my gg grandmother, was born in Baldwin County  circa 1810. She married, in 1835, a Mr. James Jackson; and had a son. Both the husband and the child died in 1836.  She later married my gg grandfather, Daniel H. Bird, of Canton, in Cherokee County, Ga.  I would appreciate any help with identifying relatives of Maria Humphreys.  Thanks! F. C. Byrd 10/16/2011

HYDE – I am looking for information on Thomas Robert Hyde, my GG-Grandfather.  The family story is that he was an architect/contractor and his name was shown on a cornerstone of a public building in Milledgeville.  He was born about 1809 and died in 1870 in Floyd County, Georgia.  My grandmother (his granddaughter) traveled to Milledgeville in the mid- to late-1970s with my aunt and uncle.  They located the cornerstone and took her picture standing next to it.  All are now deceased but another aunt reports how excited she was that she was able to find his name on the cornerstone.  Of course, the picture cannot be found!  I traveled to Milledgeville a few months ago but was unable to find anything.  I spoke with several people at the Capital, the Governor’s Mansion, and the Visitor’s Center but did not get any information.  Since it has now been about 40 years since my grandmother visited Milledgeville, is it possible there have been renovations that would have removed or relocated a cornerstone?  I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you – Sandra Gregory 08/15/14

IVEY - Robert Ivey , son of Barna and Elsie Davis Ivey.....noticed him on a couple of records on website, 1864 reorganizing of districts, and 1850 slaveowner, I was trying to find out which one of the family members took care of my ancestors during slavery and after Emancipation. It could be a Uncle , Malachi, from Bullock County, Al. or the father Barna Ivey, who once lived in Milledgeville then on to Barbour and Bullock Cty, Al......I haven't narrowed it down yet. But, one of the 3 should be it, was wondering what be the next step for me to take in finding out if they left anything behind that might of mentioned their slaves besides age, sex,female or male........I know the records can be different in Georgia. Would you be able to tell me what to look for next in Georgia records. I have no contacts in Georgia. On your website it's listed as Roberty Ivey, or R.D. Ivey (30) slaves. I have a family history genfile on that whole Ivey family. I find some of them near my family on 1870, 1880,1900 census of Alabama in Bullock County. Anything you can tell me to further my research would be helpful.  Thanks, TrueAnn, Kentucky, "Happy Hunting" I have been working on a family website, if that would be helpful. 9/7/2009

JOHNSON - am searching for a Martin Johnson...have no info except family rumors say he was born in GA....he married my gggrandmother, Mourning Trussell Johnson, sometime between 1818-1820.   Mourning died in 1837.   I saw a marriage license in the Bibb County, AL register for a Martin Johnson and a Safrona Bolins 1840.  Mourning died in Greene County, AL.  There is no more info on Martin after that date.  Any help would be appreciated.    Probably Martin was born 1800 or
before.  Mourning was born about 1802.   Thanks,  Kathryn 1/31/2005

JOHNSON - Am searching for my birth dad who was orig. from Baldwin County, Ga. His name is Ronnie Johnson at the time of my birth he wa 19 yrs old and an army reserve cook he is a black male and has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. My name is Abtausha Leigh I was born 9-25-80 to a Roslyn Yarborough who was sent to Savannah, Ga to have me then she had to give me up for adoption bc she was only 15 yrs old . Any information is wanted reach me at Abtausha Leigh. Thanks 12/6/2006

JUSTICE - I am looking for any relatives of WILLIAM KING JUSTICE who died in Baldwin Co. Georgia in 1972.  In 1972 he had two daughters in Missouri, two daughters from a previous marriage and may have married again. William's sisters are Earline and Martha and Martha had brother Joseph. Thanks Chris Johnston,   11778 CO RD 391 Holts Summit MO 65043 11/18/2009

KEMP -  I am interested in finding data on J Angus Kemp married to Triphosia or Tryphosa? Prichard of Baldwin county Georgia.  They are listed on the 1880 census of District 115, Baldwin, Georgia.  Thank you, Betty Hansen 1/8/2006

