Baldwin County African-Americans
Baldwin County, Ga.

Pictured: Dr. B. J. Simmons (left) Rev. Wilkes Flagg (center) Rev. Charles Henry Phillips (right)

Ernie Eugene Butts (link)
John Warren Davis (link)
Sallie Ellis Davis (link)
Rev. July DeSauseaure (link)
Linnes Finney, Jr. Attorney at Law
Wilkes Flagg (above photo) 
Floyd Griffin (link)
Rev. William R. Gullins 
Lucy Craft Laney (link)
Sam Marlow, Hero
Jane Gilbert Mitchell Brooks     Petition for Guardianship 1837 added
Ruth Hartley Mosley (link)
Sandy Parks Union Soldier
Rev. Charles Henry Phillips (link)
Dr. B.J. Simmons (above photo)
Bob Steele
Steele - Bell Family (link)
Steele - Cooper Family (link)
Joseph F. Young, Michigan State Representative (link)

Baldwin High School- Class of '76

Free Persons of Color 1820-1860  Federal Census
Free Persons of Color in Baldwin County 1828
Free Persons of Color in Baldwin County 1832
Free Persons of Color in Baldwin County 1837
Slave Owners in 1850
Slave Owners in 1860
Slaves of John Moran 1833
Slave Records & Freedman Record  of John Martin
Slaves of William Whitaker 1837
Court Petitions 
Slaves in Early Church Membership Hopewell Church
Milledgeville and Baldwin County Records at  (search)
Freedman's Bureau
The  Freedman's Bureau was located in the Masonic Building. Headed by General Oliver O. Howard, the bureau served Baldwin, Putnam and Jasper counties. First agents were Thomas W.  Wright, J. D. Rogers and Matthew R. Bell.

Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from 
the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938
Carrie Mason Ferebe Rogers      Snovey Jackson 


Annie Laura Bell Steele
Portrait by May Asbury Jones

Steele's Meat Market. Milledgeville, Ga. owned by Willie Thomas Steele, on right.

Veal-Solomon Family
Rev. Dr. Frank R. Veal
Family Trees
Veal-Solomon Hwy.
The Veal Café 
Veal - Solomon -Pearson - Webster  Marriages
  • Dr. Charles Henry Phillips "From the Farm to the Bishopric."

  • Dr. Phillips talks about growing up  Milledgeville,  " his experiences on the farm where he was born, in college where he won numerous degrees and in ecclesiastical life, where he has won for himself many pastorates and many honors. There are interesting notes on his four trips to Europe as a delegate to conferences. " Pub. 1932.
  • Dr. Charles Henry Phillips History of The Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in America, published in 1925 is online at

  • Giving a Voice to the Ancestors

  • Historical book about Baldwin & Hancock Racial Mix Families: Ingram, Little, Fraley, Ellis, Allen, Butts, etc.) Emily Allen Garland,  1st Book Library 2002
  • Bittersweet Memories: A Memoir  Emily Allen Garland, ArthorHouse 2004

  • Baby Heart, Emily Allen Gardland, AuthorHouse 2009 

  • The Making of Milledgeville: The Pictorial History of Baldwin County, James Finney, XLibris 2010 

  • Ambiguous Lives: Free Women of Color in Rural Georgia, 1789-1879 Adele Logan Alexander (Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1991).

  • A Work To Be Done, Alger E. Pitts Xlibris, Corp., 2010 


    Charles Batton, Union Navy Sailor, Civil War

     Fred Smith, Union Navy Sailor, Civil War

    Sandy Parks Union Soldier, Civil War

    Allen Brantley aka Allen Blunt  received a federal pension  for his work with Sherman's troops during the March to the Sea.  He was in Co. I, 103 Reg USC Inf. Pension as invalid March 31, 1898. His widow filed June 20, 1932. 

    Military Companies

    Harrisburg Blues was an African American military company organized in 1872 at Midway with O. T. Adams as captain.Union and Recorder 18 Dec. 1877.

