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St. John’s Catholic Cemetery is a large cemetery in the Warrington community, west of Pensacola. It has been transcribed in three sections: North, South, and West. There are 440 marked graves and 19 unmarked adult graves and 3 unmarked childrens graves. The oldest grave dates back to 1870.

Directions: From the intersection of Palafox and Garden streets, drive west on Garden Street, which becomes Navy Blvd. for about 3.7 miles Old Corry Road. Turn left (South) for .2 miles. The cemetery is on the right side of the road.

Transcribed and submitted by Curtis & Carolyn Reedy on June 8, 1991.

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ATTENTION: The following addition has been made on Dec. 4, 2015 to assist researchers in locating and accessing St. John's Cemetery.
I have additional location information to contribute for Saint John's Catholic Cemetery in Pensacola, FL. There are two cemeteries in Pensacola, FL named Saint John's. One cemetery is Saint John's Cemetery (Historic Cemetery) and the other is Saint John's Catholic Cemetery. I think adding this information will help genealogists to identify the two different cemeteries. They are not affiliated with one another.

I also obtained information on physical access to Saint John's Catholic cemetery. The cemetery gates are locked at all times, and there is a contact number to call for access to the cemetery. I drove a long ways to the cemetery and found out when I got there that the cemetery office has to be contacted to get access into the cemetery. So I would like to contribute this info to others who plan to visit the cemetery so they will know before they make a trip there.

Saint John's Catholic Cemetery
509 Old Corry Field Rd
Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida 32507
(850) 455-0356
(This cemetery is managed by St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church)

NOTE: Access into Saint John's Catholic Cemetery:
The Cemetery gate is locked at all times.
To access cemetery, call: St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church at (850) 455-0356. The church is located at 303 South Navy Blvd., Pensacola, FL 32507. (The church is 2.4 miles south of the cemetery)

To access the cemetery, call the church at (850) 455-0356. The cemetery can only be accessed when the church office is open. (See office hour information noted below)

Call the church for access to the cemetery and you will be asked to come to the church to obtain the cemetery gate key. They ask for your name and a contact phone number and ask that you return the gate key.

If planning to visit the cemetery it would be a good idea to call the church before going to the cemetery as the church has specific office hours during the week. Their hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and Friday 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM. And church office would be closed on weekends and holidays. The cemetery and gate key can only be accessed when the church office is open. Unless you happen to be at the cemetery when a funeral is taking place.

Here is the church contact page

I discovered all this info after driving a long distance to the cemetery. I was able to access the cemetery but I wanted to share this information with others so they will know what to expect before making a trip to this cemetery.

Information as of 12/03/2015
By Find-A-Grave contributor Kindred Ties
Tracy H. Ward