KITCHEN, WORTHEN, SWINTS, SHINHOLSTER - I am looking for information on JANIE KITCHEN,  PATSIE(SY) KITCHEN, HENRY  WORTHEN and SWINTS that lived in Milledgeville.  JANIE KITCHEN had a sister or daughter named VIOLA.  I believe they were sharecroppers but don't know which land they farmed.  Also, need help finding out if the SHINHOLSTERS owned a plantation there and how to get copies of their slave register.  Thanks - Wilbur Johnson

LAYTON - Looking for information on the John Layton family. He is  in the 1820 census of Washington Co.,Ga. Cannot find anything except the census and that he came from NC. Thanks. Pat Layton 4/23/2010

LEE - Looking for any information on William B. Lee or family of.  He may have been the only African American blacksmith in Milledgeville between 1900 and his death around 1940.  He owned his own business.  He was born around 1870, supposedly in Tennessee and married Candice Brown in 1898, then Mamie (Lee) at a date unknown.  There were about 8 or 9 children (Zepherine, William Jr, Robert, Cleo, Annie Lou, Alice, Robena and Dorothy).  Any information on the family and the burial place of William and Mamie.  D. Blacknall 6/6/2010

LUNDY - ALFORD - Williamson Lundy married to Sarah D. Alford 2 Oct. 1827 in Hancock County.  My great grand mother was Martha Cherokee Lundy married to William Jarrett Massey.  Can anyone out there confirm the Cherokee connection to the Alford or Lundy family? Or any other info on these families
No virus found in this message.  Laverne Martin 1/7/2013

MANDERSON, JOHN HUME - I'm looking for any information as to the identity of the 'common law' wife of John Hume Manderson.  She was still alive in the 1820 Wilkinson County Georgia census, but that census did not provide names of household members.  My only clue is that their daughter Joana Manderson named her first daughter Onacota Arreny Magdalona Sanford.  None of those names appear in the family anywhere else.  John Hume died ~1826 and was supposedly buried somewhere along the Savannah River, probably next to his brother George.  He died a relatively wealthy man, with quite a few children.  I'm hoping that someone might remember a family story about her.  John Hume migrated from the Cheraw district of South Carolina around 1790, so she probably came with him from there. Thanks in advance! Kathryn Cole   10/10/2009

MCKINLEY - Ishom McKinley my g,g,grandfather on my mothers side. Enlisted on 21 August 1813 in Baldwin Co. Ga. Listed as Sick 31 Oct 1813.
Discharged at Fort Hawkins 11 Feb. 1814. Moved to Monroe Co. Al. before 1818. Isham was paid $46.20 for his service and $70.40 for bring his own horse. He and his brother James were hired to drive a herd of cattle to around Franklin in Monroe Co. Al. The time period is between 1815 and 1818 this is because one son born in Ga. 1815 and another son born in Al. in 1818. I'm sure driving cattle through Indian lands during this time was not easy.
James along with Lett Mckinley are listed as Pvt. in the 1st Reg. commanded by Chambers. This is not found in Ga. Volunteer. War of 1812.
Any help on these two would help me on the Mckinley family. I do not know anything on Lett, if he is a son of James or not. I do not know the father of Isham and Jame, but a William McKinleyin 1805 get land in Baldwin Co. ga. Dist#3 and lot 277. David Bayne 3/9/2015

MOORE, LUKE - Luke Moore died Baldwin Co. 1819, Will Book A has an abstract of his will. Trying to find his home and his burial place. First wife SUSANNAH BOWERS, died 1816 Baldwin; 2nd wife SALLY GUNN  DOD/burial unknown. [email protected] 6/23/02

MYRICK, GEORGE - Trying to find out about George Myrick who was born 1810 and married Nancy Temple who was born in Hancock County 1814. They were married in Autauga  County, Alabama in 1832. I trace my ancestry to George Myrick but have no names for his parents. Thanks for any help. Barbara  4/25/2004

ODOM - Trying to find my family.  Julius S. Odom/Doris Maybell Johnson. My father is Robert Julius Odom. Paula Hogan. 12/2/2010