    Middle Georgia Volunteers was a African American military company organized in Milledgeville in 1877 or 1878. Commanded by Capt. Bob Collins. A Flag was presented to them at the State House Aug. 2, 1878 by Miss Ada R. Lee response by J. S. Mason. Feb 3, 1880 Alfred Lee was the Capt. when he died and was buried with military honors. Simon Jones was a member in 1881 when he died. Union Recorder 12 Feb 1878; 30th July, 1878; 06 Aug. 1878 ; 03 Feb. 1880; 02 Aug 1881 

    Buffalo Soldiers

    World War I Memorial

    Baldwin County Cemeteries (link)


    Federal Union
    July 23, 1867
    Pg 3
       A band of colored musicians left Macon in 1865, and after making a tour through the Northern and Eastern States,  sailed for Europe. By an extract  from a letter from one of the company, publishled in the "Local" of the Journal & Messenger, we see they are now giving concerts in England. Joe Huson and Lewis Slatter, two well known colored men, from this city, are members of the band.

     Bertha Fuller Gordy, the mother of Berry Gordy, Jr. of Motown Records.

    was born in Baldwin County, Ga. April 9, 1899. She was the daughter of Burton & Ida Fuller who lived in the Meriwether District. She died in Los Angeles Jan. 31, 1976. Berry Gordy, Sr. was born in Washington Co. Ga.
    Local Leaders in 1907

    Union-Recorder Jan 1, 1907
    Submitted by Johnette Brooks,

    Veal Family of Education


    Baldwin County Schools

    The Eddy School and Sallie Ellis Davis


    The Infant Union

    was incorporated as a benevolent and charitable organizated in Scottsboro in 1915. The sole object and purpsoe was to relieve and care for the sick and poor, bury the dead of its members and their families and promote Christian civilization. The petitioners were Allen Richards, William Saulsbury, Bird Hicks, Elisha Davis, Lawson Dickson, John Pearson, Carter Saulsbury, Charlie Risby, Maude Sanford, Robert Young, Perry Clark, Allen Killings and Isom Smith.

  • Baldwin Enterprise Lodge No. 3188 of 

  • The Colored Odd Fellows 
     Formed in 1880's.  In 1897 the Odd Fellows erected a 3-story brick building on North Wayne St. for their meetings. The bottom floor had Consolidated Grocery Company, which closed in 1899,  and supply store. In 1917 the building was for sale by committee  members H. J. Myrick, W. F. Steele, Randal Jackson

  • Societies of Daughters of the Household of Ruth and the Lillies of the Valley.  Women's Auxillary of the Odd Fellows.

  • Oconee Brass Band
  • Brass band organized in 1884. It played Sousa-like music and were very popular. Cicero Wilson was the band leader in 1893.  Members in 1895 were William Sparks, Ed Laula, J. B. Cummings, William Davis, E. West, J. B. Printup, John W. Sinton, W. L. Stewart, C. F. Wilson, M. H. Hall, L. C. Driscoll, Albert Brown, Richard Mason and John Hammond.

  • American Legion

  • Warren - Hawkins Post

    According to an article in The Union Recorder, July 31, 1952, Tom Collier won a silver cup at the 1952 American Legion State Convention. "It was in recognition of his district having the greats increase in membership. Collier was the first commander of the Warren - Hawkins Post, local Legion for Negroes." 
    Submitted by Johnette Brooks,

    Tom Collier  started the American Post 523
    and his wife, Luzetta Veal Collier, founded the 
    Legionnaires Wives
    and the Brick Masons Wives. 

    Association of Professional Genealogists -
    Nat'l & GA Chapters -Johnette Brooks,

    National Genealogical Society - Organizational Member

    HOLLA at ya ANCESTORS.ORG (nonprofit goal stated on website, bylaws and Article of Incorporation Docs: Baldwin Co. 
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