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Company K - 6th Florida Infantry

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The company was organized during March of 1862 and some members who survived were mustered out on April 26,1865.


Some of the commanders of Company K - 6th Florida Infantry were:

Captain Angus McMillian was commander; he was captured and imprisoned at Johnson's Island, Illnois.

1st Lieutenant: Robert S. Russ

2nd Lieutenant:W.B.Jones

3rd Lieutenant: Thomas H. Gainer


Isiah L Alsobrook John R. Martin
James W. Ard R.B.Mashburn
James Armstrong John A. Mathias
John Atkinson Levi H. Miller
Louis Barton W.J.Miller
Benjamin B. Brown Jacob Newsom
J.J.E.Coleman Bennett Pate
Larry Coleman David Pate
James W. Cravey George W.Perry
Solomon O. Dennis John B. Pitts
Thomas L. Davis Louis Pitts
James S. Dorsey Joseph M. Porter
Julius Evans Elbert Posey
William Everett Louian Promphow
James Fau Alison Rainey
L.M. Faulk W.W.Rainey
James Ferguson James Rhodes
W.L.Ferguson J.N.Richardson
William Finch George W. Riley
Thomas Folsom P.B.Riley
Thomas H. Gainer Absalom Roberts
W.R.Gainer Thomas J. Roberts
John T. Hand R.S.Russ
Etharl Hays John Sealy
Dennis M. Hewitt Jesse Simmons
Adam Hicks John T. Simmons
Armstead Hicks John Slay
William Hix Craton Tiller
Thomas Holsom Seaborn Tiller
Henry Howard J.Timothy
Timothy Isreal C.Thomson
William T. Jeffries Joseph F. Wachob
William B. Jones W.A.Wachob
George W. Barefield M.C.Wadsworth
Alexander Levens James W. Walker
William J. Levens Thomas Y. Watts
William McCormick James Wilks
William McEachern Dallas Wood
W.C.McKenzie Jabez B. Wood
Archibald McMillian Edmond Young

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