OWENS- All of my fathers history is found in the deep south and I have been slowly building up several lines working remotely from here in New Jersey. My grandmother was Alice Owens and her line has been easily traced to a William Owens who married Polly Collins on Aug 24, 1809 in Baldwin County. I am holding a copy of the authorization that was issued by a judge that they could marry along with a certificate signed by E. Owens, the minister) that he did indeed join the two.
  Here is the problem-- An elderly relative (an Owens) states that the minister was Etheldred Owens which seems to be supported by other records. But the problem is, this relative claims that William was his son but she "can't find her documents" to substantiate this.
  There is a sense of urgency here in that I am 73 and not in good health so completing this task is a priority.
   I will be grateful for  any help or consideration that you can offer to this request.  Charles Burke 9/19/2015

PERRY - Am searching for the parents and siblings of Robert Barrett Gibson Perry - born about 1862 in Georgia - came to Texas about 1880. Thank you. June Dunkleman 11/20/2004

POINDEXTER, JAMES - My name is Kristi Downing and I've been researching my husband's Poindexter line for many years. His great great grandfather was James C L Poindexter (b.1859 Bibb Co, Ga  d. 1938 Fulton Co, Ga). His mother was Martha Herrington Poindexter's sister to Delaney Herrington Bloodworth. Martha married James Poindexter.
    So, my brick wall seems to be who James Poindexter, Sr's parents are- or at least his father. Samuel Poindexter, found in the 1850 Baldwin Co census has a James Poindexter, age16, in his household and I believe this is probably my James but he cannot be Samuel's son. Possibly his brother?
     Samuel's father is thought to be a John Poindexter and his mother is Jane/Jenny- McCrary Poindexter. My question is do we know anything about this John Poindexter besides he was not with his family after about 1835? Kristi   2/1/2016 

POSTON, HARVEY LEE - I am looking for descendants of HARVEY LEE POSTON  son of WILLIAM HARVEY POSTON and FRANCES (FANNIE) BERNISE  LEAVINSOR  spelled LEVINS. They lived in the Baldwin County area.  [email protected]    10/31/2002

POSTON, HARVEY - looking for info on Harvey Poston son of John Poston and Ella Young anyone with info please let me know thanks. Email    8/28/2006

RAYFORD/RAIFORD - I'm researching the origins of an African-American family that was enumerated in Milledgeville, as early as the 1870s and a few decades later.  The Rayford/Raiford line, near as I can figure, was not even recorded until the 1870 Census.  Ned Rayford had been a slave, as likely had his wife, Kate, and most of his children.  Records I have access to have not shed any further light on Ned, though, as he was listed born in SC, and the first "sighting" of his name is the 1870 Census, when he was already over 60 years of age.  His wife was enumerated in the 1880 Census, but not Ned, so I would suspect he died between 1870 and 1880 in the Milledgeville area.
1870 Census for Milledgeville, Baldwin Co, GA (this, for now, is merely a solid possibility):
Ned, 62, m, B, carpenter, SC
Kate, 58, f, b, keeping house, GA
Alvin, 22, m, b, day laborer, GA
COOK, Albert, 22, m, b, day laborer, GA
COOK, Isabella, 21, f, b, GA  (d/o Ned and Kate)
?Arn?, 18, m, b, GA (no idea on this name)
John, 9, m, b, GA
   If anyone else is researching this family and wishing to share information, I do have a bit of info on the descendants, but not a clue on ancestries.  Or, if someone might have an idea where I could find more information on this family, I'd be happy to listen to their advice. Jared   3/9/2005

READY, Spottswood G. -  born 1792 in Baldwin, Georgia, USA; married to Polly Sarah BECKHAM on 9 JUN 1811; Recorded children include John M. (b. 08 MAR 1812); Allen Beckham (b. 1816); Absolom Jack (b. 1820) and Spotswood (b.1846?).  I am searching for any information regarding Spottswood G Ready's date and place of death, parent information, siblings, etc. R. Linn Ready 12/08/2010

RENFROE, NATHANIEL - Looking for information about ancestors (or descendents) of NATHANIEL RENFROE, b. 1808, Washington County, GA.  Owned abt. 2000 acres in Baldwin County, GA from 1830s - 1870s, which I believe he obrtained through the Cherokee Land Lottery.  (Location:  Renfroe Road north and bounded by Prosser Road and Gum Creek.)  My mother was his ggrand-daughter. All info appreciated.  Thanks,  Jane Sims 8/8/2003

