Milledgeville Banks

Bank of Darien                                        Bank of Milledgeville
Milledgeville Banks

Branch Planter's Bank of the State of Georgia for two hundred shares;
at Milledgeville, under the superintendence of
Zachariah Lamar, Archibald M. Devereux and Jett Thomas

Branch of Darien Bank
 opened in 1819, closed in 1841

Central Bank of Georgia incorporated 1828
 ended 1842. Owned and operated by the State of Georgia

The Bank of Milledgeville
 Stockholders  Seaton Grantland, Farish Carter,
William Sanford, Green H. Jourdan, Thomas Moughon, Charles Malone,
Nichols and Demming, Richard K. Hines, Thomas Ragland, William D. Jarratt,
Tomlinson Fort, Owen H. Kenan, Joseph Cooper, Michael J. Kenan,
Nathan M'Gehee, Thomas B. Stubbs, Miller Grieve, Warren Jourdan,
John W. Gordon, Charles C. Mills, A. Jarratt, Lorenzo D. Buckner,
Charles W. Howard and F. V. Delaunay.

Merchants and Planters Bank of Milledgeville
Stockholders: P. M. Compton, Sam. McComb, L. Carrington,
L. H. Briscoe, A. H. Kenan, C. H. Wright, M. Waitzfelder, T. F. Newel

Merchants' Bank
Stockholders: Samuel Walker, P. M. Compton, P. J. Cline, R. W. Roberts,
T. O. Powell, T. B. Lamar, L. J. Lamar and Robert Whitfield

Merchants and Farmers Bank (now Century Bank and Trust)
According to their website "The Bank's first president was Samuel Evans, a native
North Carolinian. Sam served during the Civil War as Jefferson Davis' personal bodyguard.
After the war, Sam moved his family to Milledgeville where he became engaged in the manufacture
of plug tobacco laced with Cuban molasses. He also owned a grocery store,
a cotton warehouse and general supply business. Sam, along with the Bank's
cashier Madison McGraw, ran the Bank until 1902 when Sam resigned due to poor health
and Madison left to open a dry goods store."

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2002