Escambia County Florida Geneology


Old Muscogee Cemetery


This is a survey of the Old Muscogee Cemetery that lists more burials than another survey of the same cemetery, which apparently was done about the same time, but perhaps by different volunteers, the names of whom were not documented.

The only notation on this survey that is not on the other survey is as follows: There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery which were among waist-high brush and only roughly in rows.

Directions: US29 north to Cantonment to the intersection of US29 and CR184. Turn left on CR184 for about 4 miles. Turn right on a dirt road, “River Annex Road.” The cemetery is located off the road on the left side at the Champion International Corp. gate, approximately ½ mile.

The Old Muscogee Cemetery was surveyed by Evan Strohl and Beverly & Don Kenney and other members of the West Florida Genealogical Society (WFGS) in 1984. It was published in Volume 1, Gravestone Registry, Escambia County, Fla. It was transcribed and contributed the the Escambia County USGenWeb site by WFGS member and former webmaster Ginny Deagan, with permission of the WFGS Board of Directors.

Please send corrections or additions to Evan Strohl, WFGS Chairman, Cemetery Committee, or the Webmaster. All sources will be credited.

SURNAME, Given NameBirthDeathInscription
BAUMEISTER, Walter Timberlake18 Oct 193823 Oct 1938.
BROWN, Mrs. Mahala A..20 Feb 1908.
BROWN, Thomas D. 20 Jul 18968 Jan 1918Woodman of the World slab
CAMPBELL, Wm. Earl.23 Oct 1915Infant grave
COHRAN, Infant dau..29 Jun 1918age 2 da. Dau. of W. O. & J. R. COHRAN
ELLIS, Willie B. LAND3 Jun 18829 Jan 1904Beloved wife of F. O. ELLIS
FIRTH, J. H. 6 Mar 18363 Sep 1900Age 64y, 5m, 9d (sic)
HARDY, Carl Chester12 Apr 192512 Sep 1957FL BM3 US NAVY, WWII, Korea
HARDY, Clinton18301934.
HARDY, Howell B.18781918Masonic Emblem
HARDY, Lonnie William26 May 19257 Oct 1980US Navy, World War I
HARDY, Lucy19031975Mama
HARDY, Sam S.22 Mar 18923 Sep 1957AL,PFC TRP B6 Cavalry World War I
HARDY, Will18901960Daddy
HENDERSON, Grover C.10 May 18873 Mar 1909.
HENDERSON, Isham A.4 Apr 188230 May 1911Aged 29 yrs. & 26 days
HOPKINS, Baby Boy..Slab only
HOPKINS, George Lee26 Sep 192510 Aug 1926.
HOPKINS, Hazel Aymett21 Jan 190720 Nov 1909Dau. of H. A. & C. L. HOPKINS
HOPKINS, Leroy30 Jun 190125 Dec 1934Info painted on slab
HOPKINS, N. W. 9 Aug 187915 Apr 1908Woodman of the World monument
KERSEY, Baby girl.27 May 1970.
LANG, Susan R.20 Mar 192013 Jun 1903Wife of T. G. Lang, 83 yr, 3 mo. 3 days
LINTON, Annie26 May 187421 Nov 1939Mother
LINTON, Corrie19 Apr 191019 Jun 1964.
LINTON, Jesse8 Nov 19107 Apr 1971.
LINTON, John25 Dec 1874Feb 16 1939Father
McDONALD, Anna HOPKINS11 Oct 18915 Aug 1934Mother
McDONALD, William H.27 Dec 187923 Jan 1952Father
MERRITT, Katie Florence26 Nov 186521 Sep 1922Wife of O. MERRITT
MERRITT, Myrtle Katie12 Sep 18836 Apr 1900Dau. of Oran & Katie MERRITT
MOYLAND, Rosa Lee20 Apr 18901894.
MUDGE, Ruby Alice22 Jan 189817 Jul 1899Dau. of W. A. & D. G. MUDGE
MULLINS, Elizabeth 21 Apr 18225 Jul 1900B. Dekalb Co. GA; D. Muscogee, FL
MULLINS, Eulalia Milner14 Oct 185117 Feb 1933.
MULLINS, Infant son.12 Jun 1890Inf. son of J. H. & E. MULLINS
MULLINS, Jas. H.18481894.
MULLINS, Jimmie Eulalia2 Mar 189421 Jan 1895Dau. of J. H. & E. J. MULLINS
NELLUMS, Clifton Lee17 Oct 191415 Jun 1916Son of Mr. & Mrs. Willie NELLUMS
NELLUMS, E. Z.13 Jan 185318 Nov 1894.
NELLUMS, E. Z. 11 Mar 188923 Jun 1889Son of E. Z. & L. F. NELLUMS
NELLUMS, Willie8 Oct 188112 Aug 1930.
NELSON, Willie E.6 Feb 188224 Feb 191028 yr. 18 days, Odd Fellows Emblem
OSTMAN, William16 Nov 18393 Aug 1916B. near Stockholm, Sweden. Anchor on stone
SANDERS, Horace M.14 Jul 190526 Oct 1972.
SANDERS, Sebastian S.7 Apr 18831 Jun 1924.
SEALES, Alma11 Apr 19142 Jun 1943.
SEALES, Betty Ann15 Jan 19522 Jun 1952Inf. dau. of Mr. & Mrs. B. SEALES
SEALES, Brock19081961Photo of couple on tombstone
SHOCKNEY, J. P. & Minnie.5 Aug 1898.
TAYLOR, Ave Rilla11 Nov 187827 Dec 1895Dau. of Thomas & Rebecca TAYLOR
TAYLOR, Thomas27 Jan 185030 Dec 1897.
TOMPKINS, Edgar Mullins11 Jun 19097 Dec 1914.
TOMPKINS, Katherine10 Aug 190521 Jun 1906Infant dau. of John H. & Katherine TOMPKINS
VAUGHN, Emma Louise18571933.
VAUGHN, Willis P. 18591917Woodman of the World emblem
VAUGHN? , Ida May9 Jul 189522 Sep 1895Grave just below the VAUGHN adults.
VAUGHN?, Hallie19 Apr 189230 Jul 1892Grave just below the VAUGHN adults.
WALTER, Willie Rob20 Mar 190730 Jun 1908Son of Jos. & Adora E. WALTER
WHITE, T. A. 18651903.
WILLIS, Louise 16 Oct 189013 Jul 1908dau. of H. S. & H. O. COOPER
YOUNG, Gertrude..near McDonald plot