RICE -  I am looking for information on John and Nancy Rice.  John died in Baldwin County Georgia in 1814.  John and Nancy Rice children were Martha Rice born in about 1799, Julia Rice who married Shackrick Bivins, Jane Rice who married Wiley Armstrong in 1820 and Martha Rice who married James Bibins about 1818.  I am sure there were others...
Martha and James Bivins children were:
James H. Bivins who married Mary C Watkins
Jown W. Bivins who was never married
Robert T. Bivins who married Virginia Jane Tondee
Georgia Ann Bibins was not married
Caroline Bivins married Robert T. Flewellen.
Emeline Bivins married Henry S. Cotton.

I am looking for the father of John Rice.  I think two of his son's were Benjamin Rice and William Rice,  These two were mentioned in John Rice estate sale in 1814 and 1815. John died in 1814 in Warren Co,

I think this is the same William Rice who died without a will in 1849 in Newton County Gerogia . (Newton County established in 1820.)  His estate was probated by the State of Georgia. Newton County was made from part of Jasper and Baldwin Counties.
I think these Rice came to Georgia in the late 1700's ( I found John living in Warren County Georgia in 1797.  I also found a Charles Rice who died in Franklin County in 1818,  this Charles Rice was the son of Henry Rice, (1717-1818)  He left S.C. about the same time as John.  Charles was selling some of Henry's property in S.C. in the late 1700s,  Ref.  Henry Rice the pioneer gristmiller, by Melvin Weaver Little.

I think that William (died in 1849) father was John Rice who died in 1814.  I think both Charles and John were brothers and two of the sons of Henry.  I have proof that the Charles who died in Franklin Co. Georgia, was the  son of Henry..(1717-1818) I think I have knocked down part of the brickwall.

Any information would be helpful. I had my DNA checked through  Bobby L Rice  Loganville Georgia. 6/27/2010, Edited 12-28-2010


ROGERS, Looking for David Rogers who lived in Baldwin County in November 1853 according to Surry County (Virginia) Deed Book 13, p. 482.  He gave his brother in Virginia power of attorney to settle his share of their father's estate.  This may be the David Rogers who married Eliza Wright in Baldwin County on 20 April 1849.  We have a database of 5,000 descendants and spouses of the father, Micajah Rogers (ca. 1775-1847), but David is a dead end.  Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Bill Fox, Williamsburg, Virginia 5/1/2007

ROGERS -I am Searching for the family of my gggrandfather, Micheal William Rogers.The info I have is that he was born in Milldgeville Baldwin County in 1812. I need to place him with parents and siblings.
 He married Eliza Anne LaPrade in Alabama.They resided in Coosa county Alabama Before coming to Texas by 1850. Any help will be appreciated. Angela D. Rogers Perez   8/1/2009.

SHEALY - Looking for info on Mary Jane Shealy Smith (b about 1944 or 45, died 24 November 1912). She married David S. Smith in Washington County 22 April 1873. David and Mary Jane were my great grandparents. I followed the Smith line quite well but stumped on the Shealy line -- may have been from SC. I have her father as Wilson (or William) Shealy and mother as Emily C. (no last name) but don't think the Emily C is correct. Anyone know of them? intexa2 10/10/2009

SHEPARD, ELIJAH - My great Grand Father was a superintendent of a pauper farm and the way the  obituary was written it seems to indicate that he was in Baldwin county.   I am looking for anything I  can dig up about his life and this bit of information has no string as  yet.  If you might know of the existence of records, where it actually was located [if at all in your fair county], or anything else, I would  appreciate hearing from you. For your information here is his information:  ELIJAH  SHEPARD [also spelled SHEPPARD  & SHEPHERD], was released from a Union prison in April 1865 and dies in April, 1904.  He was born August 2, 1840 in Dublin. Thanks for any information you may have, Robert Shepard