NAME BIRTH DEATH BARTHES, Cecilia Garriga 1916-1-15 1992-5-15 BARTHES, James Francis 1950-8-28 1950-9-3 BARTHES, Mercedes Erin 1948-10-6 1972-6-17 BOUTWELL, Gertrude N. w/o Ralph W. Boutwell 1911-1-7 1996-10-27 BOUTWELL, Ralph W. 1906-1-2 1989-10-14 BURKHALTER, Vonciel Marie Stewart 1924-7-5 1994-8-16 BURKHARDT, Margie Kathleen w/o Thomas R. Burkhardt 1915-3-5 1994-7-4 BURKHARDT, Thomas R. 1911-9-23 1965-3-21 CASLER, Doris C. w/o Edward F. Casler 1928-11-19 1972-4-14 CASLER, Edward F. 1926-7-29 1992-12-12 CASSITY, Anthony Craig 1982-9-21 1982-10-5 Beloved Son & Grandson (Dewberry family plot) by Tracy Ward 12/5/15 CLARK, Eva Caro 1878-11-16 1958-6-19 COOK, Ronald Olin USMC CPL 1937-4-10 1994-12-18 COTITA, Catharine E. w/o Joseph Cotita 1900-11-11 1981-1-17 COTITA, Joseph married Jun. 14, 1924 1901-10-27 1958-11-20 CRAWFORD, George Francis, Jr. 1952-11-20 1952-11-22 CRAWFORD, George Francis, Sr. 1917-7-18 1968-8-23 CRIBBS, Irvin J. Son (in plot with Teresa M. Cribbs. Hudson) 1933 1963 CRONA, Ada w/o Julian C. Crona No Date 1954-2-27 CRONA, Julian C. 1863 1939 DAVENPORT, Clifton Paul 1915-5-30 1961-7-27 DEWBERRY, Mary Jane (Morgan) 1930-11-24 2009-02-23 (buried beside her husband, Dr. Wm. Jr. in Dewberry family plot) by Tracy Ward 12/5/15 DEWBERRRY, Patrick Joseph in same plot with Thomas 1965-5-3 1976-12-11 (Dewberry family plot) by Trace Ward 12/5/15 DEWBERRY, Thomas Michael C. in same plot with Patrick 1968-12-21 1976-12-11 (Dewberry family plot) by Tracy Ward 12/5/15 DEWBERRY, Dr. William C. Jr. 1927-12-14 2014-09-17 No marker (beside his wife Mary Jane in Dewberry family plot) by Tracy Ward 12/5/15 DIFFIN, Katie Mrs. Mother 1877 1954 DIFFIN, Leo S. ( Old Warrington, FL D. in Pensacola, FL) 1907-11-14 1995-11-20 ELLENA, Ralph Joseph Brother - same plot/ Nora E. Nelson 1955-2-23 1975-10-4 FARMER, Irene E. w/o Richard J. Farmer 1906 1978 FARMER, Marie E. w/o Charles E. Farmer 1884-4-25 1971-12-10 FARMER, Richard J. 1899 1967 FARMER,. Charles E. 1883-10-24 1944-7-23 GATHLENY, Felix J. (B. Atlanta, GA D. Pensacola, FL) 1879 1953 GATHLENY, Forrest J. (B. Providence, RI D. Warrington,FL) 1875-7-26 1957-4-3 GREY, Florence M. 1899-9-17 1964-6-5 HAMMOND, Rita Theresa 1918-5-13 1986-4-26 HARRIS, G. W., Sr. 1910-2-22 1963-8-16 HOLM, Anna Hattie Mother 1882-8-17 1963-2-18 HUDSON, Teresa M. Cribbs 1911 1970 JARRELL, Lester L. USN CWO 1907-12-16 1974-6-18 JARRELL, Mary M. w/o Lester L. Jarrell 1911-11-29 1995-1-27 KELLY, Gertrude H. 1904-5-10 1963-5-6 KEPPLER, Clare Diffin (B. in Warrington D. in Elberta, AL) 1909-8-26 1993-8-27 KRASNOSKY, Charles 1915-3-8 1965-8-15 KRASNOSKY, Ellen L. w/o Charles Krasnosky 1917-12-21 1995-11-4 LAHAIE, Albert Leonel Sgt. USAF WWII Korea 1917-7-18 1991-9-9 LAHAIE, Mary V. Hill w/o Albert Leonel Lahaie 1915-9-29 1997-5-25 MARICH, Helen R. w/o Morrissey J. Marich 1916-11-7 - - - - MARICH, Morrissey J. married Oct. 24, 1942 1914-12-13 1981-12-23 MAY, Alice L. w/o Charles P. May 1894-12-24 1983-5-30 MAY, Charles P. 1892-8-11 1948-3-2 MILLER, Lenore Francis in plot with W.A. & S.M. Miller 1926-2-10 1992-2-16 MILLER, Sophia M. w/o Walter Anthony Miller 1885-5-10 1969-7-3 MILLER, Walter Anthony, Sr. 1883-1-24 1963-6-26 MITCHELL, Alice Margaret 1915-8-8 1971-2-4 MITCHELL, Betty 1943-4-11 1945-11-9 MITCHELL, Charles Bernard 1878-10-19 1957-8-20 MITCHELL, Elbert L Husband & Father 1926-7-25 1995-11-13 MITCHELL, Elbert V. 1907-7-27 1958-10-1 MITCHELL, James B. Son ( in plot with Allice M. Mitchell) 1939-1-12 1961-10-27 MITCHELL, John Bernard, Sr. US Army WWII 1920-9-4 1987-3-4 MITCHELL, Mabel M. w/o Elbert V. Mitchell 1909-3-9 1975-7-31 MITCHELL, Martha Lillian 1880-7-19 1972-4-20 NAVARATT, Harry M. 1886 1968 NAVARATT, Rosalee V. w/o Harry M. Navaratt 1890 1975 NELSON, Carl J. married Aug. 4, 1930 1897-10-2 1967-12-8 NELSON, Infant Daughter of Mr/Mrs L.C. Nelson 1967-6-21 1967-6-21 NELSON, Nora E. w/o Carl J. Nelson 1910-12-25 1986-9-16 O'BRIEN, Annie Hatton w/o M.F.(B. Phil., PA D. Anniston, AL) 1845-7-16 1912-12-9 O'BRIEN, M. F. (B. Philadelphia, PA D. Pensacola, FL) 1842-12-25 1892-11-28 O'BRIEN, Rev. Hugh A. In Memoriam No Date No Date ONDRIZEK, Charles J. 1934-1-29 1953-2-22 RESMONDO, Bergin V. B. in AL USN PH M2 WWI 1892-6-4 1960-4-23 RESMONDO, Minnie E. w/o Bergin V. Resmondo 1909 1990 RIFE, Charles H. 1882-10-5 1946-4-19 RIFE, Mamie G. w/o Charles H. Rife 1886-8-7 1982-3-6 RUDLOFF, Clara 1884-8-11 1988-2-1 RUSSELL, Myrtle 1889-7-16 1947-11-20 SANDERS, James H. 1928-9-12 - - - - SANDERS, Marilyn I. w/o James H. Sanders 1930-6-15 - - - - SEELY, Gamalia B. 1878 1946 SEELY, Katie B. w/o Gamalia B. Seely 1879 1958 SHARIT, Dell M. w/o William Frank Sharit 1904-2-22 - - - - SHARIT, William Frank 1901-1-10 1974-4-3 SKELLY, Colleen Marie 1959-1-22 1963-3-16 SKELLY, John Edward 1912-11-24 1994-6-28 SKELLY, Lorraine Fraser w/o John Edward Skelly 1919-2-6 1994-10-28 STILES, Veronica Lee 1960-9-23 1963-12-2 SUHRER, Burns C. same plot with Frank 1911 1991 SUHRER, Frank W. same plot with Burns 1905 1980 TURNER, Irene E. 1906 1978 TURNER, Nancy L. w/o Russell L. Turner 1939-4-9 1983-12-6 TURNER, Richard J. 1899 1967 TURNER, Russell L., Jr. married May 4, 1957 1938-9-18 - - - - VAUGHAN, Ligouri D. ( FL AL) w/o Russell W. Vaughn 1904-11-27 1960-12-3 VAUGHAN, Russell W. ( B. Atlanta, GA - D. Pensacola, FL) 1891-10-14 1949-1-5 WHITE, Joyce R. w/o Edward F. C. White 1913 1951 WHITE, Marie Lillian "Tootie" w/o Paul L. White 1910-11-22 1998-8-31 WHITE, Paul L. 1914-7-2 1994-12-2 WILLIS, Frederick Lowe 1910-9-22 1962-1-18 WILSON, Helen M. Mother 1910-3-5 1974-3-17