A 1908 Map of Baldwin County shows the poor farm located between Byington Mill Road (Mt. Pleasant Church Rd.) and Irwinton Road (441 S.) on what is now Cox Road in Southwest Baldwin County very close to  the Wilkinson County line. According to the map, it is about  a mile to the farm from Mt.Pleasant Chuch Rd.  On Census records this would be in GM District 322. Counties operated these poor farms.  The county commssioners were in charge of poor farms. Contact Baldwin County Commissioners  at 478-445-4791.  Eileen B. McAdams, Baldwin County Coordinator

SMITH -   I’m looking for information on the family of Elizabeth (Hancock) & Lewis Smith.  His name is alternately spelled Louis.  The couple, both born in GA, married in Wilkinson Co, GA on 19 May 1825 and were still in that county for the 1830 & 1840 censuses.  They pop up in 1850 living in Milledgeville along with their recently married son, John H Smith (living with his in-laws, the Gann family, whose surname was misspelled as Gun).  By 1852, all of the family had moved to Texas.
Update:  Eliza & Mary have both been found!  Eliza Smith, born 18 Mar 1826, married Charles Meredith (alternates Meridith, Merideth, Meredeth) on 07 Jan 1845 in Wilkinson Co, GA and died in May 1892 in Bastrop Co, TX.  Mary A. Smith, born 30 Jun 1834, married James Robinson (misspelled as Roberson in county marriage records) on 09 Jan 1854 in Bastrop Co, TX and died 14 Nov 1895 in Bastrop Co, TX.  I’m looking for any descendants of Lewis & Elizabeth’s family, and am also very interested in their parentage.  I would like to correspond with any Smith or Hancock researchers looking in Georgia to possibly narrow down family possibilities.  Thanks!   Daniel E. Smith 12/14/2007

DAVID SMITH - MRS. VICTOR DAVIDSON- Looking for any descendant of the late Mrs. Victor Davidson of Irwinton, Georgia in regards to the bible of Elder David Smith. I would like information about Davids parents, his siblings or anythinge that might be contained there in. I am a great grandson of David Smith. Thank you. Robert L. Smith    3/8/2010

STINSON -  Looking for information on Martha STINSON and Greenberry ETHERIDGE (ETHRIDGE). They were married in Baldwin county GA on February 8, 1833. They are possibly my gg grandparents. Nan    11/15/2011

TERRY  - Looking for any information about the Terry family listed in the 1860 census for Milledgeville.  John H. Terry of Stokes Co. NC married Evangela Lester of Ga. I have found her in both Hancock and Baldwin.  They have 2 children at this time.William D. born abt 1857 and John Lewis 9 mo.(my gggrandfather) I cannot find what happened to William D. or John H. Terry after this point.  Evangeline (Evangela) marries Thomas E.C. Butts 13 Mar 1873. I can follow John Lewis line to present day if that is a help to any one else. Email 11/20/2005

JAMES THOMAS -  I have been researching James Thomas, my 4th great grandfather, to prove him as a patriot in the American Revolution
for 10 years for the DAR. His son was John Sherrod Thomas of Milledgeville. I believe his other son was David Thomas. His mother was
Martha Walker.  James and Martha were from Virginia and came to Georgia before the American Revolution.
    David and James were born in Hancock County according to John's 1881 obituary as well as other articles and books about Milledgeville.
James and Martha are buried in the Butts-Thomas Cemetery where the tombstone for James Thomas says Georgia  Troops in the American Revolution. He fought with Elijah Clarke and was was given a land bounty in Washington  County which became Hancock County.  I recently came across a fragment of James Will which says he lived at Fontainbleau. Do you anything about this family? Bitsy 3/ 3/2016

VEAL -  I am looking for anyone with a photo of the old Magnolia Creamery.. my grandfather Louie E Veal operated the creamery until the mid 50' grandmother, Nina F Veal, is still in their home and i am desperately searching for a photo..anything would be appreciated. LaRue Bryant 9/2/2010

WEEKES - Request any information regarding the WEEKES Family.  Bartimeus M. Weekes married Elizabeth Jones in 1856.  His daughter, Martha Jane married Elder David Smith from Wilkinton County. They had one son, James (Jim) Henry Smith, buried at Cool Springs Church.  I would like to locate the graves of the Weekes Family.  Also there was a Luke G Weekes who lived in Baldwin County and possibly moved out West.  Any info regarding this family would be appreciated.  Please contact me,  Carolyn Weeks Coleman.  6/20/2010

WEST/SHARP - M. WEST married TEMPY SHARP  on 7/29/1824. Is anyone familiar with the lineage or have information relating to these two? I've seen M. WEST called Major or Mager and is enumerated in 1830 Baldwin County. I have a church record for the Camp Creek Baldwin Church that shows these West:
I'm trying to track back my gg-grandfather, who was FREDERICK WEST  born about 1826 and married in Dec. 1849 in Houston County, Georgia. There was a  TEMPERANCE  WEST living with them at the time though the relationship is not stated on the census. I  know that TEMPERANCE SHARP is related to the above Sharp's; EASLEY was her brother and JOHN  & SUSANNAH  may have been her parents. I'm told that MAJOR WEST was not related to this line of West, though that is not proven, as he was living next door to ROBERT IVEY, who married ELIZABETH WEST  9/9/1793 in Craven County, NC. Susan West 6/23/02

WHEELER - searching for parents / siblings for William Wheeler b.circa 1807 Baldwin Co. Married Sarah McKissack in Baldwin Co -- have Sarah McKissacks father as Duncan.  Thank you, Duncan Collinsworth Wheeler, snail mail 1123 S.  Presa, San Antonio TX 78210. 7/22/04

WHEELER - I am searching for information on parents or siblings of Allen Obediah Wheeler, born 1807 in Putnam County.  He lived most of his life in Jones County, but so many connected branches of the family tree are centered in Milledgeville, I feel there must be some Wheelers there who are closely related.
     Family lore has it that we are kin to General Joseph Wheeler.  From his picture and a picture of my great-grandfather, there HAS to be a connection.  Tracy Spencer 6/16/2010

WICKER - Looking for date and place of death of ROBERT ELISHA WICKER b. ca 1770 Anson, NC; d. ca 1830 Baldwin Co., GA; Lived in Washington Co., GA in early 1800's; served in the war of 1812; Baldwin Co., GA land lottery 28 March 1827;  m. Mary A Roberts.  Son Wiley Wicker b. ca 1805 GA. Shirley Harman

WIGGINS - I am researching the Joseph Henry Wiggins family. His wife was Queen ( Daniels or Sanford) Wiggins. Their children were Carrie, Anna, Joseph, Dudley, Edward, Lizzie, Grantland, Lucius, James ( my father), Fanny, Julia, Callie, Matthew, and Samuel. I have found most of the children. They are all deceased.
I have been unable to find Joseph, Edward, Lucius  or any of their descendants.  If anyone knows when Queen Wiggins died. I have Joseph Wiggins death certificate.  They are African-American. They lived in Milledgeville, Ga.  Dist.321.from 1875 --1921. Thank You , Lois Smith. E-Mail Lois Smith   5/14/2009

WILLIAMS, PERMENAS -  In 1807 a Permenas Williams won some land in a Georgia lottery. does anyone have any information about him or his family?  Todd   03/13/2005

WOODALL: My ggg-grandfather, Felix L. Woodall. I am looking for his siblings, parents, and issues. I have from the 1860 census that he lived with Alonzo H. 23, Eliza J. 20, George W 15, James 49, and Nancy 48. So it seems that his parents were James and Nancy but there a lot of James Woodalls in that same time period and I can’t seem to find the right one.
   Felix Leonidas Woodall b. 14 May 1834  d. 5 April 1894 pvt in the 45th GA Infantry. m. 11 July 1865 to Sara Elizabeth Clark
  The only issue I know of between Felix and Sara is Martha Anne who is my gg-grandmother. He was born in Baldwin and is buried in Sand Hill Cemetery.  Thanks Elizabeth    [email protected]   06/13/10

WOODWARD- I am looking for the parents of McPherson Franklin Woodward. He joined the 2nd Fla. Calvary U.S. on 6 May 1864 at Cedar Key, Fla. as a refugee from the Confederacy. He states on his induction papers he is 19 years old and was born in Milledgeville, Ga. Can anyone help. Steve Hill Natchez, Ms. 2/1/2005

YOUNGBLOOD - Looking for the father of Cornelius Youngblood, born 1824. Email Lucius Youngblood 2/20/2